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Submission + - domain seized ( 1

JackieBrown writes: Going to the kodi site, there is now a warning that the domain has been seized by ICE.

The wiki can still be accessed but the forums are all down,

Any suggestions besides superrepo on where to get legit addons (I'm trying to set mine up right now.)

Comment Re: chip on your shoulder (Score 1) 265

I'll sum-up your post: To force all breast-feeding mothers outside of public places is a non-issue.

Well, I beg to differ. If you're offended by nature, stay home and clse the shades. Let the mothers breastfeed wherever the fuck they want.

That very righteous of you.
So really, in your world view, Europe and most of the world is pretty intolerant for forcing people to wear cloths since we are born naked so are naked by nature.

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

what we should do is file a lien on the Government, and take every bit of military, CIA, FBI, and DARPA technology, gov't housing for those holding office, all of their pay raises (and accounts since they're paid by our tax money) and revoke their ability to collect taxes until their debt to us is settled.

In addition to what Trump is cutting or are you just changing agencies that get cuts?

Comment Re:Surely not the only solution. (Score 1) 419

You will know to look for linux support before buying stuff. I know as a windows user, you were not looking for this info when you got it originally but going forward it will be easier. If you pick Ubuntu, Debian or one of their derivatives, searching "does this printer work on Ubuntu" will usually give you a quick answer.

I must say, based on your posts here, I am very surprised that you have been using a corporate OS versus an open source one. I would have thought that you have made the switch out of principal.

Comment Re:Why is it tanking only now? (Score 1) 90

I have a PS3 so maybe the experience is better now. But whenever I do pull out my PS3, usually about 30 minutes is installing the latest OS update. Then the next 10-20 minutes is installing whatever game patch is out.

I boot my computer and play. Steam runs any game updates in the background for all my games and I can tell windows to wait on any os updates.

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