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ADV Confirms Cable Anime Channel 516

Juanvaldes writes "ADV Films has confirmed reports that they are working to create a cable television channel dedicated to Anime. Currently they are releasing very few details about the channel itself. All that has been publicized at this time is that the channel will run 24 hours a day and will break its content into four categories, Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts." Hope I can get access to this one as soon as it comes out.
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ADV Confirms Cable Anime Channel

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  • How about (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Hentai and Manga after 12 midnight?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    As we all know, no one should ever have access to media. It's all copyrighted and stuff, and you can't listen to it or watch it. They'll arrest you under the terms of the MCPTDTBCPCCMIA if you try to do that!
  • Anime? (Score:2, Funny)

    by Hegemony ( 104638 )
    What is the big deal with Anime anyway? Isn't it all just recycled Speed Racer cartoons?
    • Re:Anime? (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Bonker ( 243350 )
      Imagine a world in which they made cartoons that had writing and art that wasn't targeted at small children. Yes, the show may be about racing, (Speed Racer, Initial D) but it might also be about other sports (Battle Athletes, Prince of Tennis). It might also be about robots, space exploration, martial arts, police drama, romance, organized crime, spies, religion, and yes, even sex. I could give you examples for each of the above, but I wouldn't know where to stop.

      People find similarity in anime because the art tends to be similar from one artist to another and from one era of anime to another. yes, all anime protaganists have fucking HUGE eyes, tiny mouths and pointed chins. That doesn't mean that the writing, art quality, humour level, or sex quotient is similar between any two different anime.

      A person who wasn't familiar with computers might as well ask, "What's the big deal about Linux anyway. Isn't it just a replacement for Windows?"

  • .. will drop today's Slashdot Headlines email because of the ADV in "ADV Confirms Cable Anime Channel"..
  • by nizcolas ( 597301 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:51PM (#4617366) Homepage Journal
    Hundreds of geeks have been confirmed missing. The last statement heard was "Anime channel you say?"
  • by Zech Harvey ( 604609 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:52PM (#4617368)

    I wonder where this will put the old anime clubs in the grand scheme of things? I guess at the time they were the only place to watch anime and find some friends in the process. Now it seems like with global shipping and inexpensive DVDs, the clubs are becoming smaller and less and less important.

    I joined my campus' club (Show-Me Anime) when I went to college and had a great time. I met some really cool people and was exposed to lots of good anime. I hope people will still keep the clubs alive and congregate even with this new TV station.
    • If the Anime Channel only shows dubs, I don't think it will hurt the clubs too much. The club at my campus only shows subbed stuff.
    • I don't think it will hurt anime clubs too much. Anime clubs these days are usually showing pretty cutting-edge fansubs they've downloaded from the Internet.

      So they (or anybody else with a broadband connection) can get the latest fansubs YEARS before they're released domestically, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Also, the shows on this channel will all be dubbed and probably edited to be family-friendly.

      So I don't think this channel will probably be watched much by the hardcore anime fans. It will probably be more of a newbie thing. Which is totally okay and cool with me- the more people it brings into the fold, the better.

      (note: While I'm all in favor of fansubs, i feel that you should also support the anime companies by buying their releases as well. Fansubs are a great way to preview things you might want to buy, as well as a way to be exposed to a lot of anime you'd never see otherwise, NOT a substitute for buying them)
  • by subgeek ( 263292 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:52PM (#4617373) Homepage Journal
    that they don't find ways to work dragonball z marathons into more than one category. nothing is more exciting than watching characters look at each other and think about fighting for three or four episodes before anything actually happens.

    maybe they'll pick up stuff we recently lost from adult swim.
  • Premium or what? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by FortKnox ( 169099 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:52PM (#4617374) Homepage Journal
    Will it contain the extreme violence and nudity, or will that be censored?
    If its strict cable, I suspect it will be censored. If its premium, is there enough fans willing to pay to keep it alive?
  • Subtitles (Score:5, Funny)

    by Iffy Bonzoolie ( 1621 ) <(gro.elbrax) (ta) (yffi)> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:52PM (#4617384) Journal
    I think they need two channels... one in original Japanese + subtitles, and one in crummy dubbed format. Otherwise there's gonna be riots and killing in the streets, meteors will fall from the sky, Linux will finally replace Windows on the desktop, and other crazy stuff. Mostly by my hand.

