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Comment Re: How to copy? (Score 1) 169

How your comment currently sits a a number 3 considering you have very little truthful information in your statement if quite interesting.
First, the "speed" has nothing to do with the US regulations. The initial speed has everything to do with the conversation that happens between the card and the terminal (ATM and POS). This is what unlocks the card to allow the transaction selection process to continue. In Europe, the PIN of the card is entered to actually unlock the card, in the US, the card is just "unlocked" automatically. Now, please don't confuse the PIN of the card with the PIN of the transaction: they are two very different security items.
Second, this network balance traffic is not true. There is typically a single message that is sent out from the terminal that has all of the needed information. If the transaction is authorized, that is when the account balance (which is NOT a network or EMV requirement) is sent down to the card.
Third, there is no bank that I am aware of that actually allows for offline transactions. There could be some arrangements between particular banks and merchants, but it is not a generally accepted practice within the industry. Banks love to avoid risk whenever possible.

Comment Re:Split Your Repo (Score 1) 213

So to link against the DLL you need a header file...correct? How do you get the latest header definition from one repo to another? Yes, it is easy enough to build against an older version of the DLL but that is not the goal of the exercise here. Sorry, there is no easy way to accomplish just what I want which is a valid desire to make a single change to a component and expect it to ripple through the whole build system _WITHOUT_ human interaction other than the check-in process of the one single file.

Comment Re:Split Your Repo (Score 1) 213

Sometimes it just isn't all that simple. As an example, we have one product that comprises several Windows services as well as an ASP.Net front-end. Each of those services have a multitude of DLL that are run-time configurable. As it is, we make an extended effort to share as much code as possible which would cause issues if we were to breakup the repo into several smaller repos. So, if we had several smaller repos, and there is a fix/enhancement to one of the shared/reused components, then you are prone to human error in making sure the changes span all of the repos where if everything is in one repo then the change is picked up automatically.

What I am getting at is there are many instances where having one large repo makes perfect sense to not only allow easy tracking of fixes across my builds but also allows the maintaining of the history in a single place.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 2) 533

High labor force participation rates indicate a poor society in which people are desperate for income.,

Did you really intend to say that? Seriously. A high labor force participation rate indicates that people are not only active in the economy which is very good thing, and it also means people are actively taking care of themselves and not relying on others.

The thing about labor force participation rate is it includes discouraged workers and workers who otherwise want or would like but can't get jobs. Everyone who isn't in the labor force doesn't want to be there and won't magically take up a job if you hand them one--which means they're also not welfare recipients, since welfare goes to unemployed labor force.

I don't even know where to begin with this statement. Labor force participation should include ALL workers...period. Just because you are "discouraged" doesn't mean you shouldn't work. Sorry, if you can work, you should work...PERIOD. For most of us, sure we would love to stay home and not work, but that doesn't mean I have the right to not and force others to pay for my discouragement.

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