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Comment: Self-extracting EXEs (Score 2) 225

by Z00L00K (#47804317) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Desktop x86 Motherboard Manufacturers?

Some archive apps like WinRAR can extract files from self-extracting EXE files. Also look around for other softwares that can do this.

In some cases a command line option will allow the EXE to be extracted but not installed - but you have to do some digging.

Of course - the above is provided that you have at least one Windows machine around.

Also check around on the Motherboard manufacturer site - sometimes they offer both an EXE and a ZIP archive, and if nothing else contact their support. If nobody pesters them about the problem then they don't care.

And finally - also look at Tyan and Supermicro for motherboard, even though their target is server motherboards they may have some suitable motherboards for you.

+ - Are there any Linux-friendly DESKTOP x86 motherboard manufacturers?-> 1

Submitted by storkus
storkus (179708) writes "The release of Haswell-E and a price drop on Devil's Canyon has made me itch for a PC upgrade. However, looking around I discovered a pair of horror stories on Phoronix (2nd story link at the bottom of the first), and plenty more Googling around.

My question: if MSI, Gigabyte, Asus (and by extension Asrock) are out, who's left and are they any good? Note that I want to build a (probably dual-boot, but don't know for sure) gaming and "other" high-end machine with one of the above chips so we're talking Z97 or X99; however, these stories seem to point to the problems being M$-isms in the BIOS/UEFI structures rather than actual hardware incompatibility, combined with a real lousy attitude (despite the Steam distro being real soon now)."

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+ - Net neutrality campaign to show what the Web would be like with a 'slow lane'

Submitted by blottsie
blottsie (3618811) writes "In a move out of the anti-SOPA campaign playbook, Fight for the Future and other net neutrality activist groups have set up the Battle for the Net coalition, which plans to launch an “Internet slowdown day” later this month.

No actual traffic will be slowed down. Instead, participating sites will display embeddable modules that include a spinning “loading” symbol and information about contacting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the White House, and members of Congress."

+ - Should Billionaire-Backed Pay Its Interns?

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "As of Labor Day, still has a part-time job posting for a Marketing / Communications Intern for this Fall. is backed by millions from some of the country's wealthiest individuals, foundations, and tech companies — including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer — so it's kind of surprising to see the job listing languish for months. Unless, of course, the problem is that the position is unpaid, as were earlier full-time Operations Intern and State Policy Intern jobs. So, should a billionaire-backed nonprofit pay its interns, especially when part of the job is promoting high-paying jobs in its donors' industry?"

+ - Celebrity nude pictures leaked due to apparent iCloud hack-> 1

Submitted by swinferno
swinferno (1212408) writes "Hundreds of nude, semi-nude, and revealing pictures of female celebrities were leaked overnight after being stolen from their private collections. Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and pop star Ariana Grande were among the celebrities apparently shown in the pictures, which were posted on infamous web forum 4chan.

It's unclear how the images were obtained, but anonymous 4chan users said that they were taken from celebrities' iCloud accounts. The accounts are designed to allow iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to synchronize images, settings, calendar information, and other data between devices, but the service has been criticized for being unreliable and confusing. Earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence herself complained about the service in an interview with MTV.

Several media contacted Apple for more information but they have not commented on this yet."

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Comment: Some alternatives. (Score 1) 1

by Z00L00K (#47799115) Attached to: Are there any Linux-friendly DESKTOP x86 motherboard manufacturers?

WinRar do have quite some ability to actually extract info from EXE-archives, so do Winzip and 7-zip. (not always though)

Also search the sites for the manufacturers to see if there are unbundled BIOS copies - and contact the support of the motherboard manufacturer telling them about the problems it causes you.

Also look at Tyan.

+ - NASA Completes Key Review of World's Most Powerful Rocket in Support of Journey ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "NASA officials Wednesday announced they have completed a rigorous review of the Space Launch System (SLS) — the heavy-lift, exploration class rocket under development to take humans beyond Earth orbit and to Mars — and approved the program's progression from formulation to development, something no other exploration class vehicle has achieved since the agency built the space shuttle."
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+ - Facebook's Ukrainian office is in Russia. Blocks Ukrainians...

Submitted by mi
mi (197448) writes "Ukrainian media are reporting (link in Ukrainian), that Facebook is getting increasingly heavy-handed blocking Ukrainian bloggers. The likely explanation for the observed phenomenon is that Facebook's Ukrainian office is located in Russia and is headed by a Russian citizen (Catherine Skorobogatov). For example, a post calling on Russian mothers to not let their sons go to war was blocked "Due to multiple complaints". Fed up, Ukrainian users are writing directly to Zukerberg to ask him to replace Catherine with someone, who would not be quite as swayed by the "complaints" generated by Russian bots. The last link (in both Ukrainian and English) is also on Facebook. Will it survive for long?"

+ - Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years Of Service->

Submitted by airfuz
airfuz (3806221) writes "Microsoft took a bold move announcing that users have to move away from the old version of internet explorer to the new version 11. And now not long after that, Microsoft announced that they are shutting down the 15 year old MSN Messenger. Most people have moved away from the service to Facebook and other mobile based messenger such as Whatsapp and so MSN is left with few users. But still, ending a 15 year messaging service like the MSN Messenger means something to the one's who grew up using it."

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+ - Iceland raises volcano aviation alert again 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Iceland's authorities have raised an aviation warning for a region close to the Bardarbunga volcano after a small fissure eruption in the area. The eruption began around 0600 GMT prompting the Icelandic Met Office to raise the aviation warning code to red for the Bardarbunga/Holuhraun area, the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management said in a statement. The country’s meteorological agency described the eruption as a “very calm lava eruption and can hardly be seen on seismometers.”"

+ - RAYA - realtime audio engine simulation in Quake->

Submitted by bziolko
bziolko (3805813) writes "RAYA is a realtime game audio engine that utilizes beamtracing to provide user with realistic audio auralization. All audio effects are computed based on the actual geometry of a given game level as well as its acoustic properties (acoustic materials, air attenuation). The sound changes dynamically along with movement of the game character and sound sources, so the listener can feel as if they were right there — in the game."
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