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Comment Re:Long time *NIXer considering switching to Windo (Score 1) 193

I at least gave it a fair shake. I used it for about 28 days on my main computer just to give myself a chance to get used to it, just like I always try to do with a new OS. 29th day, Back to Windows 7 for me on this laptop. The macbook will stay with Mint for the foreseeable future.

Comment It's a waldo, not a robot (Score 2) 38

FTA: âoeWeâ(TM)ve designed the robot to be stronger than a person so weâ(TM)d imagine that in the future we want to merge some level of autonomous control along with the humanâ(TM)s intelligence.â

We imagine. The summary has been pulled out of someone's ass. The article says nothing like what the summary does.

Comment List of domains to block (Score 5, Informative) 515

Blocking these domains will make your version of Windows 10 "Unconnected". To Microsoft at least.

Comment Re:DISINFORMATION (Score 3, Informative) 38

The difference is mainly in legal vs illegal. It's not illegal to hide yourself, but it IS illegal using the previous method. Broadcasting all over a licensed band is a quick way to end up in trouble. HAMs self report, no FCC required. Hell, we'd grab the YAGIs and make a game out of finding the prick.

Comment Re:1Gb/sec for around $40/month. (Score 1) 135

No. It's 1Gb up / 1Gb down (best effort). No data caps. It's left up to the ISP. NTT provides the pipe, then you have your choice of ISPs who compete on price. The fiber line runs around $40/mo and then you tack your ISP fees onto that but changing ISPs is as simple as updating the username/password in the modem. FLETS is an awesome system and I really wish they would do something like that in the USA. Let the government own the pipe and pay for it with taxes. Then let anyone start up their own ISP.

Comment Re:Is insurance worth it for auto manufacturers? (Score 1) 231

You also seem to forget that the more connected and "smart" cars get, the more they are going to be marketed as a "service" and not a product. Hence, the manufacturers will be covering themselves in the event of a software issue that could cause injury. Insurance by the manufacturers might not be a bad idea in that case.

Sell me a car I can't modify or control, and I'll show you a car I won't insure.

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