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Comment: Re:Unchanging UIs? Not just for old people (Score 1) 174 174

Online only disadvantages older people sometimes. The best deals are often online only, e.g. energy providers often give you a discount for signing up online and having paperless billing and online management. Those deals are simply not available to many older people. who could really benefit from them. Worse still the government then starts blaming people for not switching to the cheapest deals rather than properly regulating the industry.

Comment: Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 2) 62 62

I honestly believe at this point, there's a group of people inside mozilla that are just going out of their way to destroy FF, the decisions have been braindead for the last 4 years.

Yeah, but reading your other posts it looks like you believe a lot of crazy shit.

The reality is that Firefox has been struggling figure out where to go next for years now. There have been some improvements to the core tech like the Javascript engine and HTML layout engine, but beyond that it was fairly feature complete long ago. There are some major architectural issues that need sorting (one process per tab, the add-on API, the plug-in API etc.) but those are hard to fix without breaking everything.

So they started to muck about with the GUI. If there's one thing that Slashdotters hate, it's GUI changes. Firefox was kind of a mess though, with two different menu systems (the Firefox button and the system menus), a preferences Window that reminds you of 1998 and IE6, lots of stuff that is only exposed via about:config etc.

Incompetent though the UX people at Mozilla may be, there is no evidence of malice here. Just not knowing what to do with a browser that has a lot of historical baggage in the code base that is blocking some of the real improvements people want to see.

Comment: Re:I remember... (Score 2) 62 62

Firefox's plugins are both it's greatest strength and it's greatest weakness. The "API" isn't really an API at all, it's just Javascript running in the browser process where it can hack about with the UI. It's extremely insecure and prone to conflicts, or breakage as the UI changes.

It's hard to say what would be the best option now. Clean up the add-on API to make it more robust, at the expense of requiring add-ons to be rewritten. Keep it as it is and try to do something about the slow decay of abandoned add-ons where the author can no longer be bothered to fix the breakage from the unstable API, and deal with security issues as they come.

Comment: Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 161 161

It would be suicide anyway. Their biggest competitor now is Android, which is free forever. Chrome OS, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux... All free, forever. They already offer Windows 8 for free on devices with screens under 13", the only caveat being that the default search setting must be Bing (it can be changed by the user). That's why cheap Windows 8 tablets suddenly became competitive about a year ago - they are basically the same hardware as Android ones, and no Windows tax on top.

Comment: Re:Color Blindness is a "Micro-Aggression" (Score 1) 201 201

Honestly, I have no trouble avoiding being a dick to people in my daily life. I get the impression that some people are really oblivious to how they piss people off and just assume everyone else is insane and it can't possible be them. I don't know how to help people like that.

Comment: Re:Color Blindness is a "Micro-Aggression" (Score 1) 201 201

Did you read the explanation in the column next to it? I sounds like you didn't.

Saying colour is irrelevant trivializes or denies the problems associated with skin colour. It's really not hard to understand. Don't discriminate or generalize about skin colour, and don't deny that it's a problem in society.

Comment: Re:huh (Score 1) 201 201

They cite that as an example of someone complaining that minorities are given jobs not on merit, but because they are a minority. The relative merit of that exact phrase depends on context. In the context of "I think a meritocracy is a good thing" it's fine, in the context of "they only got that job because they are black and there is a lower bar for them" it's problematic.

The problem with linking to individual documents like this is that people take them out of context or without understanding the language they use. You really need to read the whole body of work to judge it properly.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 651 651

240v/32A is standard in Europe for "fast" chargers. 4 hours for a Leaf, but of course you never go down to absolutely 0% charge and push your car the last few metres to the post, so more like 3 hours after a long journey. That's more than enough for home charging. I say that as an EV owner.

Comment: Re:Microsoft is not trustworthy for a rolling rele (Score 1) 161 161

How is that any different to how things were previously? Every OS ever shipped with bugs and was patched later, especially once online patching became a thing.

The real issue is that new features will début via Windows Update, rather than via a new version of Windows. It used to be that once a version of Windows reached SP1 it was pretty stable and debugged, and you could stick with it for years. Now they will keep adding new features and making major changes as time goes on, so if you liked the way it used to be you can't just stick on Windows 10 and ignore Windows 11 because there won't be a Windows 11, only necessary updates to Windows 10 that you can't avoid if you want security.

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