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Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 0) 145

The same reason people drive Prius, to appear to Do Something without actually putting any consideration or effort into it. When instead they should properly insulate their house, optimize air ducts to channel cold air to where it is needed most and maybe, depending on local climate, install some solar panels.

Comment Structural solution is necessary (Score 1) 89

Centralized systems will always be ripe for abuse, it isn't question of IF, but WHEN your data will be harvested and profiled.

The only feasible solution to combat this is distributed peer to peer implementations. Maybe good people at TOR project could take a short break from trying to save the world and build a privacy-conscious chat app for the masses?

Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 1) 301

When Dissent is chanted down by the Mob crying "racism" or "Bigotry" or "sexist"

Have you considered the possibility that racism, bigotry, and sexism are not really "dissent"?

Humanity is absolutely lousy at knowing the difference, often intentionally. If you start censoring one, you will end up censoring the other.

Comment Re:Arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (Score 1) 226

I think it will well past that point, as they must have tortured techies until some weak-spirited individual broke down and agreed to integrate pocket and such. Considering how bad Mozilla got, at the very least they waterboarded, sleep deprived, and used electric shock on developers. I don't think anyone else would have agreed to it otherwise.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 85

I wholeheartedly disagree with the above. While I don't utilize, for example, what I learned about thermodynamics, I do frequently utilize my ability to quickly comprehend and summarize obscure concepts. Substantial part of my job is to translate thermodynamics-like concepts into task lists that could be understood and executed by coders.

Submission + - Should Government Use Google Poll of 1,685 Clueless Parents to Justify K-12 CS?

theodp writes: Workforce Needs, Parent Advocacy Spark Computer Science Initiative, reads the headline of a story on Mississippi's decision to pilot a new K-12 CS curriculum — Computer Science for Mississippi (CS4MS) — this fall. Read on though, and it turns out 'Parent Advocacy' refers to "a 2015 Gallup poll [that] showed 90% of parents want CS courses taught in school." No citation is given, but this factoid would appear to be sourced from a Google report of Google-Gallup poll data from 1,685 parents of 7th to 12th-graders from across the U.S., most of whom Google lamented don't even understand the difference between general computer use and computer science. Still, the Google-Gallup poll results appears to be good enough for government work. Justifying the need for $4.2B to fund his Computer Science For All initiative, President Obama said in January, "Nine out of ten parents want it [computer science] taught at their children's schools." In other K-12 CS education news, the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) announced it has been awarded a grant from Google that will be used to implement a "Grassroots Advocacy System" for K-12 CS (no $ amount was disclosed). “Google continues to be one of the leading supporters of CSTA and K-12 Computer Science education," said CSTA Executive Director Mark Nelson.

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