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Comment Amazon product search SHOULD NOT INCLUDE Reviews (Score 1) 116

Let's say a reviewer for whatever reason wants to compare the item they are reviewing with some other product. When a search is done for THAT OTHER PRODUCT, the first product comes up in the Amazon search results, because, well, I don't know why - they thought (think?) they are being helpful, BUT THEY AREN'T.

Who cares what someone writes in a product review when it comes to product search?

Example: Let's say I am searching for a very specific model or replacement part. I have the manufacturer part number and someone at some time has reviewed SOME OTHER THING and merely mentioned a comparison to the item I am looking for... Now that WRONG part is going to come up in my search result. Do you know how tedious it is to chase down false search results? I friggin' hate that.

Comment Charging points (Score 1) 21

If you imagine a world where there are little drones whirling about, obeying flight lanes and other rules, there will be a need for charging points where the autonomous drone can stop for a quick sip of electricity (or battery swap) prior to continuing on its appointed mission. This would go hand in hand with terrestrial vehicle charging needs, through the traffic patterns for each may diverge, the terrestrial vehicles following established roads while the drone are routed "as the crow flies".

Maybe Tesla will start making drone batteries and their superchargers will serve double duty?

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