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Comment Re:Star of David used by Neo Nazis... (Score 1) 364

So, you admit that the only countries that legally punish gays with death are those that ascribe to shariah?

To be sure, any country moving in the direction of killing gays, christian or muslim, is moving in the wrong direction. But while you may find some support for all kinds of violence in the bible, and in a homophobic black country you may find ruthless, yet illegal violence against gays, it's the quran and it's shariah law that has actually made such barbarism legal in many muslim countries.

In the end, we we decide which viruses to be concerned about, it matters if it's the common cold or ebola. One may, in rare instances, kill you. The other, only in rare instances will you survive.

Comment Re:Star of David used by Neo Nazis... (Score 1) 364

How does that additional context materially affect their statement at all? If anything, they're claiming that it wasn't originally a hate symbol, but became one - which means anything, including the Star of David, could become a hate symbol if used in memes.

When the skinheads start making AmiMoJo memes, will your name become a hate symbol too?

Maybe if they had simply defined a subset of memes as hate symbols, rather than defaming poor Pepe, they'd be on firmer ground.

Comment Re:Star of David used by Neo Nazis... (Score 1) 364

From their press release:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today identified “Pepe the Frog,” a cartoon character used by haters on social media to suggest racist, anti-Semitic or other bigoted notions, as a hate symbol.

Not sure how you assert they're not identifying it as a hate symbol, when they say they're identifying it as a hate symbol.

Comment Re:Star of David used by Neo Nazis... (Score 1) 364

You make a compelling argument for religion - anyone who has spent time studying God more trusted than what "stands to reason" in your own judgement :)

Now, if it was simply saying "hey, some hate groups use pepe the frog, and some hate groups use swastikas!", that's one thing. But it strains even the most basic credulity to assign such a thing as "hate" to a mere symbol, stretching the claim further to "any use of pepe the frog or swastikas means you're a hate group!", which, whether ADL intends it or not, is their end effect.

To put it in the terms you used, it is irrational to give any sort of credibility to a group that proclaims words, shapes, or forms are so poisonous that the mere usage of them makes you hateful. There is incredible amount of context that is simply stripped out, that can have no rational justification.

tl;dr - just because a racist black gang uses the #13 as their symbol, doesn't make every use of the #13 a racist act. We can describe racists groups in detail without ascribing their motives to any and every use of a symbol.

Comment Re:Star of David used by Neo Nazis... (Score 1) 364

I was responding to your claim that the question was about "credibility", which is a premise I think requires proof - perhaps you didn't intend it, but your implication was that the ADL had credibility, and therefore was allowed the privileged position from which to condemn other people for language they don't like.

If your position is that the ADL has no more right than anyone else to declare words, shapes, or forms "hate symbols", then we agree. If your position is that they have the credibility to make such declarations, I challenge the premise by asserting that anyone making such declarations isn't credible.

Now, that does get into an interesting "is declaring something hate speech also hate speech which can be declared" infinite recursion, but I'd argue there is a qualitative difference between supporting censorship, and not supporting censorship. That is to say, I condemn them as stupid, which is different than them condemning others as hateful.

Comment Re:Haha Akamai is Kapakai (Score 1) 208

Um, it's "kapakahi" in pidgin too. Not sure what school yard you were in when you heard "kapakahi", but if you missed the "h", it's your hearing that's off, or they had a speech impediment.

Your cite is from a haole :)

Try Peppo's:

Kapakahi; all mixed up."

But go ahead, tell me more about what a local boy you were, and how haoles taught you how to speak pidgin :)

Comment Re:Haha Akamai is Kapakai (Score 2) 208

It's "kapakahi".

vs. One-sided, crooked, lopsided, sideways; bent, askew; biased, partial to one side; to show favoritism. Lit., one side. Cf. lawe kapakahi. K kapakahi ka l ma Wai-anae (saying), the sun appears lopsided at Wai-anae [said by the goddess Hiiaka while her lover was dallying with someone else, hence said of any unlawful dallying].

"kapakai" is very different:

vs. To wait for. Rare.

Comment Re:It was unequivocally a criminal offense (Score 1) 223

H's home server did only one narrow job.

If only I could believe that it was truly hardened, following at least PCI policies :)

I'm surprised you keep trying to defend her grossly negligent actions by pretending that it was equivalent in safety or security to the option she was obligated to abide by, and obligated others to abide by.

How about that - if Clinton's secret homebrew server was so much better than the SD, why didn't she make it official policy for others to do the same?

Interesting new source material:

It seems like Powell should be charged with conspiring to destroy federal records, and Clinton should be charged with the same for taking his advice. The fact that Secretaries of State would so blithely talk about avoiding federal records laws is shameful, don't you think?

Comment Re:Monitor Team? [Re:"could not recall"] (Score 1) 409

"In the new set of about 1,700 messages, an additional 23 emails were classified at the middle tier, “secret,” bringing the total number of “secret” messages to 65, according to a State Department tally. In the latest, final batch, 238 messages were deemed “confidential,” lifting that total to 2,028, an official said."

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