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Comment Re:No.... (Score 2) 315

date after which merchants are supposed to be liable for fraudulent purchases made with old-style cards, and are supposed to have point of sale terminals that accept "chip and PIN" cards.

It's the date after which merchants are supposed to be liable for fraudulent purchase made with New-style chip and Signature cards which are made as swipe transactions (e.g. with an old terminal).

TFIFY. The new US cards are chip and signature, not chip and PIN. At least, they are not required to be chip and PIN. Which is very unfortunate.

Comment Re:Only if you use App Cards with APPS! (Score 5, Informative) 315

Despite the physical similarity to the European chip&pin system, the US one is different. It's basically the same thing as a magstripe, but different form factor. It's security through obsurity, in that the fraudsters haven't figured it out yet and the equipment to skim and clone a chip card is not yet common. It's a jump ahead in the race, but does nothing to stop the race.

Not exactly. The new US cards use a one time token for the transaction like other PIN and chip cards, but MC/Visa have not required issuers to force PINs. So no 2-factor but still much safer for physical transactions than magstripe, provided you don't lose the card itself. Doesn't do shit if the card itself is stolen or for online transactions though.

Comment Re:Unfair (Score 1) 112

Where I live (a rather affluent suburb of Vienna, Austria) trash collection is done by unskilled, lowly-educated workers who don't have much chance at any other type of job. I would hate to think of these poor people being pushed out of about the only job they could get by... robots.

There definitely is an ethical side to employing - or not employing - robots. I truly do hope we get that one right, for once.

Don't worry. If /. has taught us anything, it's that there will be plenty of jobs services those robots to replace the ones they take away.

Comment Re: Neti Pots (Score 1) 151

There is essentially no difference between RO and Distilled water besides the process used, provided the RO membranes are quality and properly maintained. But yea, that is why. Like I said, this is a recent change around where I live. Previously Distilled water was all over the place. Now it's almost always "purified" . Maybe RO has reached the point that it's cheaper than distilling now so every one is starting to swap over to it.

Comment Re:PS4 Drive Replaceable (Score 1) 106

On the other hand, that external drive is another unsightly box taking up space under your TV and will likely need external power, meaning it is yet another power-cable and socket you need to fit into the viper's nest behind your TV.

Or use a 2TB portable drive. USB 3.0 cable is all that's connected and it's the size of a pack of cards. This is what I did with mine. Works like a champ.

Comment Re: Neti Pots (Score 1) 151

I always thought that meant they added minerals back in for taste.

That's "spring water" or "drinking water". Yea I don't get it either. I need distilled water for my humidifier. It's annoying having to check labels to see if it's just distilled water, filtered, or spring since I can't trust the names all the time anymore.

Comment Re:Regeneration (Score 1) 269

You have to take into consideration land cleared for building or agriculture where trees won't be allowed to regrow. If those types of land use are happening at a higher rate than other uses where trees are replanted or allowed to come back naturally, then you will have a net loss.

This is true, as far as farmland expansion, but doesn't explain why toilet paper & timber are counted as a net loss.

While Europe and North America paper industry does a lot of forest management, that's not true in developing areas of the world.

Even in those areas where they are allowed to regrow naturally, there will be attrition as the trees grown and compete with one another for space, light, and resources.

I don't see how this follows. The old trees also competed for space, light & resources.

You mentioned "covered in tree sprouts". Cut down a tree and you will get dozens, sometimes hundreds, of competing saplings in its place. But those eventually will be whittled down to only one or maybe a few surviving trees in the long term. It wouldn't be accurate to count those samplings on a 1:1 basis for replacing lost, fully grown trees. I'm not saying that's what you meant to imply, just making sure we're on the same page. That's all.

Comment Re:Neti Pots (Score 2) 151

Purified and distilled are two separate things. Purified really just means filtered (paper filter, reverse osmosis, etc).

Not always. At least not anymore apparently. I buy distilled water regularly and recently it changed to "purified" but the label still states that it was distilled from municipal water sources, just like before. Not sure why the switch in marketing but you're right, it CAN mean other thing so not really happy about it.

Comment Re:Is it a problem? (Score 1) 151

That article also says: Someone can get infected with PAM from swimming in warm fresh water, such as a lake or river. So, there have possibly been zero deaths from chlorinated water. So it's more like being concerned over something that kills no people per year.

2 > 0

However, the victims - a 28-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman from Louisiana - had not been near freshwater. The only thing they had in common was that they both routinely used the tap water with neti pots. Further tests on their home plumbing came back positive for the amoeba, although the city's water distribution systems' tests came back negative. The bacteria was found in a tankless water heater in the man's home and in the bathroom sink and faucet tub of the woman's home.

It's rare, sure, but it can and does happen.

Comment Re:It is horrific, however... (Score 2) 151

Let's put it this way. Before his infection by N. fowleri, the APK troll was a perfectly well adjusted heterosexual male with normal bodily desires, and a healthy, can-do attitude towards life. After the infection, he became a host file-obsessed lunatic who can think of nothing else.

Tragic, really.

The APK troll is a bot.

Well he is NOW. Before N. Flowleri he was as human as you or me.

Every nonzero finite dimensional inner product space has an orthonormal basis. It makes sense, when you don't think about it.