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Comment I hope they're installing some softer floors (Score 2) 76

Theft isn't the only reason Apple tethers their display phones to the tables; tethering also serves to prevent drop damage. I'd inadvertently discovered this during a visit to the local Apple store, after previously having pigged out on some greasy pizza from the mall's food court. Thanks to the security tether, the slippery wayward iPhone simply did a bungee jump out of my hand, rather than an impromptu "drop test" on Apple's slate/stone/some-sort-of-rocklike-substance floor.

Of course, after a drop or two, the demo iPhones will finally be an accurate representation of what the phone will look like if you use it without a protective case.

Comment Re:Only a matter of time (Score 1) 207

And I still don't exactly know what problem soylent is supposed to solve.

The inventor needed more money in his bank account.

Seriously. For emergency rations, even military MREs are more palatable than this crap. If some hipsters want to eat post-apocalyptic instant-bowl-of-snot-powder, manufactured in a rat-infested warehouse, more power to them. There's a reason this type of food is such a frequent trope of dystopian sci-fi: there are few things as morale-crushing as a bland, thoroughly joyless meal.

Comment Re:Why is this here? (Score 1) 380

after vainly pushing anti trump stories for months, recent increase in pro trump tilt in /. summitries is due to editors here wising up to the fact that readers and commenters here are generally pro trump (just look at the moderation points of comments in any trump/clinton/election comments; evidence is definitive ).

One would hope it's due to US I.T. workers fear of globalization/outsourcing. I find it hard to believe /.'s readership, even in this day and age, could support someone who willfully ignores scientific fact as readily as Trump. As an example, when it comes to renewable energy, Trump pretty much talks right out of his ass.

Comment Re:He Is A Darling Of The Cyber Rebels (Score 4, Informative) 380

We are all looking forward to whatever "October Surprise" he can cook up for The Establishment Candidate.

Hillary may be part of the establishment, but Trump is a textbook example of the type of people the establishment works for. Trump supporters are like a bunch of cows who'd rather be herded by a slaughterhouse owner, solely because they've had bad experiences with farmers.

Comment Re:LOL, the whole system is rigged (Score 1) 843

Vote Trump = Small hands and a gosh-darn good time for at least the next 4-years

Yeah, Trump's proposal to shut down the EPA will be great. Let's toast his victory with some refreshing Flint Michigan tap water!

Seriously, Trump supporters, if you want a huge wall, air pollution out the wazoo, no gay marriage, and plenty of low-paid manufacturing jobs: FUCKING MOVE TO CHINA.

Comment Re:So what... (Score 1) 843

You'd assume most blue collar workers who do pay a shitload in taxes would be pissed by that line of thinking.

Or at least be reminded of what happened to Al Capone.

But nope, most Trump supporters are too busy hating on Hillary, brown skins, LGBTs, etc. to care what Trump represents as an actual political leader. He could be out in the street clubbing puppies, and the "Make America White Again" folks would still vote for him.

Comment Re:Whoopty Doo (Score 2) 843

One thing is for sure, it has nothing to do with intelligence.

Intelligence is backing up your political views with facts, sound logic, and reason. Gary Johnson, for example, agrees with the science of climate change, but considers protecting business interests to be a higher priority than the environment. You may disagree with that position from a moral perspective (personally, I do), but his logic is undeniable.

Donald Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese conspiracy to harm our economy. Many of Donald Trump's positions are based on superstitions, incorrect assumptions, and irrational fears. Sorry, but it's the textbook definition of lacking intelligence, if you can't see why supporting such a candidate is indicative of suffering from idiocy.

Comment Re:Ignorant fools (Score 1) 190

That's a nice, happy, clean cow out in pasture too in the article. The exact opposite of what people are actually eating. It's a muddy, grassless horror show out there, and I can't imagine how it would look with a thousand sickly cows wearing festering, manure-soaked backpacks permanently attached to their bodies.

It probably looks like this. Nature is violent and gross. Ever hear of cookie cutter sharks? They're basically vicious little living hole saws, and they chew gaping holes into the flesh of pretty much anything they can get their mouth on. Oh, and then there's the mantis shrimp, which literally smashes its prey to death. I'll close with some appropriate song lyrics from The Lorax:

Well there's a principle of nature (principle of nature)
That almost every creature knows.
Called survival of the fittest (survival of the fittest)
And check it this is how it goes.
The animal that wins gotta scratch and fight and claw and bite and punch.
And the animal that doesn't, well the animal that doesn't winds up someone else's lu-lu-lu-lu-lunch (munch, munch, munch, munch, munch)

Comment Ugh, the vegan preaching... (Score 2) 190

I'm blowing my chance at moderating this story, just so I can say this: There's not a damn thing you can say or scientific study you can point to that will make me stop eating meat. Even if it meant becoming a "second amendment person" (thanks, Trump) and hunting animals, I would. I could watch a PETA "Meat is Murder" propaganda video while chomping down on a burger and it wouldn't faze me in the least. Like religion and most republican policies, my decision to eat meat isn't based on reason or logic. It's based on a deep carnal desire to devour animal flesh, compounded with my belief that it's also delicious.

If you truly were satisfied with your lifestyle choice, you wouldn't feel the need to seek validation by attempting to convince others to come to the same conclusion.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put a "I'm with Her" sticker on my economy car, and then order some meaty Tuscan pasta on my iPhone from Pizza Hut.

Comment Cricket (Score 1) 196

I've been using the same $35/mo plan with Cricket since back when they were AIO. Unlimited talk, unlimited text and 2.5GB high speed data (plus throttled-back-to-the-stone-age unlimited). T-Mobile has nothing that can touch it, coverage (Cricket uses AT&T's towers) or price-wise.

Also, it seems Cricket is also beating T-Mobile's unlimited pricing if all you want is a single line. They're offering unlimited data for $65/mo, with autopay. Yay for competition.

Comment Good luck with all those pogo pins (Score 1) 139

If you actually use this phone in the real world, it will be glitching like an old school Nintendo game when dust, dirt and corrosion get between the contacts of all the "modular" components.

Honestly, every time I've ever purchased a newer mobile device, the old one seemed to have become equally deficient across all its specs - RAM, flash storage, screen size/quality, and camera resolution/quality. I've never once thought "Gee, it's awesome to be rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, a 480x800 3.7" display, 512MB RAM, a 1GHz single core CPU, and 8GB of flash, but man - this 8MP camera sure is killin' me!"

Sure, repairability is a nice feature, but it's not difficult to replace the display assembly on a modern iPhone (I've done it myself, and it takes less than 5 minutes if you've got the proper tools). You're likely looking at an entire replacement phone anyway if you've killed the motherboard (example: water damage), or smashed the housing up too badly (fell in a blender, 50' drop, etc.)

Spec wise, this seems similar to the unlocked Blu phones Best Buy sells. If you're not making a "flagship killer", you're caught in a very competitive race to the bottom. I get that this is supposed to be better for the Earth or conflict regions where rare earths are mined, but there's got to be a way to ease your conscience without such pathetic hardware specs.

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