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Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 461

The Clintons never personally profited from the Clinton Foundation

They used it as a slush fund to pay their cronies and assistants, including Bill Clinton Inc.

So the Clinton's go to some city to do some charity work and to give some paid speeches. How should they do that?

Should they use two different staffs? That's a lot of extra money and hassle.

Should they personally pay their staff to work for the charity? Sure, but they're spending a lot of their own money.

Or they could do what they did, have the charity pay for the same staff when that staff is working for the charity.

Sure they could have done it differently, but that doesn't seem fundamentally wrong.

Promises were also made and broken when she was given the Secretary of State position.

I don't know the full story of who was responsible for allowing those donations when she was Secretary of State. But if she was President they'd be completely detached from the foundation, there would be no opportunity for someone to donate to a Clinton charity because there would be none.

Oh, really? Strange how much money the Clintons made then peddling access then back when Hillary was still a power player. How much do you think she or Bill are getting for speaking fees now?

A "power player" is not a government official, former politicians cashing in is not new, even if the politician might return to a position of power.

The difference is that Trump is currently President.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 461

Just then the reverend wheeled about to face the singers, his back now to the congregation, and continued his sermon—oblivious as the choir mouthed back to him, in silent unison, "Whoosh."

Were there hypocrites who supported Clinton? Of course.

Is it hypocrisy to have defended Clinton on the claims I set out while criticizing Trump now? Absolutely.

I'm a realist who accepts that people always commit some level of influence peddling, and don't always follow the rules as they should. But Trump what Trump is doing fundamentally different.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 461

> Your original source is a video by a guy who is famous for dishonestly editing videos... and yet you keep going back to him as a primary source.

There's a bunch of evidence that corroborates it, unless you don't believe the FEC pay stubs or the independent YouTube videos of her lying to the cops?

You don't believe the DC police arrest records?

The evidence speaks for itself. I don't need to consider them credible.

So what? Even if the evidence is right all it means is someone who is passionate about politics to work for a PAC is also passionate enough to engage in underhanded tactics.

As I said, even if your evidence is true, it's irrelevant.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 461

He has tweeted at a time he was scheduled to be in a Top Secret meeting. Either he's not attending his meetings, or he's tweeting during them. Either is gross negligence, so which gross negligence is it today?

Just to be clear since some people might have misread your comment as merely accusing Trump of not paying attention.

If he brought his phone into those meetings he was potentially carrying a remote listening device.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 4, Insightful) 461

> Why would I believe

Because when the PV videos on staging violence came out, we found evidence that Zulema Rodriguez was employed by MoveOn to be in Arizona, we have a video of her blocking the road and lying to cops, and that corroborates the video?

Your original source is a video by a guy who is famous for dishonestly editing videos... and yet you keep going back to him as a primary source.

I have absolutely zero confidence that you know how to determine if a piece of evidence is true or relevant.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1, Insightful) 461

It's funny that all of this stuff wasn't a big deal to you hyper-partisans when Clinton was accused of them, but they suddenly are a big deal when Trump is doing them.

Your rah-rah-my-team bullshit is fucking up our world. It's a big deal when both teams do it. (And I'm calling you out, Ami, because you were defending Clinton for these very same things.)

It's perfectly valid to point out and criticize hypocracy, regardless of whether one personally agrees or disagrees with the underlying position.

But not all claims of hypocrisy are valid.

1) A tonne of people would have know about Clinton's private email server for years and virtually none of them thought anything of it, only once the GOP got a hold of it did it suddenly become a scandal. Meanwhile everyone is telling Trump his android has to go.

2) The Clintons never personally profited from the Clinton Foundation, and they planned to fully divest themselves from the foundation after the election (and the foundation would change it's name). Trump still owns all the Trump Org stuff.

3) The cash stream from foreign entities, via speaking fees, had already stopped during the campaign and would not have resumed for her term. Trump is still receiving foreign cash through his businesses.

4) Pay-for-access is a sin committed by all politicians, Clinton more than most but that's at least partially because of her profile. But pay-for-access is about pay to the campaign or the party, not the individual. Trump is selling access that personally profits him.

It's a false equivalence, comparing Trump and Clinton scandals is comparing mountains with molehills.

