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Submission + - China Launches World's First Quantum Communication Satellite (

hackingbear writes: China’s quantum network could soon span two continents, thanks to a satellite launched earlier today. Launched at 1:40pm ET, the Quantum Science Satellite is designed to distribute quantum-encrypted keys between relay stations in China and Europe. When working as planned, the result could enable unprecedented levels of security between parties on different continents. China’s new satellite would put that same fiberb-based quantum communication system to work over the air, utilizing high-speed coherent lasers to connect with base stations on two different continents. The experimental satellite’s payload also includes controllers and emitters related to quantum entanglement.

Comment Re:Pure Propaganda (Score 1) 90

The parent claimed this is propaganda because it violates the principle that LEO altitude has no air for an air-breathing scramjet engine. But he's apparently trolling since the engine could be a serial combination of the different ones in a neat way; or it could have a separate rocket engine; or whatever, but nobody claimed its scramjet mode operate all the way to LEO.

Submission + - China Start Development of Hybrid Spaceplane (

hackingbear writes: While SpaceX is making news with its recoverable rockets, China announced that it is working on the next big thing in spaceflight: a hypersonic spaceplane. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is beginning advanced research on a high tech, more efficient successor to the retired Space Shuttle, with hybrid combined cycle engines combining turbofan, ramjet, scramjet and rocket engines, that can takeoff from an airport's landing strip and fly straight into orbit. CASTC's rapid research timeline also suggests that the reports in 2015 of a Mach 4 test flight for a recoverable drone testbed for a combined cycle ramjet/turbofan engine were accurate. And China also has the world's largest hypersonic wind tunnel, the Mach 9 JF-12, which could be used to easily test hypersonic scramjets without costly and potentially dangerous flight testing at altitude. Its nearest competitor, the British Skylon in contrast uses pre-cooled jet engines built by Reaction Engines Limited to achieve hypersonic atmospheric flight, as opposed to scramjets. Both spacecraft will probably first fly around the mid 2020s.

Submission + - New State-Sponsored Spyware Detected Targeting Russia, China (

hackingbear writes: A previously unknown hacking group variously dubbed "Strider" or "ProjectSauron" has carried out cyber-espionage attacks against select targets in Russia, China, Iran, Sweden, Belgium and Rwanda, security researchers said on Monday. The newly discovered group's targets include four organizations and individuals located in Russia, an airline in China, an organization in Sweden and an embassy in Belgium, Symantec said. "Based on the espionage capabilities of its malware and the nature of its known targets, it is possible that the group is a nation state-level attacker," Symantec said, but it did not speculate about which government might be behind the software. Previously, China and Russia were usually accused as the initiating end of these hacking activities.

Comment Re:When? (Score 1) 173

the Chinese see that as attempts from western colonizers to control, and humiliate China... Again, they don't realize we've moved on from colonization, and we're happy to be partners with them

And how do you know if that (to control or colonize) is not true? Do you work for the CIA?

Look around the world, the only real competitor to the US (and its puppet Western allies) is China. Just think about that if one day Chinese Yuan succeeds becoming a real competitor to the USD and that most other countries are willing to trade everything include petroleum in RMB and accumulate RMBs as reserved, we would be much more like Greece. And all our allies would become theirs.

That's why we care about their political suppression so much. If China is irrelevant, we would care them as much as we care about Zimbabwe. If we truly want them to be our partner, we would care as much as we care about those same issues in Saudi Arabia or now Vietnam. (We did, back in 1970s, but not now. See below.)

it's foolish for China to try to force Taiwan to join them (the Taiwanese don't trust China

Yeah, Taiwan should forget that we betrayed them back in the 1970s when we made China, along with Afgan and bin Laden, allies to fight the Soviets, and start trusting us again, so they can be our puppet too.

Comment Re:What if the Chinese make First Contact? (Score 4, Funny) 64

But what if it were actually the Chinese who made First Contact? What if the aliens end up being forced to work in factories, making shoes up to 18 hours a day?

Then the American government will cite it as another evidence in its annual Human Right Report and promptly deport those aliens to Mexico.

Submission + - China's Answer to Taint Search Results: Warning Labels (

hackingbear writes: Months after a terminally-ill cancer patient complained that he was misled by the giant search engine Baidu and sparked an online public outcry, the Cyberspace Administration of China said search engines, asides from review the qualifications of paying clients and must limit the number of paid results, must also clearly label paid results as such. Just like in the States, warning labels are increasingly becoming the band-aid solutions in China as well.

