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Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 1) 205

Greed is OK if funneled correctly and controlled. Greed is understandable and direct.
In fact, simple greed works better than than altruism, as altruism is often just uncontrolled greed masquerading as goodness.

For example, who would you trust more: the guy who offers to mow your lawn for $20, or the guy who tells you he'll do it because "he just wants to help".
Without knowing either person, you'd trust the $20 guy more. His motivation is obvious.

Keep in mind I said Controlled. Uncontrolled greed is a blight.

Comment Re: Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1) 412

If Verizon was some pie-in-the-sky commune, where we were all sharing bandwidth for the greater good and world peace, I'd agree with you.
But they're not. They're a business. And they're advertising falsely.

Currently in California, many "clean air" vehicles get to use the carpool lane ( which I find idiotic). now if the state suddenly started saying "Well, you can only use them between 9 pm and 4 AM", I'd be against that as well.

So if that is true, then you advertise what you're willing to offer to everyone.

Comment Re:Walmart mentality (Score 1) 205

You can bet that if every time you bought some underwhelming/easily broken item, turned it over, and it said "Manufactured in Upper Madeupistan", we'd all be sitting around complaining about Madupistan stuff being garbage. Hell, if they were all made in Ohio it would be the same: Ohio would become synonymous with low quality.
But they're not. They're made in China and say so. This has nothing to do with anyone hating China or non western manufacturing.

Comment Re: Walmart mentality (Score 1) 205

But follow this train of thought out. Assuming the original manufacturer only made decent quality items, and the knockoffs were low quality but cheaper: Eventually the original manufacturer goes out of business, and everyone associates this product with junk.

Amazon doesn't have barriers to entry compared to previously. They supply ease of entry. Think about like before Amazon: unless you had an enormous mail order catalog or brick and mortar store, nobody could ever see your products. Could a tiny Chinese counterfeiter have ever hoped to reach an audience then?

Comment Re:This is why Globalization won't matter (Score 1) 474

For instance, a waiter or a cashier. Those are pathetically low skilled jobs, but that makes up millions of people careers.

Please. Go do that. and be friendly and create an environment that makes people say " I like that place and will be coming back, they're so nice". It's a social skill job if done right. I bet you'd have a hard time with it.

They won't replace everyone, just maybe 100 million of you or so.

Fallacy: You write that as if it's beneath you to be one of the replaced. Here's a hint: You're probably one of them too.

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