    • I'd be happy with just subtitles. Frequently I watch shows with the dubbed English for my wife and the correct subtitles for me. I've won her over on the subtitles, but she hates listening to languages she doesn't understand....
    • Re:Subtitles (Score:2, Interesting)

      Theoretically they could use SAP along with the subtitle support in TVs to do this with one channel.
    • Re:Subtitles (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:02PM (#4617477)
      Use the SAP audio channel for the Japanese, use closed caption for the subtitles. Problem solved.
    • Re:Subtitles (Score:5, Interesting)

      by randomErr ( 172078 ) < minus city> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:47PM (#4617896) Journal
      Two channels?

      How about left channel English, right channel Japanesse.

      Close captioning can take care of the subtitling.

      Never happen, but it would be fun.

      BTW: This is not an original idea. When X-Men the Animated Series(Fox's version, not WB's version) was first shown in Japan the did exactly that. Left channel in Japanesse, right channel in English, and close captioning for translations.
  • for in my parish counciling groups, I have heard some horror stories about anime.

    There was one young woman from Scotland who's fiancee would only be affectionate when she dressed up as something called Sailor Moon, which is apparently an anime character.

    There was another young woman who father would make her wear revealing anime costumes for something called cosplay, I wonder if I should have alerted the authorities about possible abuse?

    I have counseled countless young, over intellectual men who have perverted their sexual mores due to extensive hentia watching, for those who don't know, this is the Japanese festish animation involving aliens, tentacles and sexual relationships under duress.

    I wonder why kids can't stick with good old-fashioned healthy American cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Roadrunner.
    • There was another young woman who father would make her wear revealing anime costumes for something called cosplay, I wonder if I should have alerted the authorities about possible abuse?

      That depends. Was the cosplay [] sexual in nature? Was she "underage" as defined by your local laws? If the answer to both questions is yes, do you really need it spelled out for you?

      I wonder why kids can't stick with good old-fashioned healthy American cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Roadrunner.

      Riiight. Have you seen some of the racist ones? []. While I feel they're important for older kids to watch and think about, they're not "healthy." Of course, Bugs made up for that later by teaming with Michael Jordan []... right?

      Please tell me you're just trolling...
  • by smd4985 ( 203677 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:55PM (#4617403) Homepage
    I'm talking Transformers, GI Joe, Voltron, Looney Tunes, Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, etc.? I try to watch saturday morning cartoons these days (yes, I'm 26), but they lack the magic of yore.

    Question: Is Transformers considered Anime? If not, why not? What exactly qualifies a cartoon as Anime?
    • by Dark Paladin ( 116525 ) <> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:59PM (#4617448) Homepage
      Question: Is Transformers considered Anime? If not, why not? What exactly qualifies a cartoon as Anime?

      Ah, the magic question. There have been debates about this between anime fans for some time.

      Some would argue that only animated films from Japan would be considered anime, other's would say that it's the style - the large, expressive eyes.

      I've talked to some who consider some shows to be anime - like branding The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to be "live-action" anime.

      Personally, I define "anime" as being related to the style - again, the large, expressive eyes, usually made in Japan but not always, often (but not always) dealing with subjects suitable for the 12 and older group.

      Just my $0.02. And yes, I agree - The Matrix is live-action anime with plenty of Judeo-Christianity imagry.
      • I've talked to some who consider some shows to be anime - like branding The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to be "live-action" anime.

        You seem to be thinking of only certain types of anime. Anime is not just fighting, space ships, kids battling with tiny creatures/machines/elemental forces, and/or giant robots. If you expand it out to include other types, you could substitute one or two sitcoms with magic in them (Bewitched [], for example) for Kimagure Orange Road [] (but I'll hit you with my 500lb. hammer if you say Alf [] is anything like NieA Under 7 []).
      • by Scrameustache ( 459504 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:46PM (#4617882) Homepage Journal
        Some would argue that only animated films from Japan would be considered anime, other's would say that it's the style - the large, expressive eyes.

