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Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 387

The Coward doesn't care about facts. The fans know more about engineering than you do. Because NASCAR doesn't adopt or allow every new technology doesn't mean they're not aware of it. It's not sad that drivers are made more important. Learn the history of the sport. The drivers are the reason to watch.

Sorry to hear you're part of the bottom 1%, but someone has to be.

Submission + - ISP To Court: BitTorrent Usage Doesn't Equal Piracy (

An anonymous reader writes: The music industry has long argued that evidence of BitTorrent is evidence of piracy, and ISPs have generally gone along with them. But now, ISP Cox Communications is pushing back against that claim. They have been sued by publishers for failing to halt service for users alleged to have pirated music. Not only has Cox argued that the piracy evidence is invalid, they're also contesting the idea that BitTorrent is only used for piracy (PDF). "Instead of generalizing BitTorrent traffic as copyright infringement, the music companies should offer direct proof that Cox subscribers pirated their work. Any other allegations are inappropriate and misleading according to Cox." The company says, "the Court should preclude Plaintiffs from relying on mere innuendo that BitTorrent inherently allows individuals to infringe Plaintiffs’ copyrights."

Comment Re:Don't even need to board it ... (Score 0) 400

The current president had an issue with domains I bought (regarding to his grandmom and other issues). The secret service was sad that their boss was a loser. Pulled out of work, sat in a recliner while my house was ravaged, and no threat was found here while the real threat is still sitting at 1600.

Oh, back on topic, get a TWIC. $135 that says you are an OK fellow. No problem since then. Guess the president doesn't mind criticism as long as you blow him first. Just like Clinton or any other Democrat.

Submission + - The best telescope of all is gravity

StartsWithABang writes: Want a recipe for seeing as far into the distant Universe as you can? Because of how distance and brightness are inversely related, you need to make the most of every photon, build as large a telescope as possible and observe for long periods of time in order to collect the most light. But there's an extra bit of magnification that Einstein's General Relativity gives to us for free: gravitational lensing, where any large mass magnifies the light from the objects directly behind it. Thanks to this technique, we've discovered the most distant galaxies ever.

Comment Re:MythTV (Score 1) 236

Have you played w/ the 'direct access' or 'file mapping'? I forget the term that is used by Emby. Instead of Emby processing and relaying the file, a link that is directly accessible by the client is offered. That sounds similar to how the NFS is working.

Through Googling, it's apparently called 'Direct Play'.

Comment Re:MythTV (Score 1) 236

opensuse server, Emby to push the media out, handbrake for ripping, tvheadend for capture w/ various capture cards and USB dongles. Google TVs, Nexus Players, Chromecasts, and browsers for consuming.

The storage sides needs updating as there are hard drives crammed in all nooks.

Submission + - U.S. Restarts Hunt For Gravitional Waves With Advanced LIGO (

schwit1 writes: The hunt for gravitational waves began again for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)-the largest instrument of its kind. The restart follows a five-year-long, US $200-million project to overhaul the experiment's detectors.

Many physicists believe the revamped experiment, dubbed Advanced LIGO, will be the first to find direct evidence of gravitational waves: ripples in the fabric of space-time that can be created by, among other things, a pair of neutron stars or black holes orbiting each other. Gravitational waves were first theorized in 1916 by Albert Einstein as a consequence of his general theory of relativity, which celebrates its centennial this year.

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