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Comment Advertising and greed (Score 2) 145

Advertisers and network operators shat their beds and this is direct consequence of their greed. How greedy must you be to CHARGE $100/mo and then FORCE people to sit through 15 minutes of commercial per hour all while providing the worst possible customer service? Consumers, on the whole, are not stupid and will move away from business and practices that are not consumer friendly.

At least initially, people moved to Netflix not because they had tons of good content, but because it was cheap and without ads. Now Netflix grew into viable challenger to established networks, in another couple years networks will start going out of business as subscriber loss keep accelerating.

Comment Re:jesus christ. (Score 1) 98

If you aren't into this for ego reasons, then you are likely end up as a white hat. Almost every time these people get caught is because of bragging and/or social angle. However, you always see them getting over-paranoid on technical issue. Considering that some of them even good at social engineering, you'd think they get OPSEC.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

You are also skipping steps in your steam engine conclusions. It was actually governors and spring loaded release valves that solved boiler explosions. Steam boilers explode because of over-pressure, better metallurgy results in boilers that can withstand higher pressure, but it is understanding how to design release/control systems that stopped boiler explosions.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

Interesting counter-point to this. Supposedly, Romans knew how to build primitive steam engines. They never bothered perfecting this, as it was seen as much more expensive than slave labor that was already abundant and relatively cheap.

The future is not unemployment due to complete automation, the future is shit jobs and shit salaries for everyone with just enough automation to suppress everyone's wages.

Submission + - Second Ukraine Power Outage Linked to Russian Hackers (

chicksdaddy writes: A December power outage in the city of Kiev in December has been linked to hacking activity by groups believed to be working on behalf of the government of Russia, according to published reports. (

Russian hacking crews were behind a brief power outage at the Pivnichna remote power transmission facility last month, using software based attacks to shut down the remote terminal units (RTUs) that control circuit breakers, causing a power outage for about an hour. Hacking crews appear to be using the Ukraine as a test bed to hone skills that could be used against other adversaries, according to Marina Krotofil, a security researcher for Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Labs, the website Dark Reading reported on Tuesday.

Speaking at the S4 Conference in Miami on Tuesday (, Krotofil said that the outage at Pivnichna was part of a month-long campaign by Russian hacking groups that included attacks on railways and other critical infrastructure. While not intended to cripple the country, the attacks were designed to sow confusion and chaos, she said.

Research was conducted by Information Systems Security Partners (ISSP) (, a Ukraine firm. Speaking to the conference via a pre-recorded video, Oleksii Yasynskyi, head of research at the company, said that the attacks were the work of more than one cyber criminal group that worked in concert with each other. Attacks against Ukraine critical infrastructure and other interests began over the summer, ISSP said, with spear phishing attacks directed at a Ukraine bank.

Submission + - U.S. government allegedly falls for 4chan troll's "fanfiction" about Trump

Lirodon writes: Yesterday, it was reported by CNN that, as an appendix to an intelligence briefing about Russian hacking during the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump was provided with unsubstantiated reports that his personal data may have also been compromised by Russia. The same day, BuzzFeed published an unverified copy of the full report, which contained a claim that Trump had "[hired a] number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ show in front of him" at a hotel under Russian surveillance.

However, a 4chan user has argued that this claim was entirely fake, stating that users of its political section /pol/ had "mailed fanfiction to anti-Trump pundit Rick Wilson about Trump making people piss on a bed Obama slept in". Furthermore, on November 1, 2016, another user stated without context that someone had "took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it" — which may have been said fanfiction.

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