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Comment Tail wagging the dog. (Score 0) 267

It is not the IT department's place to tell the users what sites are appropriate---let alone how long they should be able to access them.
Sure, blocking access to sites may reduce the IT department's workload. However, the money-making part of the company has their job to do.

Comment Wrong person for the job? (Score 1) 154

If you are hiring a bricklayer to do the work of an architect, or vice versa, you probably have the wrong person for the job.
If you are hiring a script kiddie to doe the work of a software engineer, or vice versa, you probably have the wrong person for the job.

Just keep in mind that in many areas, using an unlicensed engineer on certain projects is illegal. When is software engineering going to finally step up to the plate?

Comment messed up or unkempt (Score 1) 517

I have been using win7 and win8.1 on many windows systems for several years without noticing this kind of slowdown.
Something is either messed up or unkempt.
Uninstall stuff you don't use, make sure the registry is OK, and keep the PATH trimmed. Also, keep your non SSD drives defragmented.

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