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Comment: Re:What about legitimate uses? (Score 1) 193

by cyberchondriac (#48029821) Attached to: CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers
Has he not [i]expanded [/i]the Patriot Act? Are we not lamenting some new loss of freedom daily here at slashdot? What about the NSA run amuck? The DEA may have lightened up a bit on pot but now they're cracking down on codeine and anything remotely related, as schedule 2, effective Oct 6.
How about the NDAA? Now he can kill American citizens without warrant or investigation, legally; Bush couldn't do that.
But the main thing is, Obama campaigned so heavily on transparency, and lighting up the "police state", yet he's done the exact opposite. Even more inexcusable, since he's claimed AQ to be decimated and terrorism to be on the wane. Then what's the excuse? At least Bush was reacting to 9/11.

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by n1ywb (#48018895) Attached to: When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone
Your victrola is probably an exceptional outlyer. It's remarkable because it's so old and still works. Nevermind the million other busted victrolas in the landfill. I've gone through plenty of old stuff that was busted and not worth fixing for any practical reason. Old does not necessarily equal good. Sure manufacturing quality of consumer goods is hit or miss but that's nothing new either. You think nobody sold junk 100 years ago? Yeah right.

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It wasn't very long ago that; guess what? NOBODY owned their telephone! That's right, you RENTED it from the phone company! In fact it was ILLEGAL to third party phone. In fact some people STILL RENT their phone. Their ROTARY land line phone.

Funny how quickly people forget. As they say in china, there's nothing new under the sun.

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by cyberchondriac (#48006477) Attached to: Breakthrough In LED Construction Increases Efficiency By 57 Percent
I had a Sonata CPU case with a pair of blinding blue LEDs, and those buggers were annoying; but the little notification LED on a Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't bad.
The thing that astounds me is that OLEDs and LEDs can be so much brighter still. I have to admit, 15 years ago, my thoughts and predictions about LEDs in general couldn't have been more wrong; I figured they were a dead end, and as good as they were going to get. Then LED TVs came out, and high output versions like those made by Cree, and it was all revolutionary. LED light bulbs are the next big thing.
Now it sounds like all that was only the beginning? Cool.

Comment: Completely converted house to LED, 3 have died. (Score 1) 595

by RingDev (#48004617) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

This was exactly my experience as well. My mother in-law has some of the initial run Phillips CFLs. Her hippy roommate installed them in the kitchen in 1994, and they are still going, but they were like $50 a pop back then. They take longer to "warm up" than the new bulbs do, but they provide solid light at a tiny wattage.

Most the the cheap-o CFLs have worked well for me. But the small socket super compact CFL and LED bulbs for my ceiling fan lights have been horrible. The line noise and vibration coming off the motor just destroys the el-cheapo caps and diodes. Same deal, individual LEDs are fine, but I've seen bad caps on the CFLs and scorches on the LED circuitry.


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by n1ywb (#48003771) Attached to: PostgreSQL Outperforms MongoDB In New Round of Tests
My understanding is that it's easy to spread READ ONLY postgres load accross multiple servers. WRITING is a bottleneck with postgresql though because it enforces consistency, while other DBs like couch kick the consistency can down the road to the application. But I haven't seriously looked into it in years.

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by cyberchondriac (#47987735) Attached to: Emma Watson Leaked Photo Threat Was a Plot To Attack 4chan
She's gorgeous, talented, AND intelligent; the only thing I find questionable about this, is her (re)defining the term "feminism". If it's all about equality, shouldn't it be called "Equality"? It sounds awfully gender-centric to just one of the two. Imagine if there were a movement called "Masculinism".
Other than that, carry on, Miss Watson.

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Nah, every statement made here on /. is an absolute to the reading comprehension challenged.
Except this one actually is I suppose, since I said "every".

Personally the whole concept of shareholders is starting to rub me the wrong way. Large public corporations all too often begin to focus far more on shareholder profits at the expense of their customers and employees. I believe it should be as much about making good product as it is good profit. And certainly treat employees with some respect too, because without them, or customers, there is no company, no matter how many shareholders you have.

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