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Comment: Gave up on rack-mount servers (Score 1) 219

by EvilSS (#47942531) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?
I ditched my rack mount servers when I came home one February when it was 20F outside and my AC was running. Just not worth the cost of operating them! I culled my equipment down to a pair of T110 quad core Xeon (with HT) Dell pedestal servers, and a build-from-scratch file server with eight 3TB drives, cheap AMD proc, mobo, and all with 16GB RAM. Drastically lower power consumption than my old setup (4 HP DL585 G1's) and more powerful as well. The T110's are setup to allow me to swap out the boot drives to change hypervisors in and out. They have dedicated 1 gig storage networks back to the file server where the vdisks for the VMs all live. Between the two I can run Xen, VMWare, or Hyper-V (my work requires me to work with all three) and on those I can run pretty much anything I need. I have some Cisco gear for when I need to play with it but for the most part those stay unpowered. I can simulate most of the networking for testing.

Other than that there is a pair of 8 port gigabit switches, router running Tomato Shibby, cable modem, Silicon Dust OTA networked TV tuner, and a wireless access point in the center of the house for phones/tablets. All living on a 4 shelf bread rack in my office.

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by EvilSS (#47942487) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

Try streaming mpeg-ts captures from broadcast TV over wireless. They put Netflix to shame.

I've done this and it does work. The problem I always ran into wasn't the bandwidth, it was the encryption. I would cook the routers streaming 1080p TS files with WPA2 enabled. Eventually gave up and ran ethernet. Living in a rental townhouse, I had to get creative with runners and area rugs to do that without punching holes in walls...

Comment: Re:Biggest concern is the data usage (Score 1) 319

by EvilSS (#47918933) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Not necessarily. Someone who only downloads small, cheap apps would want to download them immediately over their cellular connection and would not expect to have relatively large downloads forced upon them.

There are separate settings for auto-downloading music and apps. You can enable one and not enable the other.

Comment: Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 319

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I haven't bought music through iTunes yet, so I'm hardly an expert, but it seems to me that if I were to PURCHASE music through a DOWNLOAD service, I would want to "download new purchases". It seems, then, that this would be the normal and expected setting - unless perhaps one expects to purchase on cell data service and then download later on wifi? in which case it would seem the better solution would be an option in the service to only download big files while connected on wifi, but I know Apple doesn't seem to care about little things like how much you spend (after all, you bought an Apple product, you want coolness!)

While there are reasons you would want to turn it on, you don't have to. If you attempt to play a song that is in your library but not downloaded, it will stream the song, playing it while downloading it to your device. This is nice if you have a smaller device (16 GB especially) and a large music collection. It will manage the music storage automatically. The user can control if they use their cellular data for this functionality. By default it's turned off.

Comment: Re:Solar storm EMP vs nuclear weapons (Score 3, Informative) 59

by EvilSS (#47912555) Attached to: New Data Center Protects Against Solar Storm and Nuclear EMPs
While any nuclear detonation creates an EMP, it's really only high-altitude detonations that you need to worry about for EMP effects. Their interaction with the magnetosphere can amplify and spread their EMP effects over a very large area . By contrast the effective range for a normal ground or airburst nuclear EMP is less than its thermal and overpressure damage radii. When you are pincushioned by debris and on fire, you tend to re-evaluate your level of concern about your electronics.

Comment: Of course they are! (Score 1) 527

by EvilSS (#47857149) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough
AT&T and Verizon's (FIOS aside) main offerings are stuck at around 6mb/s. This change would mean that all of virtually all of AT&T's residential service and Verizion's non-FIOS residential service would fall out of the broadband category. Neither company wants to spend money on any infrastructure if they don't have to so keeping the status quo definition will save them billions of dollars.

Comment: Re:You completely missed the point of the article (Score 1) 27

by EvilSS (#47817923) Attached to: CPU's Heat Output to Amplify DNA Could Make Drastically Cheaper Tests

The big deal is they could do this with the existing machine, and they didn't need to make modifications.

Waste heat has nothing to do with it.

Thank you. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was missing in the summary that would make this a big deal.

Comment: Re:Oh now Apple joins the team (Score 1) 160

by EvilSS (#47668543) Attached to: Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body

I dunno. Most of the people I know with iphones have asked Siri "where can I hide the bodies" because she has a funny answer (starts looking up quarries, if I recall). Of course, if any of them had become murder suspects shortly thereafter, it could have been a problem, but if Apple reported all of those, the police would probably give up after the first few as a waste of time.