Comment Re: Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 461

The Trump trademark was granted several months ago, when the majority of news sources still put him at a huge disadvantage in the polls. There was a 3 month period where you could dispute the trademark which ended last week.

Making up stories does nothing good to the press, it only makes people distrust them more.

Not quite

China's trademark review board announced in September it had invalidated a rival claim for the Trump trademark, clearing the way for Trump to move in. In November, soon after the election, it awarded the trademark to the Trump Organization. The trademark was officially registered this week after a three-month notice period for objections expired.

Of course it could just be coincidence... but yeah, China was trying to curry favour and/or giving Trump something they could later threaten to take away.

Submission + - Techdirt asks judge to throw out suit over "Inventor of E-mail" (

walterbyrd writes: Michael Masnick, who founded the popular Techdirt blog, filed a motion today asking for a defamation lawsuit against him to be thrown out. Masnick was sued last month by Shiva Ayyadurai, a scientist and entrepreneur who claims to have invented e-mail in 1978 at a medical college in New Jersey.

In his motion, Masnick claims that Ayyadurai "is seeking to use the muzzle of a defamation action to silence those who question his claim to historical fame."

Submission + - SAP "named-user" license fees are due even for indirect users, court says (

ahbond writes: Beverage firm Diageo could be on the hook for an additional £55 million in license fees because it gave Salesforce users access to data held in an SAP system. SAP's named-user licensing fees apply even to related applications that only offer users indirect visibility of SAP data, a U.K. judge ruled Thursday in a case pitting SAP against Diageo, the alcoholic beverage giant behind Smirnoff vodka and Guinness beer.

The consequences could be far-reaching for businesses that have integrated their customer-facing systems with an SAP database, potentially leaving them liable for license fees for every customer that accesses their online store.

"Business are signing up to an open-ended direct debit which they can't withdraw from. It's really not surprising that many are now choosing the certainty and low cost of Google and Amazon Web Services"

Submission + - A Source Code Typo Allowed an Attacker to Steal 370,000 Zerocoin ($592,000) (

An anonymous reader writes: A typo in the Zerocoin source code allowed an attacker to steal 370,000 Zerocoin, which is about $592,000 at today's price. According to the Zcoin team, one extra character left inside Zerocoin's source code was the cause of the bug. The hacker exploited the bugs for weeks, by initiating a transaction and receiving the money many times over.

According to the Zcoin team, the attacker (or attackers) was very sophisticated and took great care to hide his tracks. They say the attacker created numerous accounts at Zerocoin exchanges and spread transactions across several weeks so that traders wouldn't notice the uneven transactions volume. The Zcoin team says they worked with various exchanges to attempt and identify the attacker but to no avail.

Out of the 370,000 Zerocoin he stole, the attacker has already sold 350,000. The Zcoin team estimates the attacker made a net profit of 410 Bitcoin ($437,000).

Comment Re:Not alone (Score 2) 113

"English is a language that lurks in dark alleys, beats up other languages and rifles through their pockets for spare vocabulary."

--attributed to James D. Nicoll

The original, complete quote appears to be:

"The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."

Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 1) 148

Wait, there are adverts on youtube?

Bingo. Since installing Adblock I haven't seen a single one. Particularly nice on those 20- or 30-minute videos where they cram an ad in every 2 or 3 minutes. I used to HATE that, now I just laugh as the progress button just moves right past the little yellow "here's an ad" line without a hiccup.

Comment Re:Stop "improving" it (Score 1) 211

I think its possible that killing the extension ecosystem may have a positive effect on the memory leak problem because at the very least the mozdevs will not be able to blame the extension devs for the leaks anymore. AFAIK the mozdevs don't recognize that there is a memory leak problem. I think they think they fixed it sometime in 3.x or earlier.

I think you're right. They're oblivious to it because they can't admit there's a problem.

It may be a moot point for me, since I just installed Pale Moon and am giving it a try. So far, so good. And it works with the key two must-have extensions I use: Adblock and NoScript.

Comment Re:Use the tags, Luke (Score 1) 211

And the problem with that is, that on Chromium on Linux, if you double-click on the URL to highlight it, and then right-click to open in a new tab, then it appends 'Reply to this' with percent encoding to the end of the link, which does not result in a valid HTML document. Additionally, as I said, this is not a luddite forum. If you can't manage a minimal level of markup, kindly fuck off.

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