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Comment Re:Hunting Terrorists / Getting Shot (Score 1) 128

Curious. The whole point of collecting the "metadata" in advance was for prevention purposes. To pre-empt these kinds of attacks. Since that didn't happen, why collect the data in advance. Once they had a probable suspect, they could have gotten a warrant and started searching that data as soon as they had a lead on who committed the act. It seems like the existing system of obtaining a warrant and doing it the standard way would have had the same results.

Comment Re:Data data everywhere and not a drop to think (Score 1) 366

Don't forget air temp, humidity, fuel tank placement, amount of reserve fuel, etc.. In the systems I work on, the Vx speeds aren't calculated automatically, they're supposed to be input by the pilot based on lookup tables.

Also, for the people talking about automatic calculation of these values, some weights are different than others. Fuel is a variable weight which changes during flight whereas passenger/cargo weights stay static. CG changes with angle of attack and acceleration which has to be taken into account when setting up initial spoiler and elevator settings for takeoff as well. It's not just a simple "Aircraft is 76k lbs"

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 406

I find it more likely that his computer uses windows because some of the jokes actually involve sounds that his computer is making. Since the vast majority of the TV viewing audience is not going to recognize any linux DE sounds, it makes more sense to use MS noises. Things like skype connecting, ringing, or disconnecting are things people will know.

Comment Re:LOL: You can't prove me wrong & downmod (Score 2) 352

Wait what? You crushed me?
Looks like you're the one that got "crushed". You never answered any of my reasons why your system is better than DNS except that having a dedicated DNS server will use more electricity. All your rants and more were completely "proved wrong" in that post.

Unfortunately, some people just can't learn from their mistakes. You think your solution is so damn good that you sound like a kid screaming "gimmie my ball back!" at the top of his lungs in the kindergarten playground.

Host files have their place. Sticking millions of entries in it is not use, it's abuse. DNS won. Hosts lost. Get over it.

Too bad you're just going to copy/paste your reply after this again and call everyone trolls.

I feel sorry for you. You've taken something that was good and destroyed it. I'm sure that if you redirected half as much energy into something worthwhile that you do into posting spam all over slashdot that you could accomplish something noteworthy other than being the butt of jokes.

You're terribly easy to provoke, and provably wrong to boot.

Good day.

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