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Comment Re:Summary not accurate (Score 1) 135

Why is it that things which are demonstrably lies get modded +5, just because they rail against Slashdot's favourite boogywomen?

anita sarkeesian was not stereotyped by video games any more than men are.

So people shouldn't complain about the quality of food in a restaurant, because other people went to equally bad restaurants, and hay what about those people starving in Africa?!

Rebecca watson was not raped or abused in an elevator

True, but it's a great example of giving some reasonable advice (don't act creepy, aside from anything it won't get you laid) and the anti-feminists throwing a shitfit over it.

zoe quinn was criticized for her sexual behavior tied with buying favor for coverage of her game and 'cause.

Except, this has long been established as a lie and continued to undermine the entire GamerGate movement. If it ever had anything to do with ethics, the movement would have apologised to Quinn and set the record straight. Unless perhaps you have found the holy grail, that mythical review she "paid" for.

Comment Re:Trusting Nonny (Score 1, Funny) 135

"You mean if some Anonymous decides to make up some bullshit they can get anyone expelled without questions?"

How on earth did you come to that conclusion? Why wouldn't there be some kind of investigation, assuming there was sufficient evidence presented in the first place?

What you suggest is insane, what gave you the idea it was the case? It's not in TFA.

Comment Re:I'm sure they mean well (Score 2) 135

Interesting document, but highly flawed. From a quick reading:

- Many undefined terms like "reasonable" that are inviting abuse.

- The "strong weight" against avoiding offence and expected thick skin will be interpreted as everything must be as offensive as possible.

- There are many, many loopholes. It's not harassment if you just wait for an excuse to be uncomfortably close to someone, or make hazing jokes about them within earshot but not specifically to them.

- The jokes exclusion is a get out of jail free card. You can simply claim anything was a joke after the fact.

- The doxing stuff seems to not even understand what doxing is.

- It treats gender as binary.

Overall it seems like something written to make a point, rather than being based on experience or pragmatism.

Comment Re:Summary is a troll (Score 2, Insightful) 135

So your argument is an appeal to absurdity. You concoct a ridiculous example that clearly would never happen in real life, unrelated to TFA (an web form) and cite it as evidence to support your position.

TFA mentions that they will probably just ask you to stop if you do something antisocial. It doesn't say, but I think it reasonable to assume they would use judgement and discretion, considering the care with which the CoC was written.

If you like I'll make a joke about your mother, and we can put your claim to the test.

Comment Re:stop making him a martyr. (Score 1) 140

I don't know about the US, but in Europe if someone with a history of depression and suicidal thoughts is prosecuted then the prosecutors have a responsibility to consider that when dealing with them. People are innocent until proven guilty, and even after conviction their healthcare needs must be attended to.

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