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Comment to block ad-block detection? (Score 1) 280

This method is flawed because you can just disable Javascript (or write a blocking rule for the .js file). The only way around that is to load the content via Javascript, which will break Google's bot. So you have to serve a different version to the bot, which demotes your ranking anyway, and people can bypass it by simply forging their headers.

Javascript block lists are the next stage for ad blocking, combined with browser ID spoofing lists. Maybe pretend to be in print mode too, since that often disables a lot of the crap.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 3, Insightful) 280

Can they somehow regain your trust by running non-abusive ads? (Whatever that means. How do you know which ads aren't abusive?

Yes. Pledge publicly to only display ads from their own servers, manually checked before going live, no Javascript, no tracking cookies, no animation. I will know if they keep their end of the bargain up because lots of people will be watching them carefully for compliance.

Also, as long as you disable scripts (or even just third party scripts) and Flash, that cuts out 99% of the malware anyway. Hopefully your browser is sandboxed well enough to block the other 1%, and if they are willing to make the effort then I'm willing to give them a chance.

Comment Re:Oh look, another HaD cross post (Score 1) 61

To save others the trouble, it's just boring recollections of rookie mistakes the guy made many years ago, and some general mumbling about old IoT stories we read last year to make it seem vaguely relevant.

Perhaps instead of endless stories about how bad IoT is, maybe we could think about ways to make it better. I actually build IoT devices for a living (for the water industry) and security is something we think about. We came to the conclusion that, while convenient, over-the-air firmware updates are a bad idea, for example. Aside from the risk of someone abusing that mechanism, the potential for it to fail like it did with NEST is too great. Firmware updates are to be avoided if possible, or done in person.

Comment Re:Fear not for your batteries! (Score 1) 205

Tesla claim to have tested up to 750,000 miles with around 85% capacity remaining. That is about what you would expect, giving that the Panasonic cells they use are rated for 3000 cycles, and each cycle is 300 miles range, so 900,000 miles over their lifetime. Lifetime is defined as >80% remaining capacity.

Comment Re:Why not just call the entire Internet illegal? (Score 1) 82

The real problem is that the MAFIAA are trying to destroy themselves. People who download this stuff are not going to pay for it. You can't force them to. Many of them don't even have any money to give you, because they are kids or students. Sorry, but even the ones who have money don't value your work at â29.95 so there is no point trying to force them to pay it.

All they are doing is limiting their audience. Better to just ignore piracy and get on with producing good content that people are clearly willing to pay for. Hollywood is making more money than ever, it's not like piracy is killing them. Quite the opposite in fact, all the signs are that increasing the number of viewers, even if some don't pay, increases revenue.

Comment Re:It's pretty obvious what happened to them (Score 1) 197

Why not just make H1-B workers equal to US workers in terms of rights and costs? Remove the only incentives to hire them, other than if you really can't find a US worker to do the job. Same salary, same employment rights, no loss of visa to hang over their heads (you could mandate a fixed term visa, for example).

Comment Re:Github, a bastion for libtard SJWs (Score -1, Troll) 62

I'm more interested in why you not-so-subtly changed the meaning of what she wrote to fit your agenda.

Slide: "Some of the biggest barriers to progress are white women."
You: Github views white women as privileged and barriers to advancement of "the oppressed".

Firstly, why the change from "some of the problems are white women" to "all white women are a problem"? It seems like to are trying to paint her as some kind of female misogynist. How does that serve your agenda?

Then there is the "the oppressed". She doesn't use that phrase, so why do you?

I've noticed a lot of "hit and run" ACs doing this lately. Paraphrase something incorrectly in the hope that no-one notices, ideally by being close enough to the original that a cursory glance by an already primed and angry reader won't reveal the deception. Sometimes people see it and they end up at -1 Troll, other times it slips through and creates a false narrative.

Comment Re:Correlation != Causation (Score 1) 413

These measures have been in place for several years in some countries. Drivers are familiar with the roads but still drive more slowly.

It's not just that they feel they need to pay more attention, it's that they are more concerned about other drivers. With the white line they assume that everything up to it is theirs and other drivers won't stray over it, of if they do it will be the other driver's fault. Without the lines they suddenly start to look at exactly how far over the other person is.

Human psychology doesn't evaluate risk logically. Japan invented a system where they paint 3D looking pyramids on the road, and now they are in use in several countries. Drivers know they are just paint but slow down anyway. They work really well for keeping speeds around schools and play areas down.

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