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Comment Re:I feel sorry for you guys. No joke. (Score 1) 395

What are you doing about this? Personally, I mean. What are you thinking about doing?

Holding up silly signs and screaming into the void until you're hoarse accomplishes very little*, so I'm not participating in protests. In 2 from now years, I'll vote. In 4 years from now, I'll vote again. In the interim, when funds allow, I'll donate to causes I feel are threatened under a Trump adminstration. (LGBTQ equality, environmental conservation) Yes, it was a kick in the ass to see Trump win, but like the saying goes - what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

* Other than making lawyers rich. If the protest turns violent and you're mistakenly arrested, better hope you can afford the legal fees.

Comment Re:Hearts and Minds (Score 1) 232

In fact if you removed California, Trump overall received over two MILLION more total votes than Hillary.

Actually, California is underrepresented in the electoral college. If anything, California is treated quite unfairly by the presidential election system. Sorry you just don't happen to agree with the way their residents vote. There's an ever-so-slim chance you'll get your wish of "removing California" and they'll take their avocados and go home.

It's a shame you can't admit the truth just because you are blinded by rage...

Under Obama's watch I've been laid off, had to short-sell my upside-down home, and don't make enough at my current employer to afford adequate health insurance. I know better than most, why people found comfort in Trump's vision of an America that is "Great Again." But that vision is a mirage. A modicum of understanding about the workings of capitalism will tell you the president does not control such things. Already, Trump looks like a man who has had his hopes dashed.

When the better option (Sanders) lost, we voted for the status quo. You voted for change. Give it 4 years and we'll see who ends up more disappointed.

Comment Re:Hearts and Minds (Score 1) 232

It was many inner city voters that carried Trump to victory.

The major urban areas voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. That's why you're seeing protests in those areas. I live in the 'burbs and the closest "protest" is in downtown Orlando.

Conservatives would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to carry on being so blind as to what actually happened, to infuriate voters enough to continue to strive to vote against you... keep it up, it's people like you that pretty much ensure a second Trump term. If you really don't want that, best start thinking about how to talk up to people instead of down.

People like me did not intentionally create the situation which enabled Trump to win. We vote for the lesser of two evils and then cringe in horror as they do something detrimental to the country. A rail for the "Trump Train" to ride on was laid down each time a worker was laid off. A lot of us "evil" democrats actually believe you should be able to earn a decent living, achieve the American dream, go to your place of worship on your holy day, and responsibly own firearms. We just also believe you shouldn't have to trample the rights of minorities, in the process.

It's very unlikely Trump will accomplish much of what he promised during his campaign trail, during his first term. His chances at a second term are not going to hinge on the spite of voters against the other party, but instead, how well Trump's supporters accept his excuses for his inevitable shortcomings.

Comment Re:Clearly you are wrong (Score 0) 232

Keeping private is not "hiding". Are you "hiding" your phone number? No? Post it then.

Sure, they're not required to, but it helps to foster trust. Trump has broken a long standing tradition. Quoting taxhistory.org: "Since the early 1970s, however, most presidents have chosen to release their returns publicly."

That's not what his black employees say, nor just that mesh with him picking Omarissa [vanityfair.com] years ago to win The Apprentice (which also meant he would have to work with her).

There's enough evidence to suggest he's about as racist as the people in the flyover states who voted for him. As in, they'd prefer to live in America where most people look just like them, but they're not quite on the level of donning hoods and start burning crosses to achieve it.

Trump is the most pro-gay GOP candidate [conservativereview.com] there has ever been, far better for the LGBT community than Hillary would have been.

Hillary likely would not have done anything to further the cause of LGBT rights, but she accepted the status quo. Trump has said he wants to appoint supreme court justices who will overturn marriage equality, and leave it up to the states.

As for women, well if Trump hates women so much why did he keep hiring them to lead his campaign [dilbert.com], including the last one that led him to victory?

If Trump "hated" women, he wouldn't be married to one. He disrespects women, which as it turns out, actually appeals to the wifebeater-sporting "bitch, go make me a sammich!" troglodytes who voted for him.

Sorry I'm having trouble seeing the Trump violence over Portland burning, and the fake protestors the DNC hired to mess up Trump rallies.

Trump incites violence in that he alienates and marginalizes significant portion of this country's population, and has the diplomacy skills of a drunken Klingon. People are protesting because they have legitimate concerns about their future and are afraid Trump won't be willing to compromise with them. So what does Trump do? He confirms their fears by dismissing their protests as a conspiracy, organized by the mainstream media. With a tweet, no less.

And yet he still won, so obviously what he does know is how to find and hire the right people who do know how to accomplish things.

He won the system, not the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans voters. Trump lost the popular vote.

Claimed just before the election, and we are supposed to believe that.... meanwhile Hillary was covering for Bill having sex with under-age females for decades. Don't see you very against that you monster.

While the media and the keyboard warriors were incessantly squawking about sex scandals, xenophobia, Benghazi, and emails, the country bumpkins had already decided their disdain for how capitalism is working out for them, had sealed their vote. He's the right's version of Obama from 8 years ago. He's their Hope & Change detergent, "New & Improved with whiter whites and a lower price!"

