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Submission + - Mozilla Releases 'Rebellious' Selfie App Against EU Copyright Reform

An anonymous reader writes: In response to the European Union’s (EU) proposed copyright reforms, web browser Mozilla has created a new app, called Post Crimes, which it believes highlights the outdated and harmful nature of the proposals. Mozilla argues that the reforms make everyday online activities like education and parody unlawful. It suggests that making memes, gifs and certain selfies illegal in some countries is a ridiculous proposition, and aims to open up the debate further through the Post Crimes platform. The aim of the app is to encourage users to take a selfie in front of European landmarks, which would be technically unlawful to photograph, such as the Eiffel Tower’s night-time light display. The selfies are then forwarded as postcards to members of the European Parliament. Mozilla hopes that this rebellious approach will show policymakers just how outdated the copyright reforms really are.

Comment Akami folded, Kerbs is down (Score 4, Interesting) 206

From Kerbs on Security site:"The attack began around 8 p.m. ET on Sept. 20, and initial reports put it at approximately 665 Gigabits of traffic per second." .

Akami were handling it as of yesterday, but it seems that they decided it was too expensive to stand by their client while he is under attack.

Maybe a coincidence, but this started to happen after Kerbs exposed anti-DDoS 'protection' firm BackConnect use of BGP hijacking.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 2) 257

these old laws were in place for a reason... allows the manufacturer to set the price.

The old laws are from a different age. If any one manufacturer tries to do that now, global competition will be all too happy to undercut and capture their market share. If, for example, Ford and Chevy collude to jack up prices on pickup trucks, within production cycle you will have Toyota and Nissan capturing their market share.

Comment Independentd ealerships=ineffective retail system (Score 4, Insightful) 257

I am cheering for Tesla to disrupt dealership system, as these dealerships are substantial and unnecessary added expense and hassle. They are there to sell you electronic rust modules and turbinator options that you don't want and rip you off on oil change "service" packages. Manufacturers should be able to sell directly to customers.

Submission + - Amtrak Experimenting with Advanced Security on Northwest Trains (schneier.com)

reifman writes: While security expert Bruce Schneier has regularly written about Amtrak's efforts to close the air travel security theater gap, he's impressed by its advanced security experiments making security theater essentially invisible to passengers. Breast milk, nipple piercings and growlers are now deemed safe. While not mentioned in its new branding effort, even WiFi passwords are unnecessary...complete with all the inherent protections TSA is known for.

Submission + - 77% of Ad Blocking Users Feel Guilty about Blocking Ads (huffingtonpost.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: A new survey has found that 77% of ad blocking users feel “some guilt” about blocking ads. This goes against common stereotypes that ad blocking users don’t care about digital content publishers losing revenue, and suggests that if publishers took steps to make their ads less intrusive and less annoying, users might be more tolerant of their advertising.

The report was primarily focused on users’ whitelisting behavior, their feeling and reactions toward publishers who utilize anti-ad blocking tactics, and their thoughts on online advertising in general.

Comment Re:It depends (Score 1, Offtopic) 239

The fear of guillotine kept French elites in check. The same principle applies here, fear of communism kept Western elites in check up until collapse of USSR. Did you not notice that collapse of USSR coincided with decades of wage stagnation, loss of pensions, and general collapse of the middle class?

Comment Gig economy = absolving corporate responsibility (Score 4, Insightful) 108

Gig economy is ultimately about absolving corporate responsibility and offloading traditional costs of employment on society while retaining control of the profits and money flow.

Historically, corporations were responsible for worker well-being. Work accidents, unemployment insurance, disability and illness, old age benefits were all part of the pay package. This was fought for and won by unions during early industrial age (aka the robber-baron age). Over past 30 years corporations fought hard to reverse these gains. First, pensions were absolved. Now, with this gig economy the rest of protections are being removed. We already have undischargable student dept.

At this rate, we will be back to debt slavery, compelled work, and company towns in another decade or so. Only this time it will be "gig economy" and "enabled entrepreneurship" or some other PR BS.

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