        Is a VanGoh only one painted by the one-earned artist or anything with swirly lines?
        Animé is animated shows/movies from japan; Akira doesn't have huge freakin eyes, its still animé, and the PowerPuff Girls have HUGE eyes, it ain't animé, its Hanna-Barbera.

        I've talked to some who consider some shows to be anime - like branding The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to be "live-action" anime.

        So, the animated Matrix shows would be animated-live-action-animé then?
        To consider these movies to be animé is to be both ignorant and illogical. These show are much more related to hong-kong action movies than to japanese cartoons. Hell, one of 'em has 2 big hong kong stars, and they both have a legendary hong kong stunt/fight choreographer. And animé is there for the "animated" quality, not the "asian action" quality. japanese cartoons don't all have crazy action and insane violence, some are cute little romantic bits, wich don't make it big in the states for various reasons.

        Personally, I define "anime" as being related to the style - again, the large, expressive eyes, usually made in Japan but not always, often (but not always) dealing with subjects suitable for the 12 and older group.

        I strongly disagree.
        Anime is one thing, your own weird personnal definition dillutes it into a vague something else.
        As far as I can tell, "Animé" is a japanese word taken from the french "dessin animé", and it refers to all animated works. When migrated to the english language it refers to japanese animated cartoons. Wether they be violent or not, big eyed or not, and it definatly does not refer to non-animated works.

        you can compare the Matrix to animés you know, but keep the apples and the oranges separate, please.

        As for Transformers, its a bastard thing, but since it was mostly made by US people for the US market, I says it doesn't qualify.
        Of course, when you have mixed international teams, it gets iffy, but you're better off recognising the mixed nature of these individual works than to change the meaning of the word "anime" to make it include 'em.

        Just my $0.02. And yes, I agree - The Matrix is live-action anime with plenty of Judeo-Christianity imagry.

        And the animatrix is animated-live-action-anime?
        The matrix is a movie with PLENTY of influences, including animé, US superhero comics, hong-kong action flicks, french film-noir, italian westerns, Alice in wonderland, etc. Don't twist a word to make its definition fit an exceptionnal movie, you'll just sink into incoherance in no time.

    • Question: Is Transformers considered Anime? If not, why not? What exactly qualifies a cartoon as Anime?

      I think it depends on who you ask.

      Transformers, as we know it, is in the same catagory as Robotech, Pokemon, and (to a much lesser extent) Dragonball--Americanized Anime. As i have no idea what the original was like, I have no way to tell if it's closer to Pokemon (almost no edits) or Robotech (highly revised).

      And in a side note, you can get a better TF fix by reading the new comic books, or (if you don't mind some animation holes) watching TF:Armada weekdays on the Cartoon Network.
    • There is already a channel for this...its called Tivo: Now Showing. Transformers comes on CN, as does GI Joe (at least it did a couple weeks ago at 12am), Looney Tunes on CN (Acme Hour), Spiderman and His Amazing Friends is on ABC Family on Saturdays.
    • Everything but Spiderman is on Cartoon Network already (it might even be on, I dunno). I suggest you check your local listings and watch them. However, you just might find your precious childhood memories ruined by the now-appreciated suckiness of some of those series. I never realized just how bad GI Joe was until I watched it recently. Same thing happened with Tron.

    • Um Loony Toons is from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. The Loony Toons you 80's kids know are lame, censored crap.

      The rest of the shows you mention are garbage. I highly recommend suicide.
  • Comedy Incorrect (Score:2, Interesting)

    by anotherone ( 132088 )
    What the hell is "Comedy Incorrect"?
  • by Ron Harwood ( 136613 ) <> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:56PM (#4617413) Homepage Journal's one of those things you can guage how truly geeky a person is...

    Score points for:

    1. They watch anime.
    2. They correct you if you call it something other than their preffered name (japanimation, manga, whatever)
    3. Two words: "Anime Hentai"... (score triple points on this one - add one to that if they try to correct my usage of the words in this question)
    4. They learned japanese so they could watch original anime without dubbing or subtitles.

    • If only (Score:2, Funny)

      by Srin Tuar ( 147269 )

      If only there were someway to post japanese on slashdot, It would be perfect for sigs and snide elitist comments too.

      Damn lameness filter.

    • 4. They learned japanese so they could watch original anime without dubbing or subtitles.

