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Comment Re:Download the ISO (Score 1) 158 158

Just skip N or KN.

No no, the N version is the one you want! Who actually uses Windows Media Player? No more being annoyed because the default file association opened WMP and now it's asking you if you want to use the default settings. Just install your media player of choice (I prefer Media Player Classic Home Cinema) and enjoy.

If the KN version is available in English it might be even better.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 261 261

Sure you have a right to privacy, but that doesn't make shooting at the drone a good idea. It's a dumb idea... Apart from the bits of drone raining down on you, the shot that misses the drone is going to come down somewhere too. Somewhere in a residential area. With luck it will hit someone's house.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 512 512

What do you want me to link to? A 404 error on Kotaku where the non-existent review is?

And by the way, having a relationship with someone after they wrote about something you do (and 49 other things you didn't do) isn't unethical. What is ethical is that the journalist in question didn't write about Quinn after their relationship began.

You need to provide proof if you dispute their account. So far GamerGate has provided nothing. Well, the jilted boyfriend was unable to find any evidence to submit to the court and avoid getting a restraining order. Well done for failing to help him out with your 100% proven facts.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 2) 296 296

You are not alone. Look at the game modding community, for example. Those guys do a lot of scripting with simply syntax or high level editor tools to reprogram parts of the game, but I doubt they could actually write the game themselves. It's the knowledge of things like the Open GL API, or how 3D scenes are built up and rendered that holds them back.

A lot of people write software in Excel too. Mostly formula and simple logic based, perhaps with some simple BASIC code behind it. Where many of us would just write a little app in C or Perl in ten minutes, they will use Excel and some copy/paste to avoid learning how to load and parse text files.

Submission + - Sharp announces sales of DC powered air conditioner, other products to follow

AmiMoJo writes: Sharp has announced that sales of DC powered air conditioners will begin by the end of the year. Most appliances use the standard AC electricity supply in homes, but as solar panels become more common switching to DC can save on conversion losses. Solar panels produce DC, which is then typically converted to AC before being fed into the house's wiring, and then converted back to DC again by appliances. Sharp has announced that it intends to produce a range of DC powered appliances for home use.

Comment Re:No shit ... (Score 1) 69 69

I'm beyond the point of sympathy for people who buy this shit.

You have rather high expectations of the average consumer. They see, say, an IoT light bulb. The box says they can control it with their smartphone, and that it's "secure". Just like their car claims to be safe, that the milk they drink says its safe, like the anti-tamper seals on bottles are supposed to be secure.

People can't be experts on everything. They probably had to have their ISP set up their router or them, and have no idea that they even have a home network. It's not their fault, it's our fault. We need to make products that are secure by default and that are easy to understand and use. None of this "just configure your firewall" or "enable WPA2 with a cryptographically strong password".

Honeywell should not be making insecure devices like this. They should stop, recall them all and wait until they have a secure by default product to sell. Strong regulation and massive fines for enforcement. Mandatory recalls of insecure products.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 206 206

Regardless of how common it is,

Most teens are sensible, why should be protect the idiot minority from themselves?

Because they are children. Children are not adults, they are not fully responsible, and they make mistakes. That's how they learn, and we of course forgive them and mostly forget about it. We certainly don't bring up their bed wetting at age 4 all the time. It's just what kids do, and some of them don't have the best parents in the world to help them avoid those mistakes either.

Anyway, the alternative is that a lot of people change their legal name to get away from their past. Even then, psychologically it's still difficult to handle.

Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 206 206

That being said, everyone has to understand that there's no way to permanently remove data from "the internet", only from a few specific sites.

Indeed, which is why the EU requiring major search engines to remove results for people's names is quite sensible. The information is still there, but a casual search won't find it. In the same way as in the past old news articles were available on microfiche, and old photos were in people's personal collections, but you had to make a lot of effort to find them.

And anyone who downloaded that information could always upload it again.

To an extent, but existing copyright laws already prevent people from re-posting material they don't own and don't have permission to use. Actually that's an area that needs reform too, because at the moment the victims of revenge porn sometimes have to send photos of their naked bodies to the copyright office to establish ownership and get material taken down.

Comment Re:My $.02 (Score 1) 512 512

Blender only cost then â100,000. How much is Slashdot worth? Would the sell it without Sourceforge? TFA says that Slashdot Media is expected to pull in $15-16m this year. So it's not going to be cheap... $10m at least. And the group that took it over would have to incorporate and put a management structure in place to handle that kind of revenue.

In other words I think that while it is an interesting idea, it's a lot more complex than buying Blender and uploading the source code somewhere was.

Comment Re:The Accusation (Score 3, Informative) 512 512

What you failed to mention is that Grayson was not in a relationship with Quinn at the time he wrote that list of 50 indie games. He didn't write the article about the game jam, unless you have previously undiscovered link to it.

Anyway, the original claim was sex for a positive review. The review doesn't exist. If all she got was a mention in a list of 50 games and a screenshot at the top I'd say she got a pretty bad deal. If it were my girlfriend I think I'd try harder than that to help her out.

Also of note is the fact that the guy who made the post with this claim in it is currently under restraining order preventing him from spreading more lies. There is a post on Reddit begging for another $3000 to appeal, if you feel like throwing some money away. Clearly the courts disagree with your position.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 512 512

The problem is that GamerGate boards are overrun with posts harassing people and trying to justify the harassment. If you want to talk about ethics you first need to be ethical yourself. That seems to be against the fundamental GamerGate philosophy of absolute freedom of speech though, meaning that there is no coherent message and any legitimate concerns are overshadowed by the fact that harassment is tolerated.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 512 512

I was fine with beta existing, right up until they announced that classic was going away and beta would eventually become the only option. That's when the revolt happened, because many of us knew that if beta became the only option the site would die. I'm not exaggerating, the comments are the only reason to come here (there are plenty of other tech news sites) and breaking them would be suicide.

I agree with your other point, it would be nice to have a rational debate about gender and diversity issues in tech, but MRA rage makes it pretty much impossible.

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