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Comment Re: News Flash! (Score 1) 446

I wouldn't say there's zero added benefit. Like it or not, this planet does have a yet to be determined expiration date. Sooner or later, we'll have to sort out the logistics of sending meatbags into space. Why not now, rather than wait until some kind of extinction event happens? And extinction events do happen.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 120

Or the pirate sites could just relocate inside of tor, thus obviating the need for a CDN. Only way to DDoS a .onion site would mean DDoSing all of tor.

And given the US government hates a lot of the sites on tor and hasn't been particularly successful at killing the ones that it hates the most (only rarely succeeding) I think tor is a safe bet to escape from DMCA type laws.

In fact, tor was specifically designed to help people get away with breaking the laws of various countries.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 401

You already bragged about your workout routine.

No, I didn't.

You don't like being called an obese fat-head

You can call me whatever you want. Hell, you can even accuse me of being a tranny if you want to. I'm just setting the record straight. Whether or not you or anybody else believes me is inconsequential. And that is because of what I've been saying this entire time:

1. Repeating a lie many times and even getting a majority of people to agree with the lie doesn't make it true.
2. Wishing something to be true doesn't make it true.
3. Repeatedly claiming something to be true, regardless of whether or not you believe it to be true, doesn't make it true.

Likewise, claiming you're a woman doesn't make that true either, even if you honestly believe that to be the case.

Comment Re:Goal-focused CEO (Score 1) 123

I've had a company I've worked for (contract work) as desktop support where I've complained loudly about atrocious security and nobody gave a shit. In fact, they had no plan in place at all for handling a breach, and there wasn't even somebody I could contact in the event of one, which I found out when we I noticed that we had a breach (and when I mentioned it to the system engineers, none of them seemed to care.) The only thing I could do was just let it go because the network engineers didn't want to add any kind of short term filtering as that would mean they would have to do some work, which was a thing they particularly hated doing.

I suspect that if I was a manager or otherwise in a position where I had power, I probably never would have been given the budget to address any of the security concerns.

As soon as the 90 days was up I just left and never looked back.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 401

I already addressed the rest of your rant way back, you just ignored it, and as I mentioned I will not rehash it any further. But as for this one...

Maybe you should get your obese body out more. See the world as it really is. The fat has clogged your brain.

Actually I do 5 solid hours of instructor-led nonstop and very intense workout in the gym every week (it's included as part of the rent here,) in addition to a weekly bike ride that is no less than 12 miles, much of it on some steep trails in South Mountain. Sometimes my bike rides are as long as 70 miles if I feel like making it an all afternoon event. I even do it in 115 degree weather in the summer no less (though admittedly it's a dry heat.) Try doing that, Mr. Wildling!

Besides, if I was truly obese and unhealthy, I would be neither eligible nor listed for kidney transplant, as obesity is in fact one of the things that can make you ineligible, which I was ineligible at one point because I had edema which made my legs so huge that they added about 25lbs each worth of water, (it was awful, I couldn't even wear pants or shoes because my legs were THAT big) thus pushing my BMI high enough that I couldn't be listed.

But, 40mg of lasix per day for three weeks solved that problem and I got listed. And, in fact I even had the head transplant surgeon directly tell me that I'm one of the best pre-transplant candidates he's ever had, not only for my physical fitness, but for my knowledge on the subject as well.

Comment Re: News Flash! (Score 1) 446

I remember one of the Apollo astronauts (I want to say Neil Armstrong) said they probably only had a 50% chance of returning from the moon alive. That doesn't sound far different from the situation Musk describes for Mars. And, the motivation for Apollo was to prove that our capitalist democracy was better than Russia's communist oligarchy.

In light of that, I don't see any reason to think that Musk's plan is any worse or better than the Apollo program.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 401

You still haven't answered the original question - what is so hard about referring to Chelsea Manning by her legal name?

I already answered it, several times in fact. Anyways I'll just leave this discussion at this point, as I found that I'm not the only one who finds talking to you totally pointless, and we'll let history be the judge, you senile old man.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 401

I like how you constantly dodge the question of why you can't explain how you think that you aren't a bigot. I've directly asked you four times now. You're even worse than a politician.

