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Comment Re:OMG!! Female STEM workers again!?!?!? (Score 0, Flamebait) 155

If women want a STEM career they will get one. Clearly they don't want them.

This is so mind numbingly stupid, yet brought up in every debate on the subject, that I can't even be bothered to refute it any more.

Where is all of the outcry about males being less than 10% of the nursing field in the US?

Try ask the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, and look up Mississippi University for Women v. Hogan. Don't people know how to google any more?

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 736

Had a calculator game I'd put perhaps 3 or 4 weeks of work into erased after leaving my calculator unattended.... That one almost escalated to a lawsuit

That explain a lot. You are the type of person who gets so upset about misunderstandings and accidents that they consider litigation a suitable way to resolve them. What would you even have sued for, emotional distress?

That one turned out to be blatant gender discrimination. I later found out they had no problem with what I was doing, as long as it was an empowered young woman doing it.

I'd love to know how you made this determination, and considering your other comment why it didn't proceed to trial resulting in a big payout for yourself. If you are willing to sue over a calculator game, and you are certain that there was gender discrimination, that one seems like a slam dunk.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 736

He asked for $15m, doesn't mean he is entitled to it or that he will get it. On top of that he seems to have some expensive legal representation, because his family isn't exactly poor. I don't see any reason why a rich white person couldn't file stupid lawsuits.

No need to play the victim just because someone filed a ridiculous lawsuit. Stella Liebeck was white and got $2.86m out of Macdonald's for spilling coffee on herself. Are you going to claim ageism too because she was 79?

Comment Re:Is Slashdot a tech product? (Score 1) 479

Actually Google's material design is pretty good, and they were the first to do it. Apple copied them, as did Microsoft, and both created a poor imitation. Apple jumped from skeuomorphic "maybe I click on the cheeseplant?" and Microsoft from the Vista Aero look, which was actually quite reasonable apart from an early excessive use of semi-transparent "glass" that they soon dropped.

Material design works well because it is simple and consistent. It's always obvious what things are clickable because they use a consistent colour. The somewhat controversial decision to get rid of button borders in some cases is because it's easier to operate with touch that way. Your finger is not a very precise pointing device, and seeing a hit box just makes you subconsciously aim with more effort. The actual hit areas in material design are relatively large. The mistake Apple and Microsoft made was in not making the hit areas massive when getting rid of visual borders.

Comment Re:Complete video stream pre-rolling (Score 1) 479

They do it that way because they want to stream to devices with very little RAM. Can't cache to flash, you will wear it out. Available RAM for buffering might only be a few tens of megabytes. Steaming boxes/sticks/smart TVs use SoCs that are pretty cheap, so they don't have much memory.

So they concentrate on perfecting streaming. They could do more caching on computers with gigs of RAM, but then computers would stream better than the cheap TV boxes and and people would think the latter are crap. When making commercial decisions of this nature, it's always about improving the lowest common denominator.

Comment Re:PASSWORDS (Score 1) 479

You don't need to give Google or anyone else your phone number to use 2FA. You have an app, which doesn't need permission to access your phone number, that knows what time it is an a secret seed number that is shared with whoever you are authenticating with. Using that seed number both you and the service you are authenticating with can generate a code for every 30 second block of time. You authenticate by entering the code.

No-one else can generate the codes without knowing the secret seed number, that is never displayed on your phone and never transmitted except for once during set-up.

Comment Re:The problem is the user (Score 1) 479

The ATX power supply spec is part of the problem. To get really low standby power you need a dedicated ultra low power AD/DC converter circuit to deliver 100mA, rather than the standard 5V standby which the spec suggests should be capable of 2.5A and is thus optimized for that.

That is assuming you care about soft power on/off features. Soft power off is nice because it avoids that "it is now safe to switch off your computer" message. Soft power on isn't used by post people, but I think they would baulk at the big clunky power switch needed for hard power control.

Comment Re:The problem is the user (Score 1) 479

You can thank the Japanese for that. They have been big on lowering power consumption for a long time, but after Fukushima there was a real surge in demand for lower power products as everyone wanted to do their bit to help. Japanese manufacturers invested a lot in lowering all aspects of energy use in their products as a result.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 326

There's a fuel tax to pay for roads.
There's a property tax and a state income tax and a state sales tax to pay for education for children.
There's a state income tax and a state sales tax and tuition to pay for colleges.
There's a water bill from the water district every 2 months to pay for water.
There's a telephone bill and a special telephone tax to pay for phones, and an internet bill to pay for Internet.
There's an airline ticket tax to pay for air traffic control.

And many would be crippling if they were not subsidised by other taxes. Your choice is between taxing specific things into oblivion to pay for specific things that will then fall into disrepair and disuse, or put it all into a big pot and distribute it according to need.

Comment Re:That doesn't work (Score 1) 326

That is in fact the proposed EU rule. Corporations pay corporation tax in each member state according to the amount of business they do there, not the amount of profit that they declare. Doesn't matter if they made a loss because of the crippling fees they had to pay their Irish owner to use their corporate branding, they still pay the same tax on all the business transacted in each state.

Comment Re:Nothing to hide (Score 1) 70

People who supposed GamerGate supporters, people who supported feminists, people who supported LGBT activists, people who supported anti-LGBT activists, people who supported religious crazies... I'm really surprised there has not been more fallout from it.

Having seen data related to people like Thunderf00t and Dave Jones, there is some potentially embarrassing stuff in there. Their supporters include people from some fairly extreme groups, and there is a really obvious correlation between income and them taking certain actions. Maybe they are not embarrassed enough to care, but it's still a fascinating insight into the feedback loop that exists.

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