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Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 160

I find it more likely that his computer uses windows because some of the jokes actually involve sounds that his computer is making. Since the vast majority of the TV viewing audience is not going to recognize any linux DE sounds, it makes more sense to use MS noises. Things like skype connecting, ringing, or disconnecting are things people will know.

Comment Re:LOL: You can't prove me wrong & downmod (Score 2) 327

Wait what? You crushed me?
Looks like you're the one that got "crushed". You never answered any of my reasons why your system is better than DNS except that having a dedicated DNS server will use more electricity. All your rants and more were completely "proved wrong" in that post.

Unfortunately, some people just can't learn from their mistakes. You think your solution is so damn good that you sound like a kid screaming "gimmie my ball back!" at the top of his lungs in the kindergarten playground.

Host files have their place. Sticking millions of entries in it is not use, it's abuse. DNS won. Hosts lost. Get over it.

Too bad you're just going to copy/paste your reply after this again and call everyone trolls.

I feel sorry for you. You've taken something that was good and destroyed it. I'm sure that if you redirected half as much energy into something worthwhile that you do into posting spam all over slashdot that you could accomplish something noteworthy other than being the butt of jokes.

You're terribly easy to provoke, and provably wrong to boot.

Good day.

Comment Re:AdBlock+ = inferior & 'souled-out' vs. host (Score 2) 327

Yah, your host file software (30k lines of code to manage a text file? WTF?) obviously doesn't work or it would be blocking you. You post more spam and ads for your software on here than other 3rd party ads. If your goal is to help cut down on spam and such, you're doing a really shitty job of it.

You've posted your stupid shit in here 25 times and counting (as of this comment's writing). Just get off the internet already apk.

Copy/Pasting your drivel over and over again doesn't make it any more true.

Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 1) 152

About 5 years back I transitioned from IT to a construction site manager / safety officer position. The set of other site supervisors would show up on site, look around, and then file reports because things were not running according to schedule and such. The crews that worked for me loved me as their supervisor. Since I didn't have any experience in doing actual on-site construction, I decided to get out there and grab a shovel, spread asphalt, run a backhoe, drive a dump truck, pour concrete, build framing, lay pipe, run a tamper, etc. I learned from the people who are "on the ground" and doing the work. I could actually understand how things worked, what paces of work were safe and how hurrying things could cause dangerous situations to arise. I would make allowances in the schedules to accommodate the _actual_ work conditions so that things would be safe. If we were behind schedule, I could explain why and understood what could be done to compensate. The work crews liked working under me because I actually understood what it took to do the things which were mandated from above in a safe and efficient manner.

There's a lot to be said for knowing what your co-workers or subordinates do for a living. It ends up being better for everyone.

I'm no longer in that position, but any time during a job interview when I get asked things like "What do you respect in a manager?" or "What kind of qualities do you like to see in your supervisor?", I remember those times and tell the interviewer (who is frequently the person I'll be working for) that I perfer to work for people who have worked their way up. Started at my position and actually learned what's required to do my job so they can better manage our team. I preface this with something like "I don't know you, or your work experience, but I feel that managers should have to work in the position that they manage, at least long enough to know what it's like to try to hit unreasonable deadlines, or put in overtime to get projects done. In my experience, people who have been "career managers" just can't manage effectively." This seems to have one of 2 effects. Either they agree with me and express the same opinion, or they resent the fact that I don't think they can manage effectively. You can guess who the career managers are by their answer.

Comment Re:Short answer? (Score 1) 190

It worked very well. The only time we had problems is when typhoons would come through, and even then the link would only be down for a few seconds at a time, if it went down at all. I can imagine fog and snow would be an issue but the lasers we had also had lens heaters and such so that wouldn't affect the laser head itself.

Comment Re:Giving it the old "college try" eh? (Score 4, Interesting) 281

In Japan, people running for office aren't allowed to use radio or tv to campaign. They are essentially limited to posters and driving around and actually meeting the voters. Granted, trucks driving around in the morning and evening during election times with loudspeakers blaring is fairly annoying for a few days, but you don't get this kind of spending that they have in the USA. It seems like the news reports it as a race to see who can raise the most funds. "So and so has raised 2 billion dollars whereas so and so #2 has only raised 500 million. Looks like candidate #1 is going to win". It's sickening.

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