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Comment Re:The article doesn't seem to answer a basic ques (Score 2, Informative) 232

No, you don't. I just downloaded it and tried out a sample chapter. I had previously used eReader from Fictionwise, but they were unable to get "The Amber Spyglass," even though they had the first two books of Pullman's Dark Materials series.

Amazon had the content, so I went and bought Amber Spyglass.

Comment Re:Impressions (Score 1) 465

You're not kidding about the out-of-place tabs in the title bar. They repurposed the "Window sizer lines" for each tab - they move the tab rather than resize it.

It is going to take a fare bit of getting used to the new design. It's off putting enough that I'm going to return to FF I think. I'm on OSX and I still think Safari looks really weird.

Comment Re:"" may "" "" consider "" (Score 1) 262

GIMP doesn't have the features. When it does, people will stop complaining about it. Also, the layer palette sucked, still sucks, and will probably continue to suck.

Pidgin? Libpurple is tremendous. If you want to see what Pidgin should look like, check out its sibling Adium, the best IM client on OS X (which uses libpurple).

Comment How does this compare with Easy Peasy (Score 1) 262

I've been using Easy Peasy ( I think) on my Asus EeePC 1000 netbook. It is a solid distro based on Ubuntu 8.04. They plan on releasing 2.0 after Ubuntu 9 comes out in April. How does this Ubuntu Mobile compare? Is it friendly towards flash drives and computers with WiFi-only Internet access?

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