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Comment: Re:That'll show 'em! (Score 1) 702

by Pikoro (#47398523) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

I was just thinking of that. Put a battery powered Raspberry Pi inside a stripped out laptop case and fill the empty space with whatever you want. Then when asked to power it on, it would boot without issues but would allow you to pack it to the brim with something more dangerous...Yah I know the xray machine would show that it looked abnormal, but perhaps some etched circuit boards in a single layer on the bottom to confound scanners?

Comment: Re: Ethics and Morals ? (Score 2) 165

by Pikoro (#47025119) Attached to: US Navy Wants Smart Robots With Morals, Ethics

I think what the parent means to say is that, in a war created by politicians, it should be fought by politicians. My Prime minister doesn't like your president. Ok. Grudge match! Stick em both in a ring and let them fight it out. First blood, till death, whatever. Doesn't matter. Or perhaps a forfeiture of that leader's assets should be on the line. Hit em where it hurts. You lose, you retire and lose the entirety of your assets to the victor.

Point being... leave the rest of us out of it.

Comment: Re:Cause and Effect (Score 1) 427

I think the suggestion was that by blocking the calls, the people had to concentrate on driving, thereby preventing the accidents from happening in the first place, which negates the need to make those 911 calls that might have been blocked.

Wow, that was confusing to type.

Comment: I would think (Score 2, Insightful) 379

by Pikoro (#46798591) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

Well, I would think that this is mostly to do with publicity. Once someone calls your software into question in a very public light, you will be more willing to go through your project with a fine toothed comb and clean up all that old cruft you've been meaning to clear out.

This is not a sign of inherent insecurity, but one of obvious house cleaning.

Comment: Re:Don't they need... (Score 3, Insightful) 405

by Pikoro (#46560211) Attached to: L.A. Police: <em>All</em> Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation

This is what I was thinking. Have the cameras doing the scanning, no problem. The camera scans a plate, then does a search for specific violations such as: Is the vehicle reported stolen, Has the vehicle been flagged as having received more than N parking or traffic violations, etc. Only a few select items to scan for. If it's a positive match, flag it and track it and notify an officer. If it's not, immedielty purge the record and move on to the next one.

To me, that does not sound wholy unreasonable.

Comment: Re: Summary is wrong (Score 3, Informative) 104

by Pikoro (#46481067) Attached to: How Steve Jobs Got the iPhone Into Japan

the iphone is a non player here in japan. a good estimation based on what i see on the train is one in ten. the rest are a split between android and flip phones, which still offer more features than an iphone. things like saifu keitai, one seg, etc.. are considered necissary features here. the iphone just cannot compete.

Comment: Re:Plenty of scientists (Score 1) 374

by Pikoro (#46355299) Attached to: Report: Space Elevators Are Feasible

Ahh, but say the ballast asteroid cut loose, or the cable was severed above the center of mass, the remainder of the cable would still be attached to the earth. The rotation of the earth would impart some lateral velocity to what was left. The end of the cable would immediately begin to accelerate and would either burn up in the atmosphere (which shouldn't happen at the strengths of materials needed to build such a cable) or hit the ground at hyper velocity speeds devastating anything within kilometers around the line of impact. On the positive side, we would get a nice line on the equator, kinda like what we have on maps now :)

Comment: Bittorrent Sync (Score 1) 168

by Pikoro (#46199375) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Distributed Online Storage For Families?

There's this program called bitsync: which you each have a client on your computers. Share hashes with each other, and you get a distributed, synced in real time copy on each client running the software. It's free, secure, and no servers required. You each have a copy locally, and any modifications are replicated to each client.

Comment: Re:Don't see a problem if some conditions are met. (Score 1) 192

by Pikoro (#46199349) Attached to: Cops With Google Glass: Horrible Idea, Or Good One?

Along the same lines, how about the "metadata" is put up on a public website immediately. For example, as soon as one of the police cameras start recording, there would be a log entry on a public website which would show activation time, officer who activated the camera, and termination time, plus a checksum for the newly completed video. That way, when evidence is needed, we can tell if the video has been edited/altered, and there is also a public record of who and when the camera was used. Then the officer can't simply say "we weren't recording during the altercation" or whatnot. You would also be able to see if the camera was activated while approaching someone, then switched off for 5 minutes, and then reactivated and now there is a guy bleeding on the ground. Any arrest made without a complete record, could be tossed out.

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