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Journal Journal: depression

What is life without the one you love....

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Journal Journal: 2003 is almost gone

Entry (This will go down on your permanent record)

Rather ominous... anyway.

2003 is nearly over, and it has been a good year. New lady in my life, made more money than ever before, bought a Mac (not sure how that makes the notable list...), jumped 2 different cars, put off buying another motorcycle (again!)...

Not so bad.

Hopefully 2004 will be better for those around me.


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Journal Journal: Music industry shoots self in foot again

The survey also found that the number pirated compact discs acquired by Internet users has doubled from a year ago. Asked when they hear a song they like by an unfamiliar artist, 20 percent of the respondents said they would download the song for free, while 14 percent said they would buy the album.

This is from this story on Yahoo!

34% of people in survey were willing to get the new music. Maybe people are starting to think it is all the same, and what is the point of buying the same thing again, with someone else getting "credit" for their "hard work."

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Journal Journal: working again

I am now employed. Actually, I have been since April 15, 2002! Tax day... geesh!

Anyway, it is cool. Sales, but not retail. I really like it. I hope it works out in the long run.


Journal Journal: Gainful employment

Currently, I am hopelessly unemployed. It has been this way since the 5th of Jan 2002. The worst part; not having something to do every day (reading /. doesn't count).

I could blame the post 9/11 economy.

I could blame me.

I could blame CT.

I could blame g/f (she just got a job last week).

I could be lazy.

I could not care.

Which seems most likely?


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Journal Journal: Olympics

What a pathetic waste of time! The t.v. coverage here in the USA is just horrid. It is better to just go to and check out the results there. The lag between event and airing on NBC can be 8 or 9 hours! I live in CT which is a 2 hour time difference right now! Very lame. I think the Canadiens were robbed in the pair figure skating thing. I hate figure skating, but as I watched it with my g/f last night, I thought they won. Whatever, moguls and snowboarding are the only cool events anyways!

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Journal Journal: Freedom of what exactly?

In this arena,, my thoughts, my statements, and my feelings are my own. We need to be more understanding of these ideals.

That's it.




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