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Opera 7.10 Released (First Opera 7.x For Linux) 359

joshieck writes "The much awaited (at least I know I've been waiting for it) Opera 7.10 has been released. This marks the first release of Opera 7.x for linux, and is a cause for rejoicing. Even if it is a 'beta,' it's opera, so you know it's gonna be good. Go get it at, or go right to the download page. From the Press Release: 'Opera Software today released Opera 7.10 for Windows and Opera 7.10 for Linux Beta with features that are not only new to Opera, but also completely new to the world of browsing. Right from the beginning, users can see the two new buttons FastForward and Rewind in the toolbar, accelerating Opera users' Web navigation. Users can also speed up researching with the completely new Notes features or view photo files with SlideShow.'"
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Opera 7.10 Released (First Opera 7.x For Linux)

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  • by Mohammed Al-Sahaf ( 665285 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:20PM (#5718274)
    This is an illusion by the Zionist American forces. Opera 7.10 was not released, we valiantly fought them and killed all of the invaders.
    • by evilquaker ( 35963 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:28PM (#5718311)
      Dude, you should add a link to your fan group's homepage: []

      • The site is actually here [] :)
      • sure to be modded OT, but what the hell, it's only karma:

        Damn, the page was taken down.

        Due to overwhelming support for We will be bringing it back on a brand new web server that will be dedicated to the task of serving this comical view of history's funniest straight man. This should be up in 24 hours from now.

        The site was so popular that 4000 visitors per second showed up from around the world and overwhelmed this shared server for over 8 hours until we turned it
    • Those traitors who would still attempt to download it are committing suicide against the firewalls of our server farm. We will lure the imperialist dogs into our honey pots and decimate them with unconventional DDOS attacks. Allahu Akhbar!
    • Honestly... he was the comic relief amongst all the death and destruction (well deserved on Saddam's part, I might add).

      Quotes like "we will slaughter them all" and "committing suicide by the hundreds at the gates of baghdad"... and who can forget the favorite "there are no coalition troops in baghdad... none at all."

      The guy had chutzpah, I'll give him that... American tanks rolling by in the background while he touts the glorious Iraqi victory... I'll bet even Saddam almost peed his pants laughing at
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:21PM (#5718281)
    Hell, NCSA Mosaic had an 'annotate' function.

    'Completely new' my ass.
  • I've installed Opera 7.1 for both Windows and Linux, and am very impressed. Does anyone know how to create a note? I see the Copy to Note and Paste To Note options, but they don't do anything :-(

    Also, Opera still doesn't display my ISP's [] homepage properly. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release :-).
    • Re:Notes Feature (Score:2, Informative)

      by akorvemaker ( 617072 )

      Also, Opera still doesn't display my ISP's homepage properly. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release :-).

      Why is this assumed to be Opera's fault? Have you tried encouraging your ISP to use cleaner HTML? I had a quick look; it could be stand to be Tidied [].

      • Re:Notes Feature (Score:2, Informative)

        I agree. Websites coded to W3C standards generally render well with Opera. However, how many sites actually validate? There aren't very many (check out the source code of,, and other large sites... lots of coding errors). Until more web developers adopt the standards, I want to use a browser that doesn't choke on messy HTML and CSS.
  • Works Great (Score:5, Informative)

    by xtremex ( 130532 ) <(cguru) (at) (> on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:24PM (#5718295) Homepage
    on Suse 8.0!
    Have more testing to do however.
  • Nicely polished (Score:2, Insightful)

    by akorvemaker ( 617072 )

    They've added a few features since the 7.0x releases (for Windows), which is really nice, but I find that the biggest difference is the quality. They've really taken the time to polish their product a lot. Sure, some bug remain. Overall, though, I find that it's just very enjoyable to use.

    • "They've added a few features since the 7.0x releases (for Windows), which is really nice, but I find that the biggest difference is the quality. They've really taken the time to polish their product a lot. Sure, some bug remain. Overall, though, I find that it's just very enjoyable to use."

