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Comment Re:Scheduled programming is doomed. Maybe ads too. (Score 1) 232

This is a very bleak future if you are correct. Advertising generates a lot of money. More importantly it generates a lot of money up front. If you take this away from the network they are going to start doing what we are currently seeing in the film industry: They are going to stop taking any chances and only put out shows that they know will sell.

Now, you are probably thinking "That's exactly what I want, good TV! No more crap!"

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many shows you don't like on TV? It's because those shows are profitable. Your future is a recipe for more reality TV, cookie cutter procedurals, and formulaic laugh-track enhanced multicam comedies. Sure we'll get a hand full of shows like The Walking Dead, but they will be even fewer and farther between than they are today. Why take a chance on something unique when you can dump out something crappy and cheap that you know will make money?

Cable companies will love your scheme as well, since you essentially remove the only completely free way for anyone to watch television. Under your model everyone must have internet to watch television. Decent internet at that. Plus you are replacing a one-to-many broadcast model with a one-to-one model. This is going to require massive back-end upgrades for most ISPs. We all know that the big ISPs love investing in their infrastructure, and even when they do, it's not a charity. It is going to be paid for by their subscribers.

And no, there would not be enough spectrum freed up to supply everyone with wireless internet at a decent cost that would cover all that usage either. Yes it's a good bit of spectrum, but again, you've moved us to a one-to-one video model. It's not enough.

Comment Re:FUD at least sort of. (Score 1) 199

imagine a faucet that, when turned off, instead of stopping the flow of water it simply closed the loop in the sink, storing the water somewhere locally for further reuse. People would not appreciate the fact that it is not letting the water go away because they want the faucet to stop running water when off.

People pay a premium for faucets like that. Google hot water recirculating facet.

Comment What do their friends play on? (Score 1) 374

The consoles are, basically, the same. There are a few exclusives on each but the major franchises play the same on both. The biggest consideration when picking between the two is to get the one most of their friends use, so they can play online with them (and they will, even if you swear now you will never buy PSN/Gold).

Comment Re:Then what are they going to do with the extra t (Score 2) 242

TV shows are now 23 minutes long.

For syndicated shows/reruns on cable nets, they will put back the bits cut out to squeeze in more commercials. New shows will either shoot more material and/or add time back to the opening/closing credits. Opening credits have shrunk over the years from over a minute for a 30 minute sitcom to around 25-30 seconds these days for most shows. End credits have practically disappeared as squeeze credits have turned them into basically network commercial time to promo the next show in the series or the next one to come on that night.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 2) 294

"U.S. law requires that anyone seeking to influence American policy or public opinion on behalf of a foreign government must register

How can this possibly be compatible with the US Constitution? Anyone should be free to say whatever they want.

It's the "on behalf of a foreign government" part that makes it legal. We, like most countries, have laws in place to put checks on foreign political influence over our own government. Your personal beliefs and speech are protected but if you are essentially a citizen proxy for a foreign power that's a different situation.

Comment Re:Handwavium (Score 4, Insightful) 274

Thank you. I can't believe GGP is at +4. I really don't understand what the fucking problem is for the /. crowd when it comes to dark matter.

Might as well argue that time dilation is handwavium and not being able to accelerate to the speed of light is a liberal conspiracy.

Fucking scientists. What do they know?

You must be new here. Everyone on /. is a Nobel laureate in waiting and knows more about physics from reading /. summaries and making quick, 30 second snap judgements than the people who write the papers the summaries are based on.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 406

You do realize in 2015 they added a laugh track

There is nothing in that 2014 article to support that assertion that they started using a laugh track in 2015. Either way, I'm not saying they don't. If you bothered to pay attention to context, I was answering someone who said they wished that they filmed in front of a studio audience. They do. It's indisputable.

Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 0) 228

DEA helicopter nightly fly 300 or so feet above my fathers dairy farm nightly. So low that things rattle in his house and it scares the cattle.

You don't own 1 inch above your land.

Someone can be on your land without permission in most states, unless you have your land posted. Then you have to ask them to leave, if they do not, you can make a complaint to the police. IIRC case law says its not trespassing unless its walled in on 4 sides or a building.

Actually you own up to 500 feet currently, at least in the US.

You are in the hall of the mountain king.