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Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score -1) 253

Up until relatively recent a woman could get an abortion when she wanted it

Bull. Where can't a woman get an abortion whenever she wants it?

Kermit Gosnell would perform abortions between a pregnant woman's contractions in the labor room if that's what she wanted, and he was by no means the only late-term abortionist in the world.

without a lot of hassle.

Define 'a lot of hassle'? Does that include 'forcing' her to make a life/death decision about her mother's granddaughter or grandson within six months of conception?

Comment So what? (Score 1, Insightful) 337

Show of hands, who was sitting on their hands, waiting for the incoming administration to ramp up a cyber security team to help democrats secure their private, non-government email servers? In providing guidance to geniuses like Jpn Podesta to NOT use 'password' as the password on your work GMAIL account?

Seriously, Democrats ignored warnings from FBI that they were being targeted by hackers, the Republicans heeded the warning, with predictable results in both cases.

Comment Re: He is an idiot... (Score 0) 305

If the GOP was dumb enough to try a coup d'etat by Constitution, they would find out that they don't run as much as they think. There is a reason why they lost the popular vote.

GOP won (by popular vote) 3/4th of state governerships.

GOP won (by popular vote) 3/4ths of state legislatures.

GOP won (by popular vote) the majority in the Congress.

GOP won (by popular vote) the majority in Senate.

GOP won (via the electoral college) the Presidency.

Every election Democrats lost in 2016 except the Presidential election, was lost in a popular vote.

Comment Re: He is an idiot... (Score 0) 305

Actually, America didn't, that is why Trump didn't win the popular vote.

Never, in the history has the United States selected it's leader based on the 'popular vote', why do you feel the need to point that out?

Is it your contention that Team Hillary didn't know that the election was decided based on the Electoral results, not how many Californians she could get to vote for her?

Anyone too stupid to understand how the election is decided shouldn't become president.

Comment Re: He is an idiot... (Score 1) 305

Yes, but your phone company can't sell your call history. That would be the equivalent thing, not your bs.

I suspect the gov't pays telcos to co-locate equipment at switch centers to capture all your call history (previously called 'Meta-data'), so in effect it is already being sold, to the government, paid for with your tax dollars...

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

There are a multitude of options other than assaulting passengers, but they didn't take any of them.


Everything from being driven the four hour trip, organizing for them to be put into jump seats on other aircraft, paying for seats on a different flight, offering more compensation for get the drift. Heck, moving staff around is what jump seats are for.

You seriously didn't read anything about this particular flight, did you?

There are no other aircraft flying between O'Hare and Louisville - it was 8:00 at night, there appears to be about one flight a day on that route (the layover was 20+ hours according to some reports).

They offered $800/seat, but no one took it (because they'd have to wait 20 hours to get home.

Jump seats? Seriously? Exactly where are the crew members working on the flight supposed to sit during take-off and landing?

Comment Re:Because it is profitable to do so (Score 1) 575

It is 317 miles from O'Hare airport to Louisville, KY

The airline employees didn't have to wait until 8:00 PM to get to Louisville, and we aren't certain when their next flight was - the next flight from O'Hare to Louisville was some 20 hours after the flight we are discussing.

Couldn't United fly another crew in from another airport? Perhaps a flight from the east coast?

Comment Re:disingeneous (Score 1) 575

Perhaps airlines should be forced to refund tickets if they manage to resell the seat - which given the way their pricing works they invariable do at a higher price anyway.

Sure, then they will FORCE you to book a new flight when you show up late for your flight, rather than give you a courtesy re-schedule. And when you can't make your flight, rather than issue you a credit on your low-price, non-refundable ticket, you'll lose 100 cents on the dollar.

Honestly, the current system works fine (for most people) - it's been in place how many years now, and this is the first time an overbooking issue has been world-wide news.

Comment Re:The four seats were used by crew, how was this (Score 2) 575

United could have easily booked this crew later or sent them by other means.

The "other means" would have cost the airline actual cash, the $1,000 airline credit/seat is essentially free.

It is a four hour drive (Chicago to Kentucky) - United should have hired a stretch limo to drive them the four hours to the KY airport, then the four hour return drive empty for less than $1,000.

Comment Re:Market failure (Score 1) 575

Because it usually works out just fine, and it's so incredibly fast compared to driving. Days turn into just a few hours.

This is a one day delay for a what amounts to a four hour drive. (Chicago to Kentucky)

I would have asked for a ticket refund and enough money (cash, not airline credit) to rent a car. I was once on a cancelled flight that got bumped to the next morning - the airline gave me a hotel room, a food voucher, and a ticket on the next flight out from Pittsburgh to Newark via Kentucky...

I asked for the refund, rented a car, and drove to Newark in about 6 hours, rather than jerking around the airline system for 18 hours...

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