      I've been using Opera 7 since it came out, and it's a damn fine end-user experience. These guys really thought about how to make browsing a pleasure, and man it shows.

      Here's a few examples:

      - Tabbed browsing? It's g
  • Excellent (Score:5, Insightful)

    by ( 593926 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:28PM (#5718309) Homepage
    Great news - I sure hope Opera make some money out of their browser. years ago, it was well worth paying the license fee considering that IE4 and Netscape 4 were the competition. Now that Mozilla, Konqueror et al have gotten so good, I wonder if it's so compelling anymore.
  • RH9/M1.3 (Score:5, Insightful)

    by kajoob ( 62237 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:35PM (#5718333)
    I just installed RH9 and Mozilla 1.3, finally the fonts are beautiful, it renders fast, and tabbed browsing is heaven. I am loving life. Can someone give me some good reasons why I should use Opera over Mozilla (or at least, why i should use Opera in certain situations)? I'm generally looking for insight into the whole browser landscape.
    • Re:RH9/M1.3 (Score:2, Interesting)

      by EpsilonFour ( 611221 )
      I'm my experience of using both Mozilla and Opera, I have found Mozilla the best place to be. Opera has too many errors displaying pages, and overall wasn't very smooth for me. Mozilla, on the other hand, worked exrememly well after I set it up. The only problem I have is that the site somehow changes to (with an L). Strangely enough, it's only been in 1.3 final and only for that site ( works, not that you'd want to go there. I just did a Google search on '1' for a
    • Re:RH9/M1.3 (Score:5, Insightful)

      by akorvemaker ( 617072 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:48PM (#5718390) Homepage

      Can someone give me some good reasons why I should use Opera over Mozilla (or at least, why i should use Opera in certain situations)?

      Sure. Speed is one thing. On my (old) computer, Mozilla is really sluggish. It takes over 30 seconds to load. Opera is quite snappy, and loads in about 15.

      Opera's keyboard support is superb (and now easily cusomizable). Surfing on a laptop, my hands are always near the keyboard, and Opera's use of hotkeys really speeds up browsing. Everything is easily accesible with the keyboard (at least everything I've tried to do...)

      Opera makes it incredibly easy to switch on/off plugins/java/cookies/popups/etc (F12). It's really handy if a site needs a plugin but I usually keep it off.

      In general, I just find it really usable.

      • I should expand. It really is the fastest browser as far as using the back and forward buttons go. It stores the RENDERED page in memory, so pressing back instantly shows the page. IE and Moz store the source to the page in memory, so every time you go back, they have to read it from the disk and then render it. Waiting on the 'back' button to work is my biggest gripe with IE and Moz. Opera has some very good ideas in their browser.
    • One under-reported feature in Opera that's been there since version 5:- OperaShow []. Granted, works only in pages specifically written for that, but still, a compelling feature for me.

  • by Cranx ( 456394 )
    Choice...yes, I know we need choice. But why would I select Opera over other browsers out there for free? Every time I've tried Opera, it's been broken in some glaring, in-my-face sort of way. It's a crap-shoot whether or not any given web page is going to work properly.

    Go ahead and jump all over the new Opera...I'ma wait over hyeah and watch.
    • by swb ( 14022 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:47PM (#5718380)
      But why would I select Opera over other browsers out there for free?
      • Because your software politics won't allow you to run Microsoft software
      • No titty pix with Lynx
      • Everybody else is running Mozilla, and you just have to be different
      • The Mozilla spinoffs are too buggy for even an Open Source zealot
      • In Soviet Russia, Opera Selects YOU!
      • ...Profit!!!
  • Opera Icon (Score:5, Insightful)

    by LPetrazickis ( 557952 ) <leo,petr+slashdot&gmail,com> on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:40PM (#5718353) Homepage Journal
    Isn't it time for Slashdot to get an Opera icon? It has a Mozilla icon, a Netscape icon, and even an AOL icon.

    Opera happens to be my favourite browser and I want to see it's giant O at my favourite tech news site.