I also like how you completely fail at the science behind this and dodge all of my questions calling attention to that fact.

And most of all, I like how I'm apparently not the only one who can see just how transparent you are:

The majority of the world agrees with me, including China, India, Muslim countries, and the West, not you. Suck it up, buttercup.

And you base this on absolutely nothing, and I say nothing because you've offered not a shred of evidence to show any numbers.

And again we have a loser! Again, you don't know what you're talking about. 50% of male-to-female transsexuals are straight, and as long as your birth certificate, passport, and all other documentation says female, what's the problem?

...And you completely missed the point.

And in India, which has a huge chunk of the world's population, I'm acceptable.

By law maybe, but I highly doubt you'd be able to walk around unscathed in most parts of India if they knew what you are. Ditto Iran.

Add the Muslim population, the Indian population, and Europe, and you've got a majority right there, even without counting New Zealand, Australia,

Again, this is based on nothing, and is in fact handwaving.

Comment Re:Asian discrimination?? (Score 1) 459

If these were IT positions, then I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them who were qualified on paper were rejected because their actual knowledge didn't reflect their written qualifications. That is, they might have braindumped their way through some vendor certifications, which would qualify them on paper, but doesn't necessarily mean they're knowledgeable. Braindumped IT certifications look far more legit than a degree from a diploma mill, and would probably fool a government entity who is auditing their screening process just based on paper qualifications (I'm guessing they probably didn't have recordings of the phone screenings.)

Besides, I'm having a really hard time believing that an IT shop would discriminate against Asians.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 401

First of all, stop dodging the question already: What makes you believe that you are not a bigot, given you fit the literal definition of one?

I already gave the underlying biological cause of transsexuality plenty of times, both in this article and elsewhere.

And there it is again, the same explanation that can't explain FTM transexuality, nor can it explain cases like Sam Hashimi, and I'm sure it can't explain many others as well.

And yet, without any evidence of it, you declare that Bradley Manning has a female brain? And you wonder why I say you're kind of dumb, or if not that, naive. Furthermore, without any evidence, you seem to claim that this is the prevailing cause for MTF trans. Although I believe psychology is on the right track, people like you are exactly why it has so many critics.

Also, why is it my job to convince you

Nobody asked you to; the fact that you're on a moral crusade is your own business.

when the majority agrees with me?

What majority? I don't live in the same country as you, so surely you're talking about the whole world, in which case you're likely wrong as most of the world doesn't view things from a western perspective. And while it may be a prevailing western opinion, prevailing opinion doesn't mean the same thing as majority. Furthermore, I'm not just going to adopt an opinion just because it's a majority one. The majority western opinion is also that organic food is without a doubt better for you than conventional food, yet the science very clearly says otherwise (specifically, no evidence that it's better, some evidence that it may be worse.)

When the military, the courts,

If the courts said homosexuality was a crime, would they be correct?

and the majority of the population disagrees with you, you're the one with the burden of proof.

Speak of proof, prove that the majority population disagrees with me. Also prove to me that having a female brain represents the sole or even the majority cause of why a man wants to be a woman. These are things you keep claiming repeatedly without any evidence.

In fact, it's funny because I've already proven that, at least in a few respects, I know more about the science behind this than you do, namely how I mentioned that ftm trans can and do end up with male pattern baldness, as is triggered by testosterone, something which you promptly denied and were obviously wrong about.

Also I think what's the most telling is that in spite of the fact that you meet the textbook definition of a bigot, and I do not, you keep labeling me as one.

And yes, here purposefully and repeatedly misgendering someone (which is what you've been doing with Manning) is considered a crime.

I honestly don't care dude. Although Canadians always come to where I live (Phoenix) I really have no interest at all in going to Canada; in fact I really can't stand the cold and the closest I'd go to Canada is Alaska because I have a slight interest in climbing Denali. Just as much as I'm sure it's a crime to be a non-Muslim in Mecca, it really doesn't bother me as I have no interest in going there either.

