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Submission + - DoD gives nod to open source (oss-institute.org)

bluelip writes: "A 68 page PDF has been released that details the benefits of opensource within the DoD. A paragraph on the first page reads,

"Imagine if only the manufacturer of a rifle were allowed to clean, fix, modify or upgrade that rifle. The
military often finds itself in this position with taxpayer funded, contractor developed software: one
contractor with a monopoly on the knowledge of a military software system and control of the software
source code. This is optimal only for the monopoly contractor, but creates inefficiencies and
ineffectiveness for the government, reduction of opportunities for the industrial base, severely limits
competition for new software upgrades, depletes resources that can be used to better effect and wastes
taxpayer-provided funds.""


Submission + - The winner of the debates? HDTV? (blips.net)

bluelip writes: "With each of the major networks covering the debates, it was interesting to flip channels and compare the visuals between the stations. Which network won the debate in your area? Did you notice anything else interesting in your comparisons?"

Submission + - Nerd Alert (mikecoles.info)

bluelip writes: "While playing w/ a new GPSr, I noticed that an 'interesting number' was about to occur. Yes, 'interesting' is subjective, but I' curious how many other people watched Wed, 24 Sep 2008 02:10:22 GMT roll through the counters. This time is also known as "1222222222.000000". The screen capture is forever saved so I can show it to everyone at work tomorrow who missed the event. You can grab a copy from here if you happened to miss it."

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