      Double points if they're doing it to be able to play Japanese console RPGs without needing to wait for the translations.
    • by Twid ( 67847 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:39PM (#4617818) Homepage's one of those things you can guage how truly american a person is...

      Score points for:

      1. They only speak english.
      2. They assume watching the Japanese equivalent of Powerpuff Girls when they are pushing 40 is "cool" and "alternative".
      3. Two words: Morbidly Obese (score triple points if they say they are on a low-carb diet)
      4. They assume that a person who admits to watching anime is geeky when statistically it is much more likely that they are japanese.

      8-) 8-) 8-)

  • The Anime Network(tm) model is structured around four categorized content areas: Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts.

    Comedy Incorrect? Like, they'll be showing Warriors of the Wind or badly-dubbed DBZ?
  • by Winterblink ( 575267 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @12:57PM (#4617424) Homepage
    The article doesn't go into much details about this, but will this channel run non-ADV licenced anime? They have a pretty good lineup I'll admit, but then so does Manga and other companies.
  • Cool, but (Score:2, Insightful)

    by laigle ( 614390 )
    Hey, huzzah for an anime channel and all, but what percentage of those 24 hours do you figure is going to be devoted to DBZ and Pokemon? I seriously doubt they'll put anything on that hasn't been edited down to a G rating, and they'll pass on anything involving sex, drugs, violence, or fart jokes for fear of letter bombing by soccer moms off their valium, so how much can they really program? Plus, I just know my darn dirty cable company won't carry it, and my apartment complex doesn't allow dishes. It's all part of some nefarious plot to allow other people to outnerd me after all my years of effort at being King Dork of the universe.
    • It's all part of some nefarious plot to allow other people to outnerd me after all my years of effort at being King Dork of the universe.

      That's why you have broadband - because now that they'll be broadcast in the US, all those shows are much more likely to get sucked down and put on p2p.

      You want geekiness? I saw the "the Spirit of Christmas" short in 1995 or early 1996 on my friend's color NeXT station, after he spent hours downloading the 52-meg quicktime file over the ISDN line I helped him wire up. The end was broken, I think, and Windows QT sucked at the time, so I couldn't copy it from him to play on my PC. (Brian, if you're reading this, call me - I have my own NeXT now)
  • oh yeah.
    oh yeah.
    I hope this channel comes to Canada, because if it does, I might have just found a reason to turn my TV on again(the last time I had my TV on was 9/11, just before I turned it off in disgust)
  • Hopefully (Score:3, Interesting)

    by r_arr ( 613036 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:02PM (#4617478)
    Hopefully this means we'll get the uncut versions of the cartoons. Cartoon network edits out Dragon Ball, Not to mention what the did with Bebop and outlaw star.
  • Locomotion (Score:3, Informative)

    by overlord ( 5277 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:03PM (#4617488) Homepage
    Sorry for you guys, but this already exists
    is in spanish and it named Locomotion, and I think it is broadcasting to latin-american countries only.

    I am watching it in Argentina. It regular weekday programation has Cowboy Bebop, Evangelium, gasaraki, Lupin, etc.

    It is really nice.



    Pds. There some hentai on late sundays
    • Yes, the programming is very good. They don't only have anime, also programs like Dr. Katz (Spain spanish dub, quite funny, haven't heard the original), Ren & Stimpy and Southpark. I googled for it, found their (obvious)site []. Maybe this can be bought as an option in US cable?
  • I wonder what the cost is going to be? If they don't charge for access, there are going to be some parents angry that the 'cartoon' their kids were watching just went hardcore....
  • What? (Score:3, Funny)

    by Unknown Poltroon ( 31628 ) <> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:09PM (#4617548)
    "Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts"

    Wheres the "Adult" category, damnit??!?!?
  • I have strong fears that the knobs at DirectTV won't be picking this up, like the G4 gaming channel. Perhaps I shall go hassle them...
  • Dedicated channels (Score:5, Interesting)

    by MrChuck ( 14227 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:20PM (#4617645)
    here's something I don't quite get about cable (and satellite).

    At this point we have, lets say, a billion channels available.
    Unlike broadcast TV, setting up a new channel doesn't require millions of dollars for local, bazillions for national viewing - it takes provisioning a new channel.

