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Comment Re:It's not Russia (Score 1) 171

Nice strawman. Trump is simply not important.

As it happens, the CIA has explained the issue fairly clearly. Perhaps you should get your head out of your partisanship. That this was within the reach of an amateur was precisely my point. This is possible. It has been done. It was a shit-show. I'd prefer that not happen again. Regardless of who you support, this sort of shit is not good for the country. We don't need to be yanked around politically by some rat fucker in Somalia.

There are bigger issues than Trump, and bigger issues than R vs D. In point of fact, it's the entire concept of R vs D that's the issue. We need more parties and better representation, and there's only one way we're going to get them.

Comment Mu too (Score 1) 171

As I replied to the other poster, the idea that climate could change at all was established separately from the idea that man could affect the climate. The two terms are nowadays synonymous. You are of course completely dependent on the fruits of science and certainly know very little about anything.

As it happens, AGW is at least as well established as Relativity, and it predates it. You could verify the theory in your basement. Why do you not feel ashamed of your ignorance?

Comment Mu (Score 1) 171

This is well intentioned but inaccurate. The predominant theory in the 19th and early 20th Century was that the climate did not change, that it was solely cyclical and that warm years would cancel out cold ones. Theories of climate change were still necessary even in the 19th Century to explain ice ages. That mankind could do anything to affect the climate, and that the effect of this would be warming, was established separately from the idea that long-term climate could change. The two terms are used interchangeably today for fairly obvious reasons.

Comment It's not Russia (Score 1, Insightful) 171

Russia is neither here nor there. They may have influence, they may not. What matters is that some state-level intelligence agency was able to disrupt the American electoral process. That's bad no matter what team you play for. Not only that, but now that it has been successful, do you think that will result in more attempts or fewer? And tell me, exactly how expensive is it to set up a team of hackers?

Russia is the least of our problems.

Comment Loony Libertarianism (Score 1) 440

You're always talking about individual rights as if they were some part of physical reality. What you've never managed to do is respond to simple logic. Government is defined as a monopoly on violence for a given area. Under that formulation, non-coercive government is an oxymoron. I don't know how you've managed to convince yourself that there is some sort of primacy to the rights of the individual and that the collectivists will soon fall, but the entirety of human history speaks against that. Collective action is always stronger than the individual, and trying to pretend otherwise is fairly pure insanity.

I understand why you're a monomaniacal jackass. You did indeed come from an oppressive regime. This is an overcorrection. You have arrived at political principles that are fundamentally at odds with reality. And frankly I don't mind because it's pretty trivial to argue against. That thing where you say that your opponents are flawed and self destructive? That's called projection. Honestly it's kind of entertaining to watch your mental defects interact with each other but maybe next time save yourself the trouble.

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