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by AmiMoJo (#47972851) Attached to: Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?

Thing is the iPhone 6 is only 326 PPI, while the 6 Plus is 401 PPI. If you couldn't see any improvement beyond the old Retina display level of about 320 PPI then why bother going to 401 PPI for the 6 Plus?

The 6 Plus is basically an admission that the whole Retina display thing was nonsense. If you compare a 320 PPI display to a 400 or 500 PPI one you can see the difference at typical viewing distances. That's all there is to it, everything else was just hype.

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I think there is a desire for more processing speed to make things like voice recognition faster and more accurate. It's tempting to think that specialist DSPs will accelerate those things, but if history has taught us anything about processors it's that generic always seems to win. Clever tile rendering graphics cards and dedicated physics processors were quickly eclipsed by the raw power of GPUs. Dedicated audio processors made sense once, now a quad core CPU handles it.

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People care mostly about features. Cameras are good enough for most people, but some are faster than others and have things like optical stabilization and batter automatic settings / post processing. As far as performance helps this stuff, it matters.

Other specs I'm sad to say don't seem to matter much. The iPhone 6 has a very low resolution screen for a high end phone, with pretty much everyone else at that size being 1080p now. Yet, it doesn't seem to matter... Not because you can't see the difference, because you can, but because people buy it more for the fact that it is an iPhone than because of the spec. On Android it matters, on iPhone I suppose you don't really have a choice.

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The problem is that Kickstarter allows projects that are very obviously doomed to failure and doesn't act when it is pointed out. They should protect naÃve investors.

There was one recently for an AA battery that can be recharged in 30 seconds. It's basically a capacitor and regulator. People pointed out that at the $20 price point he set for one he couldn't buy any available capacitor that meet his claim of 1100mAh. Worse, he would need to charge at over 150A to get the time down to 30 seconds.

He flapped around, eventually found some surplus 150A power supplies and intends to ship them with the batteries for $20. Some people will probably burn their houses down since he can't possibly afford a descent connector.

People pointed all this out and Kickstarter did nothing. Other projects defy the known laws of physics, or don't even make sense (did you see the "internet battery"?)

Even eBay tries harder to shut down scams and sellers who are clueless.

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Actually the Android implementation is rather good. Samsung tried to do their own thing which had some issues, but then switched to the stock driver and now all is well.

The system works well not just with computers but also with things like car head units and printers. You can plug in and print directly from your phone just like a camera. No special extra expensive iPrinter required.

I'll take it over the abomination that is iTunes any day.

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It's climate change because some morons look out the window, see that it's cold today and decide that global warming must be fake.

While the global climate is warming, the effect locally at any given time may not be warming. It sometimes causes more extreme weather, including cold. Hence, climate change.

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