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Comment Agile = Lazy (Score 1) 145

Agile was conceived as a method for managers to get more work out of developers for less money.

However, as most manglement techniques are, Agile has been turned on it's head, and is now a method for lazy developers to do LESS work, while completing more BS "tasks", then blame the "Team" when shit doesn't get done.

Comment Re:I don't see this working (Score 1) 166

Women are already dwarfing men in enrollment and graduation rates in colleges. I guess this is just sealing the deal. Fuck men.

Can you provide some statistics as to exactly what fields they are graduating in?

I would be willing to bet STEM fields are very far down the list.

As to your last statement, it is kind of hard to tell if you are suffer from misandry, or are just horny.

Comment I don't see this working (Score 4, Insightful) 166

Females simply don't seem to like software development work much.

Female developers tend to move away from development into project management, as soon as they can.

Sure call my sexist, misogynist, whatever. I've been a developer for over 25 years, and am just reporting what I have seen.

At least this won't take too much in the way of tax dollars.

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