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Comment Guess whose reelection war chests are now full? (Score 1) 200

Clearly the cable companies don't like competing against hyper local internet providers who cater to their customers... Since they can't compete, they're next tactic is to simply make it illegal. How do they do this?

Thanks to bullshit like citizens united I can only speculate that the cable companies went door to door acting as citizens making large contributions to law makers who saw the world as they do.

Comment huh? (Score 1) 221

So Nintendo makes a stupid game... mind you, not hardware but a one off funny thing and this causes the stock to tumble? For fucks sake! Call me when their consoles catch fire, or everybody's online acconts / wiipoints get plundered.

Yeah, it's a game. Some people will love, some people will hate it. *shrugs*

Comment What a dystopian nightmare (Score 1) 204

This seems like a system tailor built to create a class of angry disenfranchised citizens.
Good luck China, you're going to need it because I can't think of a better way to foment an insurgency.

"The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose." - James Baldwin

Comment Re:Problem ... (Score 2) 386

1) Fine, in your madmax future world, the level of tech might be lower... *shrugs*

2) I doubt they're going to hate a 14 year old girl with cancer. Some billionaire shithead who led a company that actively harmed the environment... Just imagine if the Koch brothers were frozen... We might want to wake those fuckers up just so we could use them as pinatas.

3) Do some research on the inviability of cryo.. At last check they're doing stuff like at the moment of death, pumping out all the blood and replacing it with antifreeze and using other techniques to prevent cell damage. Private labs have also been doing experiments on animals with limited success.

I also agree with your last point. However, I think we can do both. We can focus on cures now and work on the technology for later.

On a somewhat serious note, when it comes to deep space travel, cryo storing people might be the most sensible way to say colonize a distant planet where the ship is going to take 1,000 years to get there. Yes, yes, I know there's a WHOLE shitload of technical hurdles, but if we got the cryo stuff right it would give us that option.

Comment Regarding the knockoff jokes (Score 4, Interesting) 73

A coworker of mine went to China on vacation and bought one of these knockoff phones and holy crap, I had a hard time telling it apart from the real thing.
The thing that really surprised me was the cut of Android on it that had been skinned to look just like iOS. There was some serious work put into the product.
Clearly there's a huge market for these knockoffs.

Comment So, buy a dongle (Score 1) 675

That seems to be Apple's new theme song...

When your ethernet disappears... buy a dongle!
Need to connect your iphone... buy a dongle!
Want to read your SD card... buy a dongle!
Want to use headphones on your iphone? buy a dongle!

I'm surprised they don't sell a usb3 dongle that's just an 'esc' key at this point.

Comment Re:Elon Muisk is an intellectual midget and a frau (Score 1) 222

So what are the technical hurdles that would need to be overcome for there to be actual mining with robots? Doing some quick googling I see that Komatsu and CAT and a few others offer fully autonomous mining solutions. Are those just bullshit and don't work as advertised?

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