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Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 4, Informative) 128

The company claimed on official government forms for multiple years that the drug is a generic.

The drug, epinephrine, is generic. It is adrenaline, which your body produces naturally. There is no patent stopping generic injectors, but so far none have been approved by the FDA. Teva submitted an injector, but the FDA denied approval for reasons that are not clear.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 159

it would give you enough power that hills wouldn't be a problem.

Having "enough power" is NOT the problem. DC motors produce plenty of power and plenty of torque at low speeds. The problem is that at those low speeds there is little back-EMF, so the only thing impeding the current is the resistance of the coils. So the motor gets you up the hill, but when you reach the top, the coils are hot, and the battery is empty. The problem is not power, but efficiency.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 159

I'm not going to say for certain if you can design a motor to give you high enough torque at low speeds and also have high efficiency at high speeds, but you probably can.

Of course you can. That is trivial. All DC motors give high torque at low speeds and high efficiency at high speeds. In fact, they give the highest torque at zero speed. That is why a Tesla can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The problem is doing the opposite: high efficiency at low speed. DC motors are terrible at that.

Comment Re:The Saudi government is barbaric (Score 1) 201

You genuinely believe that donations to the Clinton Foundation is what keeps them in power and unpunished? rofl

Why would I believe something that you made up in your own head to fight as a strawman? Oh, I get it. Because you're hoping that by distracting with that juvenile rhetorical technique, that people will forget that the Clintons DO in fact rake in millions of dollars for their own family and cronies (only a sliver of their foundation's revenue goes to anything other than internal paychecks and perks/expenses) in exchange for providing political access to those who pile on the cash. Of course you know this, and are trying to wish it away. Especially the part where she was encouraging that while she was in office, giving lots of access to those who paid her husband. But do carry on, and pretend it didn't happen. Feel better now?

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 159

They are? Even inverter drive motors?

Inverter drives are used with AC power supplies. Scooters use DC batteries and DC motors. So this doesn't even apply to the situation.

AC motors work best in fixed speed, fixed load situations, such as a fan, or a pump with a constant head. If run outside their spec, they will usually just stall (try sticking your finger in a fan, and it will just stop rather than pushing harder). An inverter can make an AC system more efficient under variable load and variable speed. But it will still be relatively inefficient if used far outside of its nominal range. If you ride an electric scooter up long and steep hills, you will soon have a hot motor and a dead battery.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 159

it drives me crazy when they sweep up damp leaves and set them on fire. It is illegal and yet everyone does it.

Obvious solution: Rodrigo Duterte could declare that it is legal to shoot anyone burning leaves. After a few extra-judicial executions, you should notice the air quality improving.

Comment Re:Ionic Breeze Quadra Mark 2? (Score 1) 159

Ross Perot

You forgot Buchanan. And Bernie.

There were choices. There were voices making the case. None of them we're rewarded by the electorate. They were all shouted down with "TrAd3 WaRz!!1" by the left and the right and the voters were pleased. Trump will be another entry on the list.

The truth is the Left and professional class workers in the US want it this way. They like padding the regulatory nest at home and keeping all that industry out of the environment. Wiping out the livelihoods of the Deplorables is another fine outcome.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 4, Insightful) 109

As usual, Yahoo is missing the market. Rather than a binary porn/not-porn, there would be a MUCH bigger market for a porn classifier that could help people find what they like. If their DL-NN is based on RBMs they could even use it in generative mode to create porn to individual tastes.

Comment It is the economy, stupid (Score 1) 201

Saudi Arabia remains a very rich country. Its subsidized citizens are obscenely rich, but even the non-citizens are doing rather well. It has, for example, a large population of Indians, who, despite having no prospect of citizenship, like their salaries much better there, than in their own reasonably free country.

For another example, it had a large contingent of Arabs from Palestine until 1991 (when the fools celebrated Saddam Hussein's invasion into Kuwait and were summarily expelled by the Saudis over it). They too preferred Saudi Arabia over the more secular destinations (like most other Arab countries).

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