Furthermore, this would be as absurd as me inviting you to any one of the 82 countries where homosexuality is illegal.

Honestly you're behaving like a 10 year old.

Comment Re: Comment (Score 4, Insightful) 314

I'm probably going to be going against the grain here, but I think the entertainment industry is probably one place where age discrimination is reasonable.

Think about it: Imagine Anthony Hopkins playing the role of a young teenager. Sure, he's a really talented actor, but it would just be really...odd... Unless the movie is supposed to be a comedy or something.

I'm sure Barbara Hudson will chime in and label me as hateful and bigoted, but what can you do.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 401

Manning was diagnosed before al this. His CO knew about it and it wasn't an issue. It's no longer DADT - it's up to each commanding officer to handle it as they so choose. Of course you have a problem with that, because that doesn't fit your narrative. The diagnosis was made 16 years ago.

I'm still not hearing any evidence for an underlying cause, which still means that in fact you have no idea.

SRS isn't considered cosmetic surgery.

And yet it is, by your own admission, by definition a cosmetic surgery.

If it impacts your coordination, that's your problem. For many people, it doesn't. Of course, it also helps that, unlike you, I can use either hand for most tasks.

When firing a weapon, I can use both hands to a reasonable degree, but still it would be best if I could use my right hand, because when holding and steadying the weapon it takes precise coordination in more muscles than just those in your arm.

As for kidney donations, I've already offered. Turns out the patient was too sick to survive the surgery at the time, and I'm now past the age of donation. Go donate a kidney, then we'll talk.

I've had kidney disease for practically my entire adult life, which means I can't even be a living donor for other organs, like liver. I've been donating blood since I was a teenager however, and only recently stopped when it was advised that I have chronic anemia.

Also, while testosterone does make trans men grow a beard, it doesn't cause them hair loss.

I didn't say that it causes hair loss, rather that it does in most cases. And guess what:

So you're quite wrong here. And look at that, I seem to know the science of gender differences better than you do.

So much for "trashing my arguments."

The thing is, I haven't met any girls that aren't grossed out by it, nor am I somehow a repressed gay.

And what does ANY of this have to do with calling Manning by her legal name? If the military can do it, why can't you? Not man enough?

I've already explained this, and furthermore it has nothing to do with whether or not I'm a man. Oh wait, but remember how you said that men are more likely to not accept that viewpoint? So you're very much contradicting yourself.

Come on up here and say it to my face and I'll have the cops on your ass in minutes. Here we have laws against hate speech. Not my fault that you're the only G8 country that has to catch up, same as in so many things.

Except nothing I've said can be considered hateful. You on the other hand have said plenty of hateful things against not only myself, but rednecks and Americans.

Oh what's that? Those aren't considered hateful because those aren't "protected" by your hate laws? How hypocritical, which is the first problem with "hate" laws. The second problem is that they can and do end up being abused to silence political speech. We're not behind in this regard at all, in fact I'd say we're rather ahead. People have the right to be assholes, the fact that you believe otherwise is why I call you an evil Mr Rogers:

Watch that movie if you haven't. Anyways, you're an asshole, just a self righteous one, and somehow that makes you think you're legitimate and I'm not. You're quite wrong though. In fact you are by all definitions a bigot.

Simple - you refuse to refer to someone by their legal name because of their birth sex. That's bigotry.

No, it's not bigotry. Again, let me quote the definition of bigotry:

Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Now explain to me, how are you NOT a bigot? You keep dodging this question and I'd like to hear your answer.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 2) 397

I'm not a programming expert at all, and in fact whenever I need to automate something, the best I can do is write something in bash or make something GUI driven in powershell.

But, it's my understanding that Assembly is psuedocode that translates more directly into machine code than say C. Unless you want to argue that CPU architectures directly interpret words like PUSH, INT, CALL, JMP, etc, then why wouldn't assembly be considered a programming language in the same vein as anything else?

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