    /me sulks:)
  • Bork bork! (Score:5, Funny)

    by KikassAssassin ( 318149 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:46PM (#5718378)
    Yeah, but does this version have the Swedish Chef? I refuse to use a browser that doesn't have a bork feature.
  • by TWX ( 665546 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:48PM (#5718386)
    ...and it's fairly pretty. I've been using Mozilla for quite a long time, mainly due to cross-platform compatibility, but this is definitely going to be worth looking into.

    Though I can already see a couple of things that will cause problems. I'm running triple-head xinerama and gnome/sawfish, and when maximizing Opera, it fills one screen, but thinks that it has the realestate of all three, so stuff ends up being rendered off of the viewable area. I don't know if this is an Opera problem, a Gnome problem, or a Sawfish problem, but I won't be able to do much to fix it until I get around to installing a newer version of Gnome anyway. Hopefully this'll correct at that point.

    Definitely pretty though.
  • It's nice (Score:2, Funny)

    by skatteola ( 415784 )
    I downloaded this and have been playing with it for a few hours... it's very nice, except for the "close all" option in the tab-menu... I mean, why on earth should anyone want that? Probably to annoly people. :)
    • is useful when the new porn site you're trying out starts spewing up pop-ups by the dozen, with gay male voices promising you the blowjob of your life and all - and your mom is about to walk in through the door :-)

      Of course, you could block pop-ups [F12,R] and embedded audio [F12,N] in the first place...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:49PM (#5718395)
    But is it free?

    As a CD-carrying FSF'ist, I don't appreciate this coverage of software that isn't Free (as in ankle tracking device).

    You should only discuss software that is Free, so that I can live my life blissfully unaware of the superior products available.
  • by YetAnotherName ( 168064 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @08:52PM (#5718402) Homepage
    ... until the fat lady sings!

    Yes, I know, too obvious. Mod me down, see what I care [whimper].
  • If you hang around on opera.linux, the guys at opera have been posting about preview releases for awhile now. They're really nice about people's input and critcism (thanks Espen!)
  • Adware ...? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by frodo from middle ea ( 602941 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @09:02PM (#5718453) Homepage
    Is that the correct model ?
    I am scared of putting any adware on my PC. I don't care if Opera is THE browser. I still refuse to even give it a shot.
    And for those of you who will say "Why not pay the odd 40$ and buy the ad free version.". I would say "Why should i dish out 40 $ when i can do with perfectly competetive products like mozilla or phoenix or god-forbidden even IE ?"
    • Re:Adware ...? (Score:3, Informative)

      by AlexMax2742 ( 602517 )
      You are sadly misinformed. The 'adware' in Opera doesn't track your viewing habits, and if you try hard enough you can actually disable the banner.

      And you pay money because you like the product. Sure there are free alternatives, but they aren't Opera. I personally have both Opera and Phoenix on my computer, but Opera runs faster for me, so I just use Phoenix when a page won't display correctly (pretty rare for me nowadays)

    • Opera doesn't bring with it all the things 'adware' usually entails. I'd say its probably the best-behaved adware I've ever seen. No spyware. No monitering. Just that one ad in the corner. Thats all.
    • Re:Adware ...? (Score:3, Informative)

      It seems that other applications have soured your view of adware. Opera's banner ad is just that, a banner ad. No tracking of viewing habits, no pop-ups, just a banner ad like what you might see on any webpage you surf, including Slashdot. I don't think they even allow flashing ads that distract from a web-viewing experience, either.

