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Comment Re: How is this different from arbitrage on the NY (Score 1) 212

The exact same thing happens when you're selling as well.

If you sell a share at $2.99, and then somebody buys at $2.99, then guess what? You still sold it at the price you asked for.

Likewise, if you place a bid for a share at $3 and then you buy at $3, then guess what? You still bought it for the price you asked for.

By the way, that quote in your signature is not only horribly misquoted, but it's horribly written English as well. Ben Franklin wouldn't have written such bad English, ("they who can"? Seriously?) and it was actually written like this:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

And it likely doesn't mean what you think it means:


Comment Re: Don't worry (Score 1) 243

You're way overthinking this as most of your expenses likely aren't even relevant to somebody on minimum wage.

Chances are you're dragging around a lot of crap that doesn't exactly need to be moved. If I was on minimum wage, I'd just sell all of my furniture on craigslist or in a yard sale, and then after moving go down to goodwill and buy new stuff for roughly the same price. Everything else can likely just be packed into the trunk of whatever car you're traveling to your new place in.

If your job is minimum wage, what possible expenses can be involved in actually finding a new job in your new location? And furthermore, what time is involved beyond just a few days? Finding minimum wage jobs is dead simple unless you're a total moron. Hell, just find the closest bar and they'll probably need somebody to wash dishes.

As for a deposit, not every place wants a deposit. Roommate situations almost never ask for one, and some apartments don't ask for one either, while others might ask for a really cheap deposit. The place I live in now just asked for $50 for a credit check and a choice of either $100 non-refundable deposit or a $500 refundable deposit, and gave the first month's rent free.

Comment Re: You Can't Do The Time (Score 1) 133

You misunderstand. Yes, he can be muscular, but the problem is with his 5'7" and a BMI of 25.1, his average fellow inmate would likely be bigger and stronger.

Just to give you a frame of reference, Tom Cruise is the EXACT same height as the AC poster of 5'7" only Cruise weighs 201lbs, giving him a BMI of 31.5. If you look at Cruise in his movies, he's not really that big of a guy. Now consider that Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a BMI of 31.5 when he was in the first Terminator movie. Given that he is 6'2", that BMI makes a massive difference in terms of appearance, even though Arnold was the same BMI as today's Tom Cruise.

But again, AC poster is 5'7" with a BMI of 25.1, so think about that for a minute. That should be enough to tell you just how small the AC poster actually is, even if he's all muscle.

Also if you follow the WHO guidelines, Cruise and Arnold are both obese by definition, hence the problem with BMI.

Comment Re: Well (Score 1) 535

No, most CEOs don't count as a sociopath. As I mentioned, a psychopath will bond to a particular cause often at the expense of others. In the case of a CEO, that's usually their company. For a career like a surgeon, their cause is their patients, sometimes treating the operating room assistants like shit but devoting their utmost care and attention to the patient.

A psychopath can be a sociopath, and when that happens, their pet cause is usually themselves, though it can also be their family, their pets, etc.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 535

You're forgetting what sociopaths like CEOs and politicians prefer to do with irrelevant parasites who are using up the sociopaths' precious resources without providing reciprocal benefit.

Actually the term you're looking for is a psychopath, and they gravitate towards (among other things) surgeons, journalists, chefs, lawyers and civil servants. They're not that likely to be politicians though. And, psychopaths in many cases have a pet cause that they'll devote all of their energy to at the expense of other things; for example they'll sometimes be animal rights activists, and in deeper manifestations become eco terrorists.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 2) 373

I think the EU is afraid that its own citizens can't resist hate speech.

Anyways, I'm curious why they are being so aggressive about this, yet they don't raise a "great firewall of europe" to block ALL hate speech sites, sites that ignore right to be forgotten, etc. Presumably they'd need to block VPNs and tor as well.

Comment Re: You Can't Do The Time (Score 0) 133

No, not overweight. Sure, the WHO standard says BMI of 25 is the maximum for normal weight, and he's 25.1, but the WHO standard isn't as accurate as the NHANES II standard, which says he's of normal weight. This is because the former evens it to make it easy to do napkin math, whereas the later is based on hard math.

Nonetheless, how big he is would be somewhat relative. Since the average white male is 5'10", he's a little (but not a lot) short, and since his BMI is 25.1 he can't exactly be muscular. So yeah, he may get pushed around a bit.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 2, Interesting) 330

Speed is not why you should want (or not) systemd. It's Linux. How often do you expect to reboot the thing, anyway?

Well, on my home rolled NAS appliance, I really like the ability to reboot all of my VMs very quickly when applying security updates, because I'm not the only one that uses it.

In the spirit of "Do one thing and do it well", systemd's goal is "manage services and dependencies". To that end, the only real interaction you normally have with systemd is to start or stop a service, and view the associated logs if some service is misbehaving. In my opinion, them, I don't really see the point in changing one's distro (including support lifecycles, development trust, and organization philosophy) just to swap out init. It's just not that big a deal.

I personally don't have a problem with systemd. The thing is, there's so much damn drama over it that I'm curious what its detractors want to use in its place. And why are some people going to go out of their way to say "you don't need a faster boot time" when they don't know my use case? Furthermore, with the way I hack my Android smartphone, I'd love it if it booted faster.

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