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Comment Re:What about Comcast view sharing? (Score 1) 97

No, my peashooter is not going to stop any of this. However, buying off people with guns in US is astronomically expensive. You need Koch/Soros money to pull it off, and even then it doesn't work every time as last elections demonstrated. So for now, and probably in foreseeable future, we don't have to worry about people with bags of money also acquiring guns. It is one or another.

Comment Re:What about Comcast view sharing? (Score 1) 97

Now, wait a second. You are conflating two important issues here. Issue #1 is what people with guns know about you. Issue #2 is what people with bags of money know about you. While these both related to privacy, they are not the same orders of magnitude in importance. We can also talk about people with guns talking to people with money.

Comment Re:What contract? (Score 1) 93

Actually, this not how it works in the automotive world. Car registration is tied to VIN number and I can replace every single component in the car, save unibody (or frame+shell) and still call it Ford. I actually can turn this into business venture, called performance tuning or customization, and sell these modified cars as Fords to other people.

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