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Comment: Re:How kind of you Apple (Score 3, Informative) 98

You buy a company, bankrupt it because your idea didn't work out and then offer to help some of the people who;s job you destroyed.

What part of your statement is true?

Did Apple buy GTAT? No. They paid GTAT for a contract to build sapphire that GTAT could not deliver. When GTAT declared bankruptcy, Apple would be their largest creditor and are entitled to some portion of the assets but they did not "buy" GTAT. The rumors are that Apple advanced GTAT $350 million to build whatever facilities they would need to supply Apple with the necessary amount of sapphire and equipment. So GTAT may have spent part or all of the money.

Second it wasn't Apple's idea to get into the sapphire business for GTAT. GTAT was in the business long before Apple. Now GTAT's problem was that they were not a large scale manufacturer of sapphire or manufacturing equipment. At best they had a small business doing both. According to estimates, Apple would need at least 2600 furnaces to meet with estimates. From what I read, the original agreement was that GTAT would manufacture, install, and operate those furnaces at an Apple facility. They were not able to do so and the agreement had GTAT manufacturing rather being simply an equipment manufacturer.

Comment: Re:Raspberry Pi 2 but not Surface RT? (Score 1) 307

by UnknowingFool (#48958547) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows For Raspberry Pi 2
Yes I question this move and the practicality as well. The Surface RT was much more powerful than the Pi 2 and it struggled at times with Windows RT (not Windows 8). I can only imagine that Windows 10 will be "10" in name only and have little in common with the desktop/laptop version other than superficial appearance.

Comment: Re:Inhofe in charge of the EPA is scarier (Score 1) 496

by UnknowingFool (#48802997) Attached to: Ted Cruz To Oversee NASA and US Science Programs
Yes because Obama needs to fly to other countries every single time there is some sort of event in the world. No, if he did that then you'd complain how he doesn't take domestic issues seriously and how he wastes tax payer dollars by traveling overseas so much. Either way you will complain about what he does.

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