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Comment not Zuckerberg's priority (Score 1) 142

Of course not. If Zuckerberg had started a company like Blue Apron, Toll Brothers, or Blue Cross I am sure he would be asking for universal food, shelter, or healthcare.
Unfortunately, Facebook's profits are tied to the number of subscribers---and they all need access to the internet.

Submission Selfies are killing more people than shark attacks->

mschaffer writes: The Independent is reporting that selfies are killing more people than shark attacks. Are shark attacks getting less lethal and less frequent, or are people so narcissistic that they will go to ridiculous lengths to get that perfect selfie?
If I were betting on this, my money would be on vanity.

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Comment Not quite accurate... (Score 1) 295

Szilard actually wrote the letter (Einstein only signed it). Regardless, it only stated that Germany had ceased selling uranium from Czechoslovakian mines. It does not mention that Germany is actually working on an uranium bomb. The letter urges further research on chain reactions. The letter does not urge that the US develop an uranium bomb.

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