Submission + - China New Rocket Makes Successful Maiden Flight (

hackingbear writes: China's developing space program took another major step forward on Saturday with the launch of its Long March 7 rocket, a new class of booster capable of lifting up to 13.5 metric tons to low-Earth orbit (LEO). The primary payload of the flight was a dummy version of its next-generation crew capsule and some CubeSats. It marked the first launch from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, located on Hainan Island, the country's southernmost point, though they should build a launch site on one of its small islands in the South China Sea which is even closer to the equator. This allows better access to geostationary orbit for Chinese satellites. The Long March 7 also operates with kerosene and liquid oxygen fuels, rather than more environmentally dangerous hypergolic fuels used to power earlier launchers that were based on 1970s technology. Later this year, China will debut another new rocket, the Long March 5, capable of delivering 25 tons to LEO. The rocket's core stage is powered by two YF-100 engines, which China has been developing for more than a decade. The engine has a thrust of about 270,000 pounds at sea level, which is less than one of the space shuttle's main engines (418,000 lbf), but more than one of the Merlin 1D engines (190,000 lbf) used by SpaceX in its Falcon 9 rocket.

Comment Why not? (Score 2) 49

Because this seems more political than business related.

These patent infringement lawsuits, real inventions or fluffs, have been filed by huge amount by US companies or trolls, against many companies including Samsung. And Samsung have filed similar lawsuits against others. So why is a Chinese company copying the same practice only for "political" and not for money? Don't you know all companies and people want money, just like it is in the US? Have you been travel to China to take a look? China is not North Korea.

Submission + - SPAM: China Curbs Baidu Ads, Shuts Down Military Commerce After Online Outcry

hackingbear writes: While you're free to express anything in the Land of Free and waiting to hear some real actions after posting to the White House Petition Website, online protests in the restrictive China resulted in actions swiftly. Chinese regulators have imposed limits on the number of lucrative healthcare adverts carried by Baidu Inc days following the death of a student who underwent an experimental cancer treatment which he found using China's biggest Internet search engine and his blogging of the ordeal triggered a huge public outcries. The rules mean the company must clean up in-search healthcare adverts and the positioning of paid-for search adverts of any kind cannot only be based on the highest bidder, "If they do enforce that, it would likely significantly cut into revenues," said Mark Natkin, managing director of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting. A separate investigation Chinese regulators had ordered the fixing of "serious problems" at the military-run hospital, which had been found to be illegally working with a private healthcare business, unlawfully advertising services and using unauthorized clinical technology, according to the official Xinhua news agency. In addition, the People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force selected 17 units to be the first to close their commercial activities such as housing rentals, medical services and hospitality; the goal is to shut down all military's commercial activities, meaning they would have to rely on tax payer's money to run, like the U.S. military.
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Submission + - China Probes Baidu Over Faulty Medical Ads (

hackingbear writes: China's Internet regulator said on Monday it will send a team to investigate Baidu Inc over the death of a university student who used the Chinese search engine to look for treatment for his rare cancer and find an experimental treatment offered by the Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Police Corps, which eventually proven ineffective. Before dying, Wei accused Baidu online of promoting false medical information, as well as the hospital for misleading advertising in claiming a high success rate for the treatment, state radio said. The post attracted a large public outcry. Baidu says around one quarter of its revenues come from medical and health-care advertisers.

Submission + - Chinese Experiment Demonstrates Viable Mammalian Embryos in Space (

hackingbear writes: The latest experiment results from China's SJ-10 recoverable satellite have been sent back with some groundbreaking news. For the first time in human history, it has been proven that the early stages of embryos in mammals can be developed completely in a space environment. High-resolution photographs sent back by SJ-10 show that the mouse embryos carried by the return capsule completed the entire developing process within 96 hours from the launch, the first reported successful development of mammalian embryos in space.

"The human race may still have a long way to go before we can colonize the space. But before that, we have to figure out whether it is possible for us to survive and reproduce in the outer space environment like we do on Earth. Now, we finally proved that the most crucial step in our reproduction – the early embryo development – is possible in the outer space," said Duan Enkui, Professor of the Institute of Zoology affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and principle researcher of the experiment. The U.S. conducted similar experiment on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1996 and China conducted one abroad its SJ-8 in 2006, neither was able to show any viable embryos back then.

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