Actually I don't think it does this anymore. I was playing with it not long ago and wondered if they had updated any of the old "joke" queries and noticed some of them seemed to be removed and this was one of them. I wonder if this is why. I tried it just now and, of course, Siri appears to be down.

Also, let this be a record that I was asking this to verify if it still worked or not!.

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I don't think they would (they spend a lot of time making sure there is no bias on the wheels). Any bias seems to be in the croupier, not the wheel. I've run into croupiers that never seem to get runs, and others who worked almost like a clock (those are my favorites). I once spent two hours on the floor of the Mandalay Bay watching (and betting with) one particular croupier. It was 7 red then black (or vice versa) over and over and over. I was quite sad to see her shift end :) I've also seen streaks go on for 16 spins. Lucky for me I always seem to hit those when they peak. I watched a kid trying to do the same thing on one of those long streaks. He walked away quite sad, even more so when I walked up, dropped $50, and won on the next spin. So yea, there is a lot of luck involved (apparently I'm allowed to win small amounts of cash, just not the lottery)

I did once build a model for this that allowed me to play with the streak and chase bet numbers and I found that at 7/3 the results (won cash minus lost cash) quickly went positive and stayed there. I ran these over several hundred thousand "spins" and it didn't waver. I also kept track of the numbers to make sure they were with in the expected probabilities.

Comment: Re:Never let the truth (Score 1) 391

by EvilSS (#47666479) Attached to: Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?
I wait for a run of 6 (or more) red or black. I walk up, place a bet (say $20) on the opposite color. Most of the time, I win right away. If I lose, I will double down (double my prior bet on the same color, so $40, $80, $160), but no more than three more times. Outside the first time I did this (and chased a $20 with over $600, realized what I did and set my rule!) I've never had to go past three (so 4 bets total)

And that's it. Statically speaking I always have the same slightly less than 50/50 chance of winning (thanks to 0/00 it's not even odds although it pays that way), the prior spins really don't make any difference. Except, when I play this way, I win.Like I said, statistically it shouldn't work. Call it luck I guess.

The downside is you need a busy casino (with busy tables, which is getting harder and harder to find even in Vegas these days) that allows cash or casino chips on outside bets (bets along the outside of the table for color, odd/even, etc) at their roulette tables vs making you buy table chips, which for roulette are specific to the table. You will not get rich playing this way, it's too slow and higher bets risk running into table limits if you start doubling down, but it's an easy way to pay for dinner.

Comment: Re:Automated notice not necessary here (Score 1) 368

by EvilSS (#47662937) Attached to: Comcast Drops Spurious Fees When Customer Reveals Recording

Even if you live in a one party state and record a call in a two party state without consent, what are they going to do? The secondary state has no authority over you. The worst they can do is put out a warrant for your arrest which would only be an issue if you travel in their state and they happen to catch you. It is highly unlikely that a state with one party consent is going to extend reciprocity laws to a state with two party consent, and also unlikely that they would honor extradition when they find the other state's laws to be contrary to their own.

See Kearney v. Salomon Smith Barney, Inc. for an example of what they can do. You may also want to look into "conflict of law". It's not as cut and dry as you believe.

Comment: Re:Never let the truth (Score 1) 391

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You know you are off by a factor of 10, right? We're talking about 80-160 trips to the tables, not 800-1600. As for my bets, min. run of 6, not 4, and max chase bets of 3. I never said I never lost a bet, I said I never walked away from a table a loser.

Now if you really want to have fun, actually model it with those parameters and see how it turns out over 160 rounds.

Comment: Re:Never let the truth (Score 1) 391

by EvilSS (#47660811) Attached to: Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

I suppose you think if you hit four blacks in a row on roulette you should always go red because it's red's turn to come up?

Although statistically it's totally irrelevant what the prior spins are, betting like this is how I pay for my expenses whenever I visit Vegas. Sure, I don't make a fortune doing it (usually just 20 here, 40 there), but I've never walked away from a roulette table a loser.

Then you haven't played enough roulette, or actually kept accurate records.

I would remember losing. Now, we're only talking about around $3,200 over like 4 different trips but still, it payed for my meals, taxis and, well, some of the alcohol. I never stay at the table, I swoop in, red or black, collect, and leave. I've stood around and watched people lose startling amounts of money on those tables.

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