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Comment Re: Sound and fury signifying nothing (Score 1) 495

Companies that behave like that, ignoring customers and doing whatever they want, are fine for a long time. Then, suddenly, sales fall and everyone stands around wondering what the hell happened. It's a gradual process that eventually goes over a cliff, and once it happens there's no turning it around.

Ask Blackberry.

Comment Re:Universities aren't completely honest either (Score 1) 420

From what I've read, many degree requirements originated due to laws put in place to fight racial discrimination in the 60s. It was decided that job tests ( such as when you applied for a general position, and they gave you a logic test) were deemed racially discriminating, and were being slanted to eliminate certain races. Companies were mostly prohibited from being allowed to give such test, except in narrowly defined fields or professions where that skill was explicitly required.
As a result, companies needed some way to judge candidates as they couldn't interview everyone. Then someone hit on the idea of requiring a degree...

You should be able to google it up if interested.

Comment Director from ITT! (Score 1) 420

At my old job, the "manager" who stood between everyone and getting a raise was the ass kissing best friend of the Information Technology VP.
He was even better than an ITT grad: he was an almost ITT grad, left before completing his program.
I hear he's now currently a Director. I may call him up and hassle him about this.

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