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by cyberchondriac (#48207899) Attached to: Software Glitch Caused 911 Outage For 11 Million People
Well, what the gp suggests is pretty much impossible, but the truth is, software *is* the weakest link. OSes and apps are never or rarely bug free, and each new patch often introduces new bugs. Some things, like OSes, have tens of millions of lines of code, and where just a missing or misplaced semicolon can wreak random havoc, that's practically a guaranteed problem waiting to happen.
Flexibility is proportional to complexity, and inversely proportional to reliability/stability. Dedicated hardware devices are the most stable, followed by firmware driven appliances. I've been in IT (repair, then administration) for about 20 years now, which is a fair amount of time, and I've seen far fewer hardware issues than I ever have with software.
Then there are the issues of security; Windows, for one example, has been around for two and a half decades now, and there are still numerous bug fixes and security patches released on a weekly basis. It is permanently flawed.

I sometimes wonder if it's really a language thing. I'm not a developer though. High level coding (that I'm aware of anyway) is in English, yet there is a pervasive attitude these days, even here at /. among IT and science people, against "grammar nazis", with the frequent defense of "you know what I meant". Well, computers don't know. And recently I've seen a surprising number of typos in SuSE/SLES conf file comments and whatnot.. it makes me wonder if developers are screwing up in the code too, syntactically.

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Sounds like a variant of a famous joke.

Operator: 911. What is your emergency? Hunter: My hunting partner just had a heart attack. I think he's dead. Operator: Go make sure. [sound of a gunshot] Hunter: Okay. Now what?

Yep, this is the right way to phrase it, makes more sense this way.

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1) Why do teachers always rank as an all important metric? There are good teachers and bad teachers.. even lousy teachers, there's nothing that special about their profession compared to many others. They are not beneficent deities, shaping our future via our children, though the rhetoric would have you believe that. It's just another angle for the whole, "think of the children" routine.
2) My sister-in-law is a teacher for a high school in NJ, and makes over $80k a year. And that's for 9 months out of the year. I just don't see public school teachers who belong to the NJEA doing all that badly. Private catholic school teachers maybe, but public teachers in a union have it pretty good around here.

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What you're - perhaps unintentionally - highlighting is itself interesting although something we've known for years that's illustrated perfectly by, say, Politico - modern political journalism is not about holding politicians to account, it's about gossip, being in with the in-crowd, and confusing the public interest with what the media thinks the public are "interested" in.

We're in agreement there, political journalism has gotten so yellow it looks like it's got a terminal case of jaundice. But when Obama stated his administration would be more transparent, it was in the context of the laws and executive orders he would sign/pass, the initiatives he would undertake regarding defense, the wars, the Patriot Act, the economy, and that's how most of us understood it. That's the important stuff of actual consquence. If the media wants to go all tabloid, that's on them, but I don't believe it absolves Obama from essentially reneging on his campaign rhetoric.

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"Ascended. As in Nethack?"

Yup, which is what I point out when ever someone tells me they are "hard core". I'll give prop to people who even recognize what that means (props yo!), and anyone claiming to be a hard core gamer that doesn't understand what that means, well, lets just say that I'm not impressed ;)

I do know a hard core raider woman in EVE. I don't play EVE though, so I don't know the details, but my buddy (her roommate) plays 2nd fiddle to her.

I'm also not big on the CoD/DotA games these days. I use to get my fair share of TMP kills back in the Counter Strike days (pre-Source). But I've been in WoW/EQ guilds with women GMs, women main tanks, and women achievement seekers that have put me to shame with their accomplishments (and I consider myself a pretty solid gamer).

Maybe there are other women shamming other women in the gaming segment, it's definitely an issue for some of the other pro-women activities I support (like the Slut Walk in DC). And that is something that should also be tackled. But Women-women shamming is a drop in the bucket compared to the flood of male dominated sexist stereotyping, harassment, and abuse that the vast majority of ALL women have to deal with.

We've got a lot of work to do on >our subculture's behavior before we worry about other groups.


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There are some apps that are Windows/Adroid only. In order to run them side-by-side, you need some form of virtualization. Blue Stacks, Andyroid, etc...

The trick though, is that the Android VMs for Windows require a CPU and BIOS that support virtualization. Which means to pull this off, you explicitly need to know what processor (and BIOS) is in your phone or tablet.


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Great, so he can tell us all about his golf score, but cover up actually significant stuff, the political shannigans? - y'know, the shit that actually matters, like he'd said he'd do when he campaigned for office. The only ones who care about pointless handwaving personal details are the tabloids.

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BeOS? Wow.. I haven't heard a mention of that OS in over ten years, blast from the past.
I would be game for this change: where HBO is concerned, I only care to watch Game of Thrones, and I don't see the point of paying for a full subscription for one show, because nothing else interests me, honestly (well, True Blood, but that's over now). But then I have to wait, and be a year behind everyone else in buying the BluRay when it's finally released.

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The "reactor" includes the entire system, boiler, turbines, chillers, etc... The "reactor core" is effectively the nuclear element of it. You could replace the core with a coal fired furnace and the rest of the reactor would still function largely the same (although you probably wouldn't need the triple redundant cooling systems).

Seeing as how the conversation here revolves around the nuclear aspect of the reactor, I think it's fair to say that replacing the reactor core would count ;)


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Not sure if there is actually "data" for such an argument.

The USS Enterprise (1962-2012) was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the US Navy.
1962 - refueling
1964 - refueling/upgrades
1968 - refueling
1970 - refueling/new reactor cores (10 year fuel cycles)
1980 - refueling/upgrades
1990 - refueling/upgrades

Those are just the obvious ones. There are a ton of other redacted service reports where the nuclear systems were likely refined. But this ship was not refueled only once at half it's life. It did receive new reactors less than 10 year in. And while there aren't any specific notes about other reactor replacements/upgrades, with how much of the service record isn't available to the public, it's quite possible there were other replacements as well.


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Regardless of Quinn's behavior, the social reaction is the issue. I give two shits who Quinn sleeps with. But when I see the vomitus mass of vitriol spewed over any and all women in the gaming industry, I take offence.

It doesn't matter what Quinn did, she doesn't deserve death/violence/rape threats. Nobody does.

Even if she did lack journalistic integrity, it isn't a free pass for assholes to dox and harass her, nor any other women.

Let that sink in.


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