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Comment M2 is offline (Score 4, Informative) 26

This story must be crazy old because M2 is offline and has been for a while. M1 is available but it's tumbling and nobody's sure when it's going to quit. Complete tutorial on how to do these kinds of decodes, plus normal NOAA APT reception here:

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Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 1) 1822

Yes. But even the old metamoderation system was a bit lacking. I like the whole "Was this a fair moderation or not" part, but often, the presented mods were just a single post with it's scores displayed which took it out of context. Perhaps a collapsed thread of at least to the GGP of that comment should be visible so the reason for the moderation is in context?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 100

Actually, it's not a permanently installed cube. The take it out to scramble it up. Also, when scrambling, they block one of the cameras so it can't come up with a solution until they remove the blind. Impressive, but I think the speed is limited by how fast you can actually spin the cube faces.

Comment Re:Future legislation will require... (Score 2) 151

Hmm. I remember when there was a biggish earthquake in 1989 and the state voted to raise sales tax from 6% to 7.25% in order to pay for repairs to the SFO area. I also remember something along the lines of "this will only be active until the repairs are complete". I seem to remember it being active well into... well, it's currently 7.5%. It never went away. The parent is spot on.

Comment Re:Hunting Terrorists / Getting Shot (Score 1) 139

Curious. The whole point of collecting the "metadata" in advance was for prevention purposes. To pre-empt these kinds of attacks. Since that didn't happen, why collect the data in advance. Once they had a probable suspect, they could have gotten a warrant and started searching that data as soon as they had a lead on who committed the act. It seems like the existing system of obtaining a warrant and doing it the standard way would have had the same results.

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