      Let's not forget that ads help fund the internet and not all are inherently evil. It's like Butt-Head once said to Beavis: "You see it's like, you need stuff that sucks to have
  • by ogewo ( 652234 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @09:11PM (#5718500)
    I've been using Opera since 7.0 came out for windows. Though yes the occasional web page has minor compatibility issues with Opera, i will never go back to IE. The main reason that EVERYONE should switch to Opera is Mouse Gestures. A quick flick of the wrist now gives me features like back, forward, close page, new page, minimize, refresh, and more. Until you get used to it you'll never know just how much sense mouse gestures make. Pr0n browsing productivity is through the roof! Just Like netscape and Mozilla, Opera has tabbed browsing. I thought I wouldn't like that at first but it keep my desktop really organized. Will never go back to multiple windows, but Opera has the option if I wanted to. Another nifty little feature is when you start, you have the option of opening all the pages that were open when you last closed Opera. This is always handy, but especially so after your browser freezes while you had 10 pages open...annoying to go back to them one by one. No longer an issue. I've also switched to Opera's brand new mail client, M2. Not as mature as Outlook but I would still say it's nicer overall. Try it out. Factor in the Skinning feature, 3D effects on buttons, and the truely useful fast forward, fast back features, and you've got to wonder how long until either MS steals these features or Opera becomes the new standard.
    • The main reason that EVERYONE should switch to Opera is Mouse Gestures.

      On the contrary, the main reason is the powerful keyboard navigation which means you never need to move your hand over to that horrible RSI-device.
    • ... and Konqueror. Actually, Opera *introduced* tabbed browsing with their first public version several years ago. I didn't like it then, but for some reason I really got addicted to it when Multizilla came out.
  • by Dixie_Flatline ( 5077 ) <vincent.jan.goh@ ... m minus math_god> on Saturday April 12, 2003 @09:16PM (#5718531) Homepage
    I bank with TD Canada Trust, and have always been able to use most of the features of the site through Opera. Now, it just refuses to log me in. The page never updates, nothing. This is a real shame, since the fast forward button labels itself 'log in', which is exactly what I want. If this one thing worked, it would be just about the perfect browser.

    Oh, well. I'll use Phoenix for banking and Opera for everything else until they fix it. (I DID submit a bug report.)
    • Make sure all these are enabled: cookies [F12,C], pop-up windows [F12,A] and Javascript [F12,J].

      If this fails, delete all your private data [FILE->DELETE PRIVATE DATA...], check all except the ones you deem necessary, and try again.

      Let us know how you went.
    • That's the biggest dice with Opera really, most bank websites don't render properly.

      That, and oh, of course.

  • by marlingrando ( 602657 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @09:20PM (#5718551)
    One of the really nice features with Opera is you can set a preference so that it identifies itself as IE of Mozilla. This makes browsing the web very easy as you get no errors being thrown about not having a supported browser. This does lead to inaccurate statistics from web servers. Whatever about not getting errors, I cannot set my default browser to Opera yet as there are still some sites which dont work in it e.g. []. If administrators never see Opera showing up on their logs they are not going to design for it either.
  • Anyone know if an OSX version of 7.x is ever coming? Couldn't find anything on their site about it. Weren't they mad about Safari or something (can't remember who it was, maybe it was them...)?
  • by rudy_wayne ( 414635 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @09:45PM (#5718637)
    I used some the 5.x and 6.x versions of Opera for a while but eventually got tired of constantly running into web sites that don't display properly. I tried Opera 7 briefly, and although it looks really cool and seems to be really fast, Opera's programmers are, unfortunatley, still stuck in their mindset of "we're going to strictly adhere to a set of web standards, despite the fact that 95% of the web sites in the world don't follow those standards."

    Too many creators of "alternative" browsers are hung up on the idea that making a browser that can handle crappy designed-for-MSIE web pages somehows equals selling your soul to the devil.

    Mozilla made the same mistake early on, but they finally woke up to the fact that MSIE, not W3C, is the standard, and you *CAN* make a browser that handles most of the crappy designed-for-MSIE web pages out there *AND* still has lots of innovative features -- the two are not mutually exlusive.
  • The new Notes feature seems rather silly. It's like a "drafts" folder in their mail client. If you create a "note" and double-click it, it opens up as an email. It's odd, and seems useless to me.

    Otherwise, 7.10 is good. I've purchased Opera and am happy to have done so.

  • Opera still does not have HTML-enabled email. When writing instructions, for example, it is nice to have bold and italic.