    However, the cable folks seem mired in this 1948 model where you have to have a channel setup for years and years rather than realizing that if you want to tack a new channel on for a couple weeks/months you can.

    I thought about this during the OJ trial and the Olympics. If people WANT to watch something that's a limited time thing, then hell, create a channel for it for the duration.

    OJ? Fine, the "OJ trial channel" is #58 until it's over. Then 58 is back in the pool of available channels. (disclaimer, I didn't own a TV during that whole thing, I just mocked my coworkers who were watching the blow by blow)
    Olympics are 24x7 on channel whatever (or 4 channels if you want), with FULL RUNS of the events, not this highlights crap of things the networks deem popular. Want to watch the Finns battle the Algerians in the Biatholon/Luge/Nintendo event? You can.

    Costs are minimum.

    On topic: So set up an Anime channel.
    It runs from 8PM EST until 4AM PST.

    Want cartoon boobies? Well, at 11PM PST, the children should be asleep. we can get over our puritan heritage that says naked is bad (even cartoon naked) but watching a guys head get splattered against a wall in a faux gunshot is ok.

  • When will this end? Can I look forward to a Clutch Cargo channel in the near future? All Clutch! All the time!
  • I think they should combine this channel with G4, or make a package deal for the ADV channel, G4, Scifi, and Lifetime! That would be the ultimate geek package...only available on time warner!
  • skinime? (Score:3, Funny)

    by supabeast! ( 84658 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:23PM (#4617667)
    How about rolling over to soft-core hentai after 23:00, like skinemax.
  • For about a month now, in the UK at least with NTL (In the family package, maybe others) you can get 'CNX' which shows, daily:

    Outlaw Star.
    Cowbow BeBop.
    Justice League.
    Dragon Ball Z
    Samurai Jack.
    Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
    Obscure Jap Action Films at 10.

    As well as others.

    Not all anime, but its the best your going to get right now! And it is right now, not what might be.

  • I only have 40 hours of vacation!!! What do I do then!!?!?! I think I can overcome the sleep thing, but I need to eat!!

  • Sorry, I've got my slashdot spam filter set to delete stories that start with ADV.
  • by Loki_1929 ( 550940 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:31PM (#4617734) Journal
    But we already have the cartoon network...

  • by cryptochrome ( 303529 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:31PM (#4617745) Journal
    Wow. Guess I should update my web site. I've got plenty more to add. My mind is a raging torrent of possibilities and perils. And suggestions.

    - Even the most sweaty-toothed otaku can't watch anime all day every day. Consider the case of the incredible self-destructing sci-fi channel - everyone thought it's success was a no-brainer. But fans of the sci-fi genre only watch so much sci-fi (and prefer the good stuff too). Fortunately, anime isn't really a genre, it's a medium. I humbly suggest ADV consider what makes a channel successful (particularly the regular network channels) and take a long hard look at how they're targeting different demographics, because an anime channel for existing anime fans alone won't get far.

    - Speaking of which, ADV is completely missing a key genre of anime here, and it ought to be their most important for picking up new viewers -Sports. It's good for many subtle reasons I don't want to go into here - suffice to say that Hajime no Ippo and Initial D, properly handled, could get solid ratings.

    - Certain Japanese moral standards and levels of censorship are a bit more... open than those in America. Nudity in particular is a big issue even for TV, and certain excellent shows (like Berserk) are controversial and violent. How does ADV intend to handle it? Dumb it down for America, make it a premium channel, or just push the envelope?

    - ADV is one of the biggest names in american anime distribution, but there are several others with many good series. Getting them on board would be essential. Bandai in particular might be difficult since they have strong ties to Cartoon Network.

    - One of the biggest obstacles to anime on TV is the high cost of licensing the TV rights from Japan. Considering just how much anime we're talking about, that could be quite a lot of cash. Perhaps the downward spiral of the Japanese economy will help bring the terms down to a sustainable level. Still, promising a percentage of the profits rather than blanket licensing seems like the only way this could happen.

    - They're going to have to compete with other channels snapping up some of the better series, particularly if they are popular. Disney already has the rights all things Ghibli.

