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Comment: Charging points (Score 1) 21

by Kevoco (#49642703) Attached to: Creating the Open Drone Ecosystem Takes Room To Experiment

If you imagine a world where there are little drones whirling about, obeying flight lanes and other rules, there will be a need for charging points where the autonomous drone can stop for a quick sip of electricity (or battery swap) prior to continuing on its appointed mission. This would go hand in hand with terrestrial vehicle charging needs, through the traffic patterns for each may diverge, the terrestrial vehicles following established roads while the drone are routed "as the crow flies".

Maybe Tesla will start making drone batteries and their superchargers will serve double duty?

Comment: Who owns the patent? (Score 1) 224

by Kevoco (#48154945) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?

If you have a patentable idea but no patent, your employment effectively makes your new employer an investor in a future patent filing- and they will expect you to assign it to them as an employee. Most employment agreements have space for your to list your various existing ideas, but good luck when it comes to defining existing versus new.

If a patent does exist, who is it assigned to right now? Whoever that is has an opportunity to license it, and can use you as a vector. Even if your new potential employer doesn't wish to license, they may feel that your field of expertise is your truest value, but you will find yourself wandering into areas you have explored, and no doubt find applications for the patent.

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