    Of course, you pay more for an HTML-capable email client. The additional cost for Mozilla [] is -39.00 dollars U.S. Don't you just love those negative additional amounts?
  • same old issues (Score:4, Interesting)

    by BigBir3d ( 454486 ) on Saturday April 12, 2003 @10:25PM (#5718871) Journal
    Too much wasted screen real estate. Those of us that only have 1024*768 screen resolutions hate that wasted junk at the top. And no, I don't buy web browsers. Too many free alternatives to do that.

    Fonts are ugly as hell. Konqueror / Nautilus / Mozilla all look much better. Even on /.

    The speed is nice. So is a functional "cnn" takes you to "" and such.

    That being said... I will try it for a week or so (using it now).
    • by Compact Dick ( 518888 ) on Sunday April 13, 2003 @01:56AM (#5719782) Homepage
      Simple - upgrade to 7.10, then go to PREFERENCES -> SKINS and select your toolbar magnification scale. I've set mine to a perfectly usable 40%. Additionally, you can use more skins [] that may suit your needs better.

      That's your main complaint solved. Let's optimise things a bit, shall we?

      Turn off the navigation bar: VIEW -> NAVIGATION BAR -> OFF.

      Right-click on the main toolbar and press "I" [or "Images only".]

      Finally, if you've registered Opera you can do this to good effect - remove all the toolbar buttons that you don't use by right-clicking on them and selecting "REMOVE". Then click on the status bar [if it is visible] and drag it on to the main toolbar. Select VIEW -> STATUS BAR -> OFF.

      Have fun.

      P.S.: To get to from "cnn" faster, turn off local computer searching by going to PREFERENCES -> NETWORK -> SERVER NAME COMPLETION... and un-check "Look for local network machine".
    • Too much wasted screen real estate.

      Opera is highly configurable. Much more than any other browser I know. You can take as little screen real estate as you want.

      Fonts are ugly as hell. Konqueror / Nautilus / Mozilla all look much better. Even on /.

      This is on Linux? Default fonts can be changed, but if it is the rendering, I guess you might have a problem.

      The speed is nice. So is a functional "cnn" takes you to "" and such.

      Yep, works perfectly. The things that really get you a

  • I installed Opera 7.xx (I think it was 7.0) on a P1 133 and it sucked.. WAY TOO MUCH graphics for old, slow machines. I dumped it and went back to 6.05 and it was just fine on that slug slow laptop.

    I installed 6.xx (I forget) on my Mandrake 9.0 box and I just didn't like it. I actually am one of the few that LIKES Konqueror.

    I've gotten used to Konqueror and will stay with it.

    On a Winbloz box I LOVE Opera, it whips ass, but beware, eveyrone is pushing new versions of everything (including for Linux) th
    • WAY TOO MUCH graphics for old, slow machines.

      Um, you do know you can turn off most of those features via the "view" menu? View, Skin, uncheck Special effects for instance to turn off the button "animation". There are also lots of light-weight skins [] to choose from.
  • Speed, size (Score:4, Informative)

    by someguy456 ( 607900 ) <> on Saturday April 12, 2003 @11:20PM (#5719149) Homepage Journal
    It is really great. I had been using Phoenix 0.5 for a week now, but I have now fallen in love with Opera. I'm still too poor to dish out $40 for a web browser, but I would if I could. The rendering is great. Pages load very fast. I haven't run into any pages that don't look right (I haven't been to that many sites either). I could also liked that I had a greater choice of page fonts, as opposed to Phoenix (configuration issues?) The eyecandy is fascinating. Smooth effects all over, from forms (buttons, scrollbars) to toolbars and page tabs. Plus, I've got my qt settings really sweet now with transparency, great anti-aliased fonts and such, so the menus also look great. One of the things that took me by surprise was the size, only 4 megs (3986283). This was linked with qt, but nonetheless, this is pretty small for a full fledged browser with e-mail client. I haven't set any custom mouse gestures or keyboard shortcuts, but I looked at the interface, and it was pretty simple to do. I think I'm staying with Opera for a while.

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