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Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 423

In most places I've worked, if you were allowed to use Linux as your desktop OS at all; you were on your own and completely unsupported by IT, whether you needed it or nor.

Same here. They were clueless and I loved it. They weren't all up in my box all the time and I got my work done despite their "best practices." One time, they even sent out a flunkie to check out why my IP address was refusing when they pushed Windows updates. I had a good belly laugh over that one.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 2) 76

Why don't you get your condo association to ban short term rentals? Or, get them to assess fines on the condo owner if there are neighbor complaints about noise when there's a short term renter occupying the space? Why does the government have to get involved when you have a governing body that is much closer to the problem and challenges of your building rather than a "one size fits all" solution.

Simple, because that doesn't blanket-suppress AirBnB type competition to the established players in the whole city/county/State. If AirBnB/Uber type businesses joined forces maybe they could swing more money and lobbyists than the established players in places like NYC/NYS, and then you can bet there would start being laws passed restricting hotels/motels and costing them money and business and opening the market to AirBnB type businesses.

It's all about the Benjamins to politicians and regulators, doubly-so in NY. They could not care less about your safety, comfort, or well-being unless it benefits them in some way.

The only reason AirBnB (and Uber/Lyft, etc) type businesses are growing is that government and the established players are forcing prices high enough above what the market would otherwise set that more and more people see the risks as worth it. If hotel/motel and other similar temporary accommodation businesses dropped prices and offered better quality/value, most AirBnB type activity would die on the vine. Same with Uber/Lyft vs cab companies.


Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 2) 144

By and large anti-immigrant, xenophobic ideas

You assume your conclusion there. Not wanting more immigrants when you can't find a job is not xenophobia. Check around /. when there's an H1-B discussion. Do you really thing that's xenophobia? Or are you really saying "people I don't like are racists"? Because that's what I hear you saying.

In general, almost everything involved in politics is more about allegiances than coherent philosophical approaches.

Politics is about putting the taxpayers' money in your pocket. Why would that be connected to any philosophical approach in the first place? The only thing politicians actually disagree on is: who's pocket.

believing they have a right to discriminate

Every time you make a choice based on data, you discriminate. I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Comment Re:"Internet took a turn for the worst this mornin (Score 1) 105

Did it really? I'm in the US and I didn't notice anything.

Me neither. I am on the West Coast, and I heard it mainly affected the East Coast, but my East Coast friends say they didn't notice anything either.

Did anyone actually notice this "outage"?

Comment Re:Telling people what can and cant do with (Score 4, Informative) 76

Telling people what can and cant do with their own property is called Communism.

No, under Communism there is no private property at all — it is all communal. What you are describing is Fascism. It is generally better than Communism, but still quite nasty — and inefficient.

Comment Re:AI -- FAR more hype than substance (Score 1) 179

Filtering out extraneous data and acting on the environment is something all living things can do but computers are horrible at.

Unless computers have been trained to do exactly that. We're (genetically) trained to do so through natural selection. Things like software controlled radios are trained to do the exact same thing through careful programming in comparatively short time, rather than across millions of years of trial and error.

Comment Re:My personal Mac anecdote (Score 1) 423

2003? The "Aluminum" era of Powerbooks had cases that were total crap. I owned three of them (one G4, two Intel) and the worst part was that the optical drive mount would go out of alignment and it couldn't eject disks. Also, the skin oils in the palms of my hands etched the surface of the case like crazy. They were just bad, but I had a "Pismo" G3 from 2000 that was even worse about falling apart inside.

I'm currently using a "Late 2011" 17" MacBook Pro that I got in 2012 when Apple announced that they would be discontinued. The "Unibody" cases are much more sturdy. Mine has been through a lot of bumps and scratches, and the worst thing that happened was I dropped it on the corner by the power plug and the video connector came loose and had to be re-seated. The second worst thing was after four years, gunk accumulated under the edges of the trackpad and it wouldn't click properly anymore. I fixed that too. (I'm aware that some of that series had GPU problems that were probably due to lead-free solder, but not mine.) Quad i7, full-HD 16:10 LED-backlight display, upgraded to 16GB RAM and SSD. It's been a fucking workhorse. I still feel like all the Retina models so far would be a downgrade.

So "Crappy model of Powerbook is crappy." Who'd have thunk it?

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