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Journal Journal: Naruto!

Well, the newest craze I'm going through is Naruto... It's a Japanese animated TV series that comes to the US only though fan-subbing. It's about an obnoxious young ninja-in-training with a demon trapped inside him growing up and learning how to become a real ninja. It's set in the modern world, but with ninjas. It starts off a bit slow and silly, but gets much more exciting and serious with each episode.

For those interested in a good anime that's well worth your download time (though I knocked out my whole apt complex with my downloading), just do a googl search for naruto bittorrent.

Feel free to let me know how crappy a suggestion this is, but be sure to at least watch a couple episodes. The best fansubber seems to be Toriyama's World, but they have only done up to episode 50.



Journal Journal: Homestar Runner

I recently happened upon this thread on slashdot, and it introduced me to a wonderful new world... the world of Homestar Runner. I can't quite explain it, but I'm totally enamored with it. I just got my Trogdor t-shirt, and my Strong Bad Hooded Sweatshirt. I'm a sucker for supporting independent media, I guess.

Anyway, Cheeeck it ooout!

No, seriously, Check it out!


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