Comment Re:Hardly surprising (Score 2, Informative) 142

Butt-hut Trump supporters with mod points here?

You'd assume Trump's rejection of science and renewable energy would discourage most of /.'s readership from fawning all over him. But the fear of becoming a laid-off IT worker is strong with this crowd (never mind Trump has used H-1B workers in his own businesses and has no problem stiffing contractors). Then you've got the basement-dwellers who want to watch the world burn, because their parents and suburban upbringing have sheltered them from any form of real strife. These are usually the people who shout "Bring on the zombie apocalypse!", but would shit their pants if their local Walmart was closed for more than a day.

I'm sure there's also a few non-US residents who just feel we deserve Trump. Hopefully he doesn't decide to nuke your country because he had a bad day on Twitter.

Comment Re:Like fear of the brown people... (Score 1) 418

I know full well that if/when I lose my current job, I will find it very, very hard to find a similar opportunity. Age, education, and shrinking work forces will put me at great risk of taking a 60% pay cut, permanently. This is the reality for knowledge workers over the age of 40 in the US.

Exactly how is Trump going to remedy this situation? Trump's plan to bring back American jobs is just Bernie Sander's "$15/hr for flipping hamburgers" socialist pill, in an easier-to-swallow coating. You think things are bad now, wait until all the transportation industry workers lose their jobs due to delivery drones and autonomous vehicles. Funny how none of the candidates want to talk about that elephant in the room.

Now she watches the ACA destroy her options for healthcare, threatening her with the choices that may be made in the next few years being given to bureaucrats who will not be able to do anything but cut costs.

The ACA isn't the reason health insurance costs so much - it's the insurance companies. Let's assume Trump wins and waves his magic wand to make Obamacare go *poof*. The insurance companies already know how much people are willing to pay for health insurance (the ACA has been around for 6 years now), do you honestly think they're just going to go "Well, party's over boys, time to slit our own throats with some race-to-the-bottom competition."? If anything, they'll just use their newfound freedom to go back to denying coverage for a myriad of reasons and continue to rape customers on pricing (that's step 3: profit!).

You think the white middle-class in America is crying wolf? We see the snowball coming down the hill.

And your supposed savior is a man who has made a significant portion of his wealth peddling false promises (Trump U, his many, many "get rich quick" books) of ascension to people on the lower planes. No wonder he has such a cult-like following.

Comment Re:AIDS in the 1970s (Score 2, Informative) 380

Very rarely with 100s of partners a year, yet this is "not uncommon" in the gay male community.

They are on average promiscuous on a level heterosexuals just don't get close to.

Perhaps because it's an election year, I've gotten into the habit of fact-checking statements which sound suspiciously like they've been pulled out of an ass.
Or, maybe I just lament the ending of Mythbusters. Either way, Myth Busted.

TL:DR version: They took some usage data from a popular dating site and discovered that both gays and straight people have roughly the same amount of luck getting laid. Science, bitch.

Comment I hope they're installing some softer floors (Score 2) 76

Theft isn't the only reason Apple tethers their display phones to the tables; tethering also serves to prevent drop damage. I'd inadvertently discovered this during a visit to the local Apple store, after previously having pigged out on some greasy pizza from the mall's food court. Thanks to the security tether, the slippery wayward iPhone simply did a bungee jump out of my hand, rather than an impromptu "drop test" on Apple's slate/stone/some-sort-of-rocklike-substance floor.

Of course, after a drop or two, the demo iPhones will finally be an accurate representation of what the phone will look like if you use it without a protective case.

Comment Re:Only a matter of time (Score 1) 207

And I still don't exactly know what problem soylent is supposed to solve.

The inventor needed more money in his bank account.

Seriously. For emergency rations, even military MREs are more palatable than this crap. If some hipsters want to eat post-apocalyptic instant-bowl-of-snot-powder, manufactured in a rat-infested warehouse, more power to them. There's a reason this type of food is such a frequent trope of dystopian sci-fi: there are few things as morale-crushing as a bland, thoroughly joyless meal.

Comment Re:Why is this here? (Score 1) 380

after vainly pushing anti trump stories for months, recent increase in pro trump tilt in /. summitries is due to editors here wising up to the fact that readers and commenters here are generally pro trump (just look at the moderation points of comments in any trump/clinton/election comments; evidence is definitive ).

One would hope it's due to US I.T. workers fear of globalization/outsourcing. I find it hard to believe /.'s readership, even in this day and age, could support someone who willfully ignores scientific fact as readily as Trump. As an example, when it comes to renewable energy, Trump pretty much talks right out of his ass.

Comment Re:He Is A Darling Of The Cyber Rebels (Score 4, Informative) 380

We are all looking forward to whatever "October Surprise" he can cook up for The Establishment Candidate.

Hillary may be part of the establishment, but Trump is a textbook example of the type of people the establishment works for. Trump supporters are like a bunch of cows who'd rather be herded by a slaughterhouse owner, solely because they've had bad experiences with farmers.

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