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Comment Re: But FF advocate s said there weren't problems! (Score 1) 213

It's not a perceived problem. My workstation has 32 GB of RAM yet Firefox will still use many GBs if I leave it open for a few days. This happens with addons enabled, and even with a new profile. Chrome doesn't do that. Edge doesn't do that. It's a problem that effects Firefox and not the other browsers. Maybe it's due to memory leaks in Firefox?

Well then, i guess I must be the luckiest person in the whole universe, because I've been using Firefox since v1.0 and have never had that problem.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 2, Insightful) 213

Unfortunately, back around the time of Firefox 4.0, the people in charge at Mozilla became infected with some sort of toxic brain worms. Since then, they have been on an all-out campaign to completely destroy Firefox, and if you look at the market share numbers, they're doing a wonderful job. The best, most popular browser is now battling Opera for the title of most irrelevant browser.

And since there seems to be no end of companies who will give Mozilla hundreds of millions of dollars, for nothing, no matter how badly Firefox sucks, it seems unlikely that anything will change.

Fortunately, thanks to Firefox being open source, there are forks, such as Palemoon, that retain the good features that Mozilla eliminated and avoid the useless crap and pointless changes that Mozilla seems to love so much.

Comment Worthless (Score 2) 69

Over the past few years there have been many articles written about VPNs but they all suffer from the same problem, and this article is no different:

their latest reviews of VPN anonimity practices, with the caveat that the info is submitted by the VPN companies themselves on a "trust us" basis.

There is absolutely no independently verified information. The only information provided in the articles comes directly from the VPN companies themselves, making it completely useless. More lazy journalism.

Comment More Control (Score 5, Informative) 72

Since nobody ever actually reads the linked articles, here is what "Brian Kerbs" has to say:

I asked eBay to explain their rationale for suggesting this switch. I received a response suggesting the change was more about bringing authentication in-house (the security key is made by Verisign) and that eBay hopes to offer additional multi-factor authentication options in the future.

“As a company, eBay is committed to providing a safe and secure marketplace for our millions of customers around the world,” eBay spokesman Ryan Moore wrote. “Our product team is constantly working on establishing new short-term and long-term, eBay-owned factors to address our customer’s security needs.

Comment Re:After trying to sell phones... (Score 1) 176

It might cost you 85 cents to get it shipped from China, but meanwhile the 3 to 5 weeks (occasionally even more) that is typical for shipping from China is a long time to wait for someone that has something broken and just needs a damn resistor to fix it.

I know a couple of people who buy guitars from China (counterfeit Gibsons and Fenders that are even stamped "made in USA") and they claim 12 days or less to get one.

Comment Re:Wow, 9 months of security updates! (Score 0) 91

Considering how tightly Firefox is still integrated with Google (e.g. when you first start your browser, you get a Google cookie), I wouldn't call it "free money".

Google paid Mozilla hundreds of millions of dollars a year and all Mozilla had to do was put a Google search box in their browser. That's it. Nothing else. That "tight integration" doesn't require a lot of developers or hundreds of millions of dollars.

  I call that free money.

When you have huge amounts of money constantly flowing in, with no requirement to deliver a decent product in return, you end up with a shit product, e.g., Firefox.

Comment Re:fucking kids and millenials (Score 4, Insightful) 82

I often think the same thing.

When I graduated from highschool, cellphones didn't exist, neither did Microsoft or Apple and there was no publicly accessible internet.

Spending time with my friends meant exactly that. Nobody was calling anyone else or checking messages 50 times a minute. Now I see groups of people who don't even look at or speak to each other. Sorry, I don't get it.

Comment Re:The reason I hate WordPress is PHP. (Score 3, Insightful) 119

Everything you said is more or less true, but, the bigger problem is that WordPress and many other software packages are written by people who are just plain incompetent and/or stupid. They either don't give two shits about security or are to stupid to figure it out.

Comment Re:Probably should have focused more (Score 4, Insightful) 319

Who did what now? Eich resigned because of massive public outcry, when it became obvious that him staying around wasn't going to work. Mozilla didn't fire him.

Technically, that's true. But everyone knows what REALLY happened. Mozilla COULDN'T fire him because it's illegal to fire someone simply because they donated to a political campaign that you don't like. So, behind the scenes, they put as much pressure on him as they could to convince him that he needed to "resign".

As far as I'm concerned, that's even worse and more heinous than firing him.

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