    - Since so many dubs are so poor, and since they'll be showing so much anime (and no doubt rerunning a LOT of it), is there an actual possibility we could get subbed anime on TV?

    - I love animation, period. Any chance that this channel would show any of the (lamentably small) body of less kid-oriented animation from america and around the world? Likewise, I hope that this channel could stimulate the production of more mature animated titles in america.

    - Like I said before, just anime might be hard. Why not branch out into other neglected forms of entertainment, particularly those which would appeal to the core demographic? Kung-fu, wierd film, and now (unfortunately) Sci-fi. Say, doesn't ADV do Farscape on video?

    Well, that's a start... Hey ADV - call me.
  • Cable offerings are increasing in general quality, which makes it harder for various cable providers to decide. That, and most of these providers have no grip on what much of their customers want in each demographic. You can have only so much of Trading Spaces before you lose your grip, find the cast and pillage the homes and equipment (after the obligatory jumping of all of the women, of course).

    On a previous provider, I enjoyed TechTV and NASA TV. No more on its competitor, which handles the outshirts of my city. However, I gained the G4 gaming channel.

    I would like to see amusing anime such as "The Slayers" or "Those Who Hunt Elves", but will have to settle for getting a copy at Suncoast Video, I predict.
  • The telcos or cable companies find Mr. Taco off the map for anything above POTS connections -- but yet he has hopes that the local cable company or sat provider to the sticks is going to rollover on some respectful unsuspecting channel like lifetime or the golf network and put in "All Anime, all the time" -- now that is wishful thinking.
  • Censorship? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Master_Ruthless ( 89957 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @01:59PM (#4618018)
    Hentai asside, hopefully we will be able to see things like Cowboy Bebop without the episodes being edited by censors (*ahem* Adult Swim *ahem*)

  • by haplo21112 ( 184264 ) <haplo@epi t h n a .com> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @02:01PM (#4618037) Homepage
    Looks like they got beaten to the punch...
    but then maybe this is why CN is suddenly dropping alot of the geek friendly stuff...
    maybe there is a secert partnership here...or maybe there should be...!
  • by Maul ( 83993 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @02:04PM (#4618070) Journal
    Yay. Again, I don't want to sound like an elitist, but is ADV really who fans want doing this?

    First of all, I can't even stand ADV's SUBTITLED anime. They managed to destroy Nadesico with their SUBTITLED version. Not an easy feat, but they managed to do it! I'd rather watch the show
    "raw" than watch their subtitled version, even
    though my Japanese skills aren't all that impressive compared to some of the other fans I watch with.

    Naturally I have some questions about this network that ADV is putting together.

    #1) Are they going to be showing ANY subtitled animation? The likely answer is "no," but there is a chance that they'll put some subtitled shows in the lineup at really late hours. Honestly, I will not watch this network AT ALL if there is no subtitled anime.

    #2) Are other distributors going to be jumping on board? I sincerely hope so, because ADV is probably my LEAST favorite distributor out there.
    If Pioneer, Funimation, Viz, Anime Works, etc. got on board as well there would be more variety.
    ADV has the lisence to a lot of series, but I don't know if they can carry a whole network with what they have.

    #3) Are they going to put NEW stuff on the air, or are they just going air to put shows that they've had available on video for years? Why would anyone tune in to anime they've already seen on video for years?

    #4) Are they going to throw lame marathons of series at us? People have told me that Cartoon Network likes to do DBZ marathons or some such nonsense. That is a pretty sorry excuse for programming, IMO.
  • I'd like to see some good cartoon sex [] in the evenings.
  • by phaderphox ( 619570 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @02:18PM (#4618187)
    First a note: I didn't read through all the posts, as I have a test on my mind that is given in a 24 hr period, and, well, I haven't exactly attended that class...feel free to mod me down due to my bitching about this. on to the post. More details are needed before I, along with many other anime geeks, will be truly excited. Will there be subs, dubs, or both? will it all be censored to hell a la Cartoon Network? Will, as many others have questioned early on, there be times that "adult" content is shown? (I personally like it because it is nonsensically saw through my lie.) Will these blocks be time based, or day based, or what? Will it only be anime licensed by ADV? Will there be anime movies, such as the popular well known Akira? My only suggestion is to market this like HBO, which has different channels with different purposes. A family channel with censored crap, A sub channel for "purists" (no comment, I like both types in different cases.) , a dubbed channel for "non-purists" (see above) a movie channel, etc. Hell, with enough capital they could have each "block" be a seperate channel. I am sure that there are enough people that would pay (yes pay....a term I don't like either) for this fabulous service. So if you work for ADV and read this, and think it is a good idea, just send me some dvds and pocky. I am running low and, being a college student, have no money.
  • (bad) dubbing (Score:4, Interesting)

