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Comment Re:Make no mistake (Score 1) 320

Chernobyl and Three Mile Island were it's own making. The headache is how to take care of the problem when it goes sour and has contaminated an area for a long time.

But it shouldn't stop us from developing the beast, it just tells us to be careful and not tease it. Going fusion powered would be nice.

Submission + - MagSpoof - "wireless" credit card/magstripe spoofer (

nickweller writes: MagSpoof is a device that can spoof/emulate any magnetic stripe or credit card. It can work "wirelessly", even on standard magstripe/credit card readers, by generating a strong electromagnetic field that emulates a traditional magnetic stripe card.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Buy or Build a high end gaming PC? 2

An anonymous reader writes: Looking at some Black Friday ads, I'm seeing some good deals on Alienware and other gaming rigs that would be cheaper than building them from scratch. If you built or were to build a high end gaming rig, what would you suggest? Or would you just get a prebuilt system and customize it to your needs? I'm not looking for cheap, I want best quality and performance, but not overkill that would rival supercomputers and at the same time break my bank account. It would be a Windows system to keep my family happy, but possibly dual boot with Linux to keep me happy. It will be located in the livingroom hooked up to a regular monitor and the big screen TV, replacing a budget PC that's in there now.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 182

Depends on where in the world you are, but diesel locomotives usually have a generator that produces electricity to electric motors for traction. It allows for a smoother transition of power since the electric converters acts as a gearbox. In western Europe most trains are electric but on some tracks there's no overhead lines and then the diesel-electric locomotives are used.

A hybrid is essentially just having both overhead lines and diesel engine/generators to feed the traction engines.

However when it comes to overhead electric lines there are a large number of variants ranging from 16kV 16 2/3 Hz to 25kV DC and in between variants with 50Hz as well.

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 178

Considering that solar collectors are requiring quite some resources to manufacture - some of the material is in limited supply - it's looking good on paper but in reality it's not that easy.

A medium sized water power turbine can produce over 100MW while a solar panel can give at best 1kW/m2 given ideal conditions. That means that you need at least 100 000 m2 (24 acres) of solar panels to produce the same power.

So solar panels may be a nice add-on to power production but it won't be a cost effective production for the bulk production.

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 178

Fission elements doesn't come from the center of the sun, at least not the current sun we have. And fission energy looks nice on paper but is actually pretty expensive - and emits CO2 due to mining, refining and building of power plants.

Direct solar may sound nice and work fine in small scale, but collectors would have to cover great areas to be effective. Hydroelectric power is concentrating the power to areas in a more effective way. There are of course disadvantages with hydroelectric as well, but the impact from the alternatives is often worse.

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