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Comment Turned to Crap, Trolls Took Over (Score 1) 264

I stopped participating over there 8 or so years ago. The Troll agenda took over and nothing of value was getting voted up any longer. I occasionally would cruise over to see if anything of interest had reappeared. Never found anything.

Comment I can happen (Score 2) 403

1. Deep Storyline, focusing on story first action second, that's what made the original trilogy good
2. Don't throw away the content the fans are screaming for...ok some of the expanded universe is just silliness, but there is some good stuff...AKA Timothy Zhan books...keep most the concepts from there...Mara Jade, Leia and Han's kids...
3. Attribute 1,2,3 and to unclear memories and retcon some of that crap!
4. Don't make new characters poor clones of previous characters
5. for the love of god make sure the villains aren't Vader/Emperor retreads...and PLEASE don't find some half asses way to resurrect the them!

Comment Was worth seeing, could have been better (Score 1) 732

1. I understand the need to trim the general aging of the characters. Using an endless succession of the kids to age them over the timespan of the book wouldn't have worked. However since the kids were now a fixed age it rushed the storyline.
2. Giving away the fact he was fighting the real battles was just stupid
3. Having a single ship carry the little doctor (which was now not so little)...was a total waste of a plot device
4. They should have spent more time on the training of Dragon Army...establish Ender's creds as a leader
5. Changing the ending sending Ender off alone was an error, I don't know if they intend sequels, but it really messes with the continuity
6. Bean was TOO big! and they spent no time on his relationship with Ender
7. The move had the soul of Ender's Game, but not the heart
8. The kid's ethnicities are all screwed up, plain and simple
9. Card wrote versions of the movie over the years perhaps one of his revisions should have had more influence

Comment Skip the Moon too..Mars and Beyond. (Score 1, Interesting) 191

Just gear up and go to Mars, better yet concentrate and figuring out how to build the Fastest damn spaceship possible, something that can reach .5 the speed of light or faster, load some people on board for a one way trip and aim it at a nearby star. Lets stop wasting time looking at blurry pictures through telescopes and just get out there and see what we find.

Comment Underpowered, Overpriced, and lacking apps... (Score 1) 375

...not backwards compatible with even current gen applications for Windows. The built in version of office isn't really fully baked yet by Microsoft's own admission. Not really properly supported for enterprise use yet. Surface Pro which will suck too, but at least have some measure of backward compatiblity and enterprise support will launch soon.

I can't for the life of me understand why its struggling.

Microsoft blew this one hard.

Comment It doesn't work that way unfortunately (Score 1, Informative) 969

"For every four Americans working a 50-hour week, every week, there's one American who should have a full-time job, but doesn't."

Unfortunately this isn't reality. Its not just the FTE and the Salary for said person, but the benefits package, bonuses, physical space, equipment (blue or white collar), and a host of various other things of the sort that an employeer has to take on the books. Add it all up and its often cheaper for the employeer to expect 4 people to work overtime. Please don't come back with the "well if the other four accept a little less benefits, allow for the fifth" arguement. Personally not interested in socialism.

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