    by phorm ( 591458 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @02:21PM (#4618215) Journal
    The main problem with anime in North America, and especially on cable:

    Baaad dubbing. For example, princess mononoke. The dubbing on the wolf gods was horrible. Part of what makes anime good (in it's pure undubbed form) is the emotion etc portrayed by good voice actors.

    A real Japanese adult voice sounds pissed off sounds way better than when they hire some famous actor (or even worse, some off-the-street voice who hasn't even hit vocal puberty yet).

    American female voices are also fricking annoying.

    Subtitles have always been the way for me, even bad fansubs aren't as bad as bad dubs (and sometimes the mistakes are pretty hilarious too... Boy who sealed to tree. Girl who fall down well into past). Too bad standard cable doesn't offer voice-selection with the subtitle option (does digital? If I can get my anime channel in a semi-pure form I'd pay for that).
  • by cyranoVR ( 518628 ) < minus poet> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @03:00PM (#4618502) Homepage Journal
    According to one source []:
    Once again, while the anime market may seem massive to anime fans, and it's true that the anime industry does have a lot of home video marketing influence and power in America, anime itself is still not nearly as understood or recognized an art form or entertainment medium in America as most anime fans think it is. It seems almost inevitable that America will eventually spawn an anime exclusive television network, but when experienced veterans like the Cartoon Network aren't prepared to venture into extensive anime programming, we should probably take that as a sign that an all-anime TV channel is still quite distant for the American market.

  • This sounds cool... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Mysticalfruit ( 533341 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @04:19PM (#4619227) Homepage Journal
    This sounds cool, I just hope they can pull it off.

    Personally, I'd pay what HBO costs to have a channel like that provided it would do the following things.

    1. Run complete series. Aka, "Cowboy Bebop Weekend"
    2. No editing... Show the series the way it was intended to be shown, not all edited to pieces to cut out "objectible" content.
  • Funny story (Score:3, Funny)

    by Frank of Earth ( 126705 ) <> on Thursday November 07, 2002 @05:59PM (#4620232) Homepage Journal
    So I had puter setup and for some crazy reason I had anonymous ftp set to read and write.

    Well, one night I'm in bed and I can hear the server hard drive going crazy. I go over to the server and the console is slow as crap. I check the log and I'm out of diskspace on a 8gig drive that had nothing really on it but a bare bones install of redhat.

    So I start searching around doing du and I notice that my ftp folder has about 7gig of data. I look in the folder and there are hundreds of anime porn videos!

    I do a search on the internet for my ip and find out that I got flagged as the anime porn hub of the internet. Needless to say, I shut down ftp and made a lot of anime porn fans unhappy.

    Personally, I don't get the infacuation with anime porn.. but hey, people also like to watch beastiality and bukkake.

  • by NeuroManson ( 214835 ) on Thursday November 07, 2002 @06:25PM (#4620564) Homepage
    Been beating about the idea for a dedicated anime network for about 4 years now, but lacked the resources (legal, monetary) to forge into it.

    The idea was similar, but had an added bonus whereas in the event you had a TV with SAP and CC (most do, nowadays), a secondary audio program in Japanese would be added, with the CC doing it's bit for subtitling in English. I also planned an "adult" segment that would broadcast at the wee hours, with full V-chip compliance (in which, nobody could sue in case their kids were watching Ghost in the Shell and ogling Kusanagi's breasts)...

    Ahwell, I have enough ideas on the backburner as it is, it's good to see someone fleshing it out...

    Pity it's ADV, however, because I can guarantee the anime shown will have horrible English dubbing, and as they have a pretty limited stock, chances are all they'll prodcast for the first half year is what currently exists within their video catalog...

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