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Comment Re:Artists rule, but there's a limit (Score 5, Informative) 425

I think an interesting parallel is the BBC TV series Red Dwarf. It was originally was made on a shoestring budget where you could see the 100W light bulb in the back of the model ship in shots. later, after the show had been well received and the budget had gone up considerably, they went back and "remastered" the first three seasons. They cleaned up the footage nicely, but then they also went and CGI'd it, edited some of the dialogue and generally messed about with it.

the reaction to this version was generally pretty negative and fans weren't happy with the changes made. Now if you go and buy the show on DVD, it's the original version you'll find. The remastered is pretty hard to find. The BBC took in board the criticism and gave the fans (you know, the ones paying) what they wanted, which was the original show they fell in love with.


Comment thin reasoning (Score 1) 577

I think this conclusion is a bit hard to reach. the comment about "demoting" the mac is no indication whatsoever about the future of OSX. the comment was made entirely in the context of cloud computing and where the "truth" is stored. not saying that apple won't perhaps phase out OSX, just that this keynote was no evidence of it.

I personally don't think they will remove it. I can see them bringing the two OS's closer together in look and feel, but I think they will remain distinct for sometime to come at least.

Comment Re:Why Gen Z Needs To Change for Work (Score 5, Insightful) 443

yeah, I've heard this thing several times over the last year. all these "innovators" talking about how the next generation of "digital natives" will need to work on their ipads while posting everything on facebook and twitter, but I just don't get it. Why? I don't think the average work environment is so short of people as to be that desperate.

In fact, my place is in the middle of cutting costs by 40%, so why would they then bend over backwards massively changing internal policy and introducing risk to attract inexperienced, self entitled oiks who by their own admission, want to spend most of the day on facebook rather than actually doing any work?

Thing is, the company is the one paying the bills, and taking the risks. Where is the business advantage to most businesses to do this? I admit that some more specialised industries that regularly take high skilled graduates may want to do this, but for most industries, i don't see what they'll get out of it?


Comment Plex or XBMC? (Score 1) 266

I'd really like to see Plex hacked onto this device myself. Not all that keen on the boxee interface,but the Plex and XBMC interfaces are much nicer, esp with the skins available. Of course, with plex's recent announcement of a partnership with LG, maybe we'll see a dedicated box from LG too? david

Comment Re:how about the other way around? (Score 1) 104

I'd like to be able to run a secure VM with a level of assurance that it can't be interfered with from the host upon which it's running. this task may well be impossible, but there's certainly call for it. the classic example being running a corporate VM for access to work, on a member of staff's own computer. the company would not trust that computer, but would want to be able to trust the image. They would want to know that any malware on the host could not affect the VM.

I'm askin if any of the modern technology we're supposed to be seeing on modern computers, like trusted computing, various hardware level hypervisors etcetc can facilitate this. I fully accept that the answer may well be no. :)


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