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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 230

I have pretty good experience with prime in San Antonio with both UPS and USPS. I can't remember the last time I received something from Amazon by FedEx.

In fact, the only time I get a package from USPS on a Sunday is when it's shipped Prime. I thought the delivery ETA was a system error the first time I saw a package estimated to arrive on a Sunday.

And that is with stuff coming from other states (I always hope for that to avoid the 8-9% sales tax markup.)

Comment Re: I have my own plan to eliminate cable boxen. (Score 1) 149

Time Warner in San Antonio refuses to allow you to subscribe to cable without renting their top box. On their site, it says you can, but both the local and 800 support said that you no longer can with the new pricing structures this year.

And dropping cable for the internet speeds I get would cost more than keeping cable - at least with the discounts they gave me after complaining and driving from TWC store after store.

Comment Re:My old phone had a replaceable battery (Score 1) 210

No, they didn't. I've never heard one actual person using a cell phone in the real world make that complaint. It's strictly an issue for the gadget review press. And besides, what are you talking about? Extra plastic?

I imagine you hang around a lot more older people or tech people. Most people I know spend the bulk of their phone bragging time talking about the slickness of their phone - this includes thinness and shininess. The only hardware feature I hear people talk about is the camera.

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