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Comment So much for Tesla's antitrust dealer argument (Score 3, Insightful) 305

I supported Tesla's position on disintermediating the US car dealer structure so that Tesla can be allowed to sell cars directly to consumers. I didn't realize they would try abusing antitrust regs elsewhere for their own benefit. Companies are against anti-trust behavior except their own.

Comment 30% of 40% does not equal 50% (Score 1) 212

From the aritcle:

"A study that was conducted recently by Branding Brand revealed that 40 percent of Samsung customers who ordered a Note 7 are ready to jump ship to a different manufacturer, with 30 percent of respondents explaining that the iPhone is very likely to be their next destination. Only 8 percent of them picked the Google Pixel, but what's good for the ecosystem is that 62 percent of the users said they wanted to stick with Android."

Comment Did these IT workers protest Walmart? (Score -1, Flamebait) 813

These IT workers have enjoyed the benefits of a global workforce, specifically lower prices for the everyday products manufactured and imported from lower-wage nations and sold in retailers like Walmart. If these workers protested such products then good on them. If not then they're hypocrites.

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