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Comment Re: Is this a straman argument (Score 1) 237

Take your point back 20 to 100 years. The level of wealth we enjoy today is due to productivity increases from innovation and technology. Those changes hurt people then the same as they do now yet here we are enjoying the spoils of that change as a society in whole. Why would it be beneficial to declare that no more automation should be allowed from this point forward? What if someone did that 30 years ago?

Comment Re:Theory without any empirical data to back it up (Score 1) 285

Samsung purportedly did an intensive engineering review of the design during the first recall and was unable to find the source of the issue, which lead them to incorrectly conclude that it must have been caused by a batch of bad batteries. I have to believe that the theories proposed in this article were well considered by Samsung during that review (if not during the design of the phone as well).

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