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Comment Re:As someone with a masters in this -exact field- (Score 2) 47

Bjarne Stroustrup, Doug Lea, Knuth, etc... still make feel like a moron on a almost daily basis....

If someone makes you feel like a moron when they explain something, then maybe they are not as smart as you think they are. If you are a true master, you should be able to explain concepts in a way that even a child can understand. Richard Feynman was famous for this. So was Albert Einstein. Of course you can go too far, and simplify too much, so the children only think they understand. Donald Trump is a good example of that.

Comment Madness (Score 1) 259

Government provides better services for a fraction of the cost compared to capitalism

You are utterly insane and I do NOT want to subscribe to your newsletter.

That statement is so breathtakingly ignorant it boggles the mind. But not too much because believing that titanic lie is why California is the way it is, and is becoming moreso.

Comment Even programmers should know better though (Score 1) 93

I would say having a 32 bit number as some kind of ID for activity is not even a database design issue, it's almost a pure programing issue. Any programmer should know better than to keep a unique ID in some kind of 32 bit value... heck the "fix" to move to a 64-bit value is better but not as good as using a for-real UUID which is really more of a standard (and even larger than the 64-bit value), and also something any programmer should know about.

Comment Re:AI? (Score 2) 136

Bro, do you even dictionary? It does have a defined meaning and it's not machine consciousness. For fucks sake, that's science fiction and only science fiction. It's not the common meaning of the term. It's not what "AI researchers" research. It's fanwank. Get over it.

1 : a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers

2 : the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior

Comment Re:AI investment will be interesting (Score 1) 136

As you increase efficiency, people can buy more fore the same money, so it evens out. Looked at a different way, set the notion of money aside: what we consume is what we produce (assuming an efficient market, so we're not producing stuff no one wants). More production will always mean more consumption. More efficiency just means more production, because we as consumers are never satisfied.

Of course, times can get turbulent as jobs move to new areas faster than people can retrain, and this certainly isn't the first time that's happened.

Comment Re:Using the cloud is so safe and secure... (Score 3, Informative) 93

How do you back up data that was never stored? Or logs for transactions that never completed? And how, even if you had those transactions, would you meaningfully restore them when the restoration process itself would simply repeat the result of overflowing the available indexes?

This isn't a typical disaster recovery scenario. The architecture itself is at fault, and the data is lost.

Comment Re:Important milestone (Score 1) 136

Not as humans play it. You don't play the early game, or any area where pieces are sparse, by exhaustive analysis, but that's where the mechanical search space would be largest. (Much like humans don't play the endgame in chess that way.) "Complexity" of the naive search space, before even the most basic pruning, isn't an interesting measure.

Playing as humans play, the early game in chess is more complex than go, the midgame is similar, the endgame is much more complex in go. Go is harder to write a bot for, because chess is more complex in ways that are hard for humans, while go is more complex in ways that are hard to program. Does that make it a "more complex game"? Maybe - it's all down to definitions.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 259

I have literally never been propositioned by a gay man in all the time I've lived in and visited the Bay Area

Perhaps you have and you didn't realize it. If you are in SF, and a man asks you "Have you got the time?", you likely replied by looking at your watch or phone and telling him the time. But the reply he is really hoping for is "Yes, I do have time!"

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