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Comment: Re:Really? (Score 2) 52

by AmiMoJo (#49773879) Attached to: Sniffing and Tracking Wearable Tech and Smartphones

Who would even think such a thing?

Ordinary people assume that when something is "connected" to their phone, it is connected in the same way that a cable connects things or they are connected to secure wifi with a password. The fact that you usually need to use a PIN number to pair Bluetooth devices further adds to to illusion that it is secure, because PINs are for security.

Engineers have to accept responsibility here. We have to make things secure by default, and respect privacy. Users don't appreciate the somewhat subtle differences between types of security, or that because one type of Bluetooth is fairly secure it doesn't mean that another type is also going to be secure, or even that there is more than one type.

Comment: Re:Too damn complicated (Score 1) 111

by AmiMoJo (#49773853) Attached to: Privacy Behaviors Changed Little After Snowden

It's too damn complicated for level 1 techs, let alone end users and the general public, to attempt to opt of surveillance, or even intelligently express their dissatisfaction with government and corporate policies.

Anyone can install a VPN client. A level 1 tech should be able to set up Thunderbird with GPG. uBlock/AdBlock and Privacy Badger are just a couple of clicks away. It isn't hard to do these things, but they have a massive impact.

The problem is not the difficulty, it's the lack of awareness that these options even exist.

Comment: Re:No one votes (Score 1) 111

by AmiMoJo (#49773843) Attached to: Privacy Behaviors Changed Little After Snowden

If you were able to get all those likes to turn to votes, you could have an impact on policy.

Only a small one, if that. The reality is that those new voters would probably have the same voting habits as the people who do vote, so the outcome would be more or less the same. Part of the problem is the lack of granularity with elections - you get to elect someone for 4-5 years with a raft of policies. You don't get a say on individual policies or decisions, do you have to vote for the person who seems the least bad overall instead of for specific changes you want.

Second, if you don't want companies tracking your Internet usage, stop clicking on advertisements. Get all your Facebook friends to stop clicking. Soon they will be unprofitable and will go away.

You mean like TV, radio, billboard and print advertising has all gone away because no-one clicks on it?

Installing uBlock is the only way to kill internet advertising.

Comment: Re:What was new? (Score 1) 111

by AmiMoJo (#49773821) Attached to: Privacy Behaviors Changed Little After Snowden

Perhaps you were exceptionally imaginative or knowledgeable, but most people, even security experts, didn't think it went as far as it turned out to. Honestly, did you think that the NSA routinely intercepted Cisco equipment being exported, installed back doors in it at a special facility, and then passed it on to its destination all in secret? Did you really think they were recording every single phone call made in certain foreign countries, or violating the US constitution millions of times a day?

If you did, congratulations. Most people suspected that there was spying and even some criminality, but not on the scale that has been revealed.

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 292

by AmiMoJo (#49773395) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

How is science inaccessible to women? Schools and employers are already actively picking less qualified female-identified persons over more qualified male-identified persons in the STEM fields so they can fill quota's.

You are confusing an ugly hack with a proper fix for the problem. There are endless studies where women complain about difficulty accessing STEM education. There are specific issues related to the teaching environment and social attitudes. It's been discussed many times, but you just keep ignoring these issues because they don't fit with your view that there is no problem.

Comment: Re:They're your damned kids, your damned problem . (Score 2, Interesting) 227

by AmiMoJo (#49773225) Attached to: Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn

We need to define a "cameron" as a particularly distasteful (to prudes) sex act so that it gets blocked by the porn filter. I suggest something scatalogical. He is a little shit, after all...

Would be nice to get May in on the action too. Some porn star should use her name. The chaos caused if we could get "may" into the filter would be hilarious.

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 224

by AmiMoJo (#49769493) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

The ribbon is a step forwards. Instead of scanning through menus with hundreds of lines of text arranged in some order that is combination of what some programmer thought made sense and the chronological order the features were added in, you get a nice visual representation of what each item does and can scan through them quickly.

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