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Comment Re: But climate change is a myth!!! (Score 1) 204

You know what Ice records show? That the climate has had hotter peaks and cooler lows than we have experienced in recorded history, and the climate rebounded. The idiots are the folks that cherry-pick facts from the historical record, ignoring those that contradict the intended outcome of their 'scientific research' as summarized on their grant requests.

Comment Re: But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 1) 204

Would you claim that 9000 miles in 10 days is a common occurence?

No, it is an easily-proven statement regarding the infrastructure needed for electric cars to replace gasoline-fueled cars.

A 1989 POS Yugo can go several hundred miles before needing a refill, it can be refilled in about ten minutes, and refuling stations are ubiquitous.

A 2016 electric vehicle can not do that, nor can a hybrid, without resorting to running almost exclusively on fossil fuels.

Comment Re: But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 4, Interesting) 204

In Norway, 25% of all new cars sold are electric.

A few quick points to ponder:

1) Norway is a tiny country.
2) Car ownership is a luxury few Norwegians can afford.
3) 25% of a small number of new cars purchased in a small country is meaningless.
4) The vast majority of those electric cars are being bought by Norwegians that derive their income from the oil industry.

Comment Re: But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 0, Troll) 204

We had a chance to turn this around in the 70s, but blew it because climate change is a myth.

No, in the 70s the problem was global cooling and the coming ice age.

If we acted in the 70s we would have focused our collective energies on solving the "global cooling crisis", not the intermediate "global warming crisis" or the current catch-all "Climate Change Crisis".

The problem with 'settled, indisputable, scientific facts' about the climate is they keep evolving.

Comment Just to be clear... (Score 0) 204

"Arctic Sea Ice 2nd-lowest on record"

So the current measurement ties the previous record low, back in 2007, some nine years ago... which implies that the "Arctic Sea Ice" then increased after 2007, only dropping to it's previous low after nine years.

In other words, the amount of arctic sea ice varies, and is not in a continuous decline, which begs the question "Why did Arctic Sea Ice increase after 2007?".

Comment Not running out of wilderness... (Score 2, Insightful) 150

What's your point? That after 20 years of sustained growth and expansion the people that live on the edges of vast swaths of wilderness (Central Africa, The Amazon) are slowly eroding that wilderness?

What are they supposed to do, live in poverty, stop growing their civilizations on the edges of, say, the Amazon, because all the developed nations used up their wilderness growing their countries? We got ours, now you need to stop?

I suspect there is still plenty of wilderness - for example, The United States government owns 47 percent of all land in the West. (That's about 1/4th of our country that is, essentially, wilderness.)

Comment Re:Free Speech Matters (Score 1) 112

If the poor have internet access, and internet access does translate into free speech, then the poor get a voice.

Right. "free speech" trumps clean water and air, healthy food, and a place to live.

Seriously? Have you ever been homeless or hungry? Did you find your ability to keep up on facebook more important than either of those?

Comment Re:political motive vs. profit motive (Score 1) 112

If all you want to do is make big profits, by definition you do not want to limit those profits by declining sales to politically unpopular groups.

Rolling out expensive infrastructure to customers that can not afford to pay for the service that funds the infrastructure is NOT the path to "Big Profits" - corporations decide where to roll out infrastructure by the profit potential, not political affiliation.

Comment Re:Loans (Score 0) 420

What we really need in this country are 4-year community colleges that are really focused on delivering value.

We have them, they are called state colleges and universities... oh wait, you said "focused on delivering value" - nevermind. They are currently designed to make their students feel OK about not getting accepted into a four year college or university.

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