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XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: What I've been up to 2

I've been toying with it for a while, and I think I'm going to actually start doing it now.

Xaoswolf is becoming a business man. I'm going to start my own gaming company. Mostly pen and paper, with pdf downloads and POD books to start. If that picks up perhaps I can move onto nice printed books, maybe some shirts and other swag.

Also been kicking around an idea for a video game. I got pretty much the whole thing down in my head including a couple of the levels, but no idea where to go from there. Who do you talk to in order to actually sell/develope a game? Not that I'll make tons of cash or that it will beat Diakatana in revenue if it even gets published, but I'd like to give it a try. It should be noted that, while I aced my programming classes, they were all easy, included no 3d modeling, and I can't do more than really simple cheezy text based games in C++. So I ain't doing it myself...

Also got an Xbox 360. Gamertag is Xaoswolf, feel free to add. I have Crackdown on the way, and I just beat marvel Ultimate Alliance (Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captian America. Deadpool, Thor, and Dr. Strange in the reserve). Probably going to pick up Call of Duty 2 since it's pretty cheap now that 3 has been released.

Also, anybody use any of the game rental services like Gamefly? They any good? Or Blockbuster, if you signup for the mail service, you can get free game rentals in the store, but it doesn't say how many or for how long...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Gencon anybody 3

Is anybody going to GenCon this year?

I'll be getting my girlfriend and my passes at the end of the month.

This will be my first GenCon, so if there are any veterans out there with any tips on what to do or what to avoid, feel free to let me know

User Journal

Journal Journal: She got...

A pink saphire and diamond set consisting of a ring, necklace, and earrings.

I got the giant Hackmaster 32 page GM screen.

I think I got the better part of the deal.

User Journal

Journal Journal: For the first time ever

I metamoderated everything as fair...

The trolls and flamebait really were trolls and flamebate. The funny stuff was funny, and the insightfull stuff insightfull.

User Journal

Journal Journal: GoDaddy??? 5

I'm looking to start a web page again, only this time, not using my current tripod one.

While I did enjoy the GoDaddy commercial, I am quite sure that there are other companies that will do the hosting and domain thing for me.

What are some companies that you guys are using for hosting and such?

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: The World I have created... AD&D Post, non gamers beware 1

A little history on my setting...

Back when history was just starting to be recorded and the oldest races were just discovering things like bronze, the world had may gods. These gods all bowed down to one powerfull diety that ruled them all, at least until he went mad and started a war with the other gods.

He began by turning the other gods against on and other, then as they weakened each other, he stepped in and killed those that he could, drove off the ones that he couldn't. When he stood over the world, his new prize, he smiled, then mad with power, began to destroy it.

The dragons, being the first race brought into being, and the last force able to confront the mad god. Vast armies of scaled bodies flew through the skies, many fell and were killed, but in the end, there were six left, and the mad god fell to the earth, leaving a vast crater.

These six dragons, having fed on the flesh and blood of the god, felt the power of godhood coursing through their veins. Each becomming a god in their own right. Sadly though, all that power was not enough for one, who lay in the arms of her mate, and slowly faded away.

Mad with grief at the loss of his mate, he flew far to the eastern continent where he began to remake all that he could, putting everything he could under his control.

The others each chose a domain, Realx built a lair in the crater, Fissure returned to his lair deep below the earths surface, Kalax Turned to the wilds of the north, and Maltarge sought his home within the waves of the seas.

As time would go on, these dragons would soon be worshipped as gods by the mortal races. History, and carefull editing, removes the names of the old gods, and any god attempting to gain a foot hold soon finds his congregation missing.

That's all I have time for now... I bring it up to date and give some play by plays of my characters exploits next time...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Just how bad does Palestine have it now?

I see it as the beginning of the end for Hamas.

Think about it. If Hamas is in control of the government, then any act by them is no longer the act of a rogue terrorist group, it now becomes the action of the government of Palestine. This means that the next attack by Hamas will signal the end of Palestine.

Of course, it may also mean the start of world war three...
But that would depend on which how Iran handles the situation. I'm just hoping that it all happens before the develope nuclear capibilities...

Of course, the exact opposite could happen as well, and Hamas could become so bogged down by beuocracy that they can't blow up school busses without filling out form A-15327 obtaining the proper permits, getting written consent from the suicide bomber, and ensuring that all workplace saftey measures, such as goggles, hard hats, and gloves are observed. In which case, we may never have another bombing again....

User Journal

Journal Journal: What have I been doing??? 3

Well, pretty much I've been working these last several months...

I don't nesscessarily line my job, but it pays the bills, and since I work 4 ten hour days, I get three days off a week, during which I can see my girlfriend and attend classes. Which is the other thing that is new, and I don't nesscessarily like...

No, not the girlfriend you dolt, the classes. She's downright awesome, hell, she even has a character in my AD&D campaign(more on that later perhaps)

Currently, as I am a new transfer student to Slippery Rock University, I am taking an intro class, and I am learning such fun items as double clicking, and the basics of web page design. At some point we are supposed to go into Java, but I'm not entirely sure...

I pretty much just don't pay attention and do the assignments... So far, I think it's working.../P

Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: In which, I come out of retirement 3

So, I have to network two buildings roughly 30 yards apart.

I'm thinking wireless, but, I don't really have that much experience with wireless networking, let alone wireless networking over distances larger than an apartment.

Anybody got any ideas as to what to use, or how?


Journal Journal: So, I'm thinking of a new case mod

I have a couple old laptops with bad boards and other various problems, but rather pristine monitors. Just how hard would it be to slap a laptops LCD monitor onto the side of a normal computer case.

Well, slapping it on there wouldn't be all that hard, but I'm guessing wiring it in is going to be the hard part...

Speaking of wiring, don't you just love finding out that one of your employees decided that instead of buying an new power adapter, he decided to grab the electrical tape and "fix" the broken plug on the old one?

Oh well, at least people like that pretty much garuntee me a job...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Matrix Revolutions... 1

So I saw the matrix Revolutions.

I bet it's a lot like dating Bill Gates.

It starts off with lots of anticipation for the things to come. He gives you hints as to his bank account. Small (for him) gifts every here and there. Then, he gives you a Ferrarri.

Now, your thinking, damn, this car fucking rocks, holy shit, this is awsome, I wonder what he'll give me next. So, the next morning, he proposes to you. You think, "Well, I did get the cool car, there has to be something better for next year", so of course you say yes.

Only, now you have to sleep with Bill, and he's a computer programmer. Have you ever slept with someone who spends all their time staring at computer code all day? It ain't pretty, not in the least. Especially with Mr. Gates, cause he likes it in the butt.

So here you are, getting pounded in the ass by a scrawny little computer nerd, thinking to your self, "I wonder what I'll get next year, it's gotta be good." But next year comes around, and you get a civic. Sure, he promises that you'll get something better the next day, but that's just to keep you around so he can fuck you in the ass.

The way I see it, if I were fucking Bill Gates, I'd at least have that kick ass car...

User Journal

Journal Journal: I guess I'm a troll 9

So, I get modded as a troll for This, but I ask you, can you think of any other reason why they would teach harry potter physics in a school?
User Journal

Journal Journal: laptopage 4

Laptops, what's good what sucks?

I've got a friend who is looking and i really have no clue as to what he should get.

to be used for school and gaming. Any ideas?

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