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Comment The press will get burned. (Score 1) 229

Suppose you had 30,000 purloined emails, and access to the resources of a major state. A simple disinformation move would be to have minions read them all, and select and modify a tiny number (say, 5 or 10) to become explosive (add a racial slur, a phrase about keeping ill gotten gains, etc.). Make those changes, and then release the whole mess*. Wait for the press to find your land mines, enjoy. Yes, these changes could probably be disproved in court, but that's not the goal of a disinformation campaign.

In this scenario, the press will inevitably become collateral damage, but the perpetrators are not likely to care (and may even view that as a side-benefit).

* If there are integrity checks, such as MD5 sums, either hack them or remove them. I don't think that will hinder anyone with an intelligence agency behind them.

Comment Yes. (Score 2) 229

As long as what they report on is true and unbiased, yes. I don't care if it's on the HRC campaign or the Trump campaign, as long as it is objectively true. I would rather the politicians were honest and transparent, and if it takes a foreign power to force it, I have a hard time complaining.

Leave the pontificating to the pundits. Journalists should merely report the truth.

And, no, I don't care for Hillary "embarrassing" herself. That may be truthful, but it's not any more germane to the discussion than Trump embarrassing himself (even though that gets reported on as well on a regular basis - we don't need Russian interference to see it). The juicy bits, such as it were, would be any case of unethical and/or illegal behaviour. I haven't really followed the leaks, so I don't know if there is any such bits in there. Ideally, all candidates would behave in perfectly ethical manners, but few do. I doubt HRC or Trump do, and that's what should be reported on.

The standard should be "truth" and not "where it comes from." We reserve that standard for the justice system where unethical police officers could get away with illegal behaviour to make a case without those limits.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 259

Even when it becomes mandated

People will figure out how to stick a paper clip in the enable solenoid and keep the action unlocked at all times. So we will have spent an extra $1K for something that many gun owners and most certainly the entire arms black market* will have rendered useless.

*Outlaw tampering? Stealing guns and selling them out of the trunk of your car was illegal to begin with. How well did that law work out?

Comment Re:Halfway There (Score 1) 259

Apparently I missed the part of this story where these manufacturers are trying to take your guns.

And on that subject, how many people have you guys turned out to the polls every time warning that the Democrats were with some imminent plan to take all your guns the second they take office? How did that turn out? Apparently I missed the massive seizure of privately owned weapons that you guys are constantly talking about.

Comment Re:For all the night shift Tesla owners (Score 3, Informative) 76

Localization of the power source doesn't matter. Everything is interconnected by the grid anyway, so only total generation and total consumption matter. Say everything except your Tesla uses x kWh.
  • Original case: x kWh generated, x kWh consumed.

Now add the Tesla and solar panels on your house:

  • Work night shift, Solar panels generate y kWh, Tesla consumes y kWh to charge (set them both to y to simplifiy):
    x + y kWh generated, x + y kWh consumed
  • Work day shift, Solar panels generate y kWh which is sent to the grid, Telsa consumes y kWh from the grid to charge:
    x + y kWh generated, x + y kWh consumed. Same as above.

Basically, if you work the day shift, the addition of your solar panels at your house reduces the amount of power the coal plant needs to generate by y kWh. When you plug the Tesla into a charger at work, it increases the amount of power the coal plant needs to generate by y kWh. And the whole thing is a wash. Exactly the same as if you charged the Tesla at home using (only) power from your home solar panels.

A lot of people don't seem to get this. The marginal increase power use doesn't have to be directly connected to the marginal increase in power generation to have the same effect. This is also why you should conserve electricity even if you're in the Pacific Northwest which is powered mostly by hydroelectric. Any reduction in your consumption means a little bit of hydro power is left over and can be transmitted to the rest of the country, and a coal plant elsewhere needs to burn a little less coal. Exactly the same as if someone living next to the coal plant conserved electricity.

For the same reason, EVs are predominantly powered by electricity from coal and natural gas, not by renewables. Those are the two power generation sources which are flexible enough to ramp up with increases in demand. EVs are only powered by electricity from renewables if you wouldn't have built the renewable plant if you hadn't bought the EV. If you would've built the renewable plant anyway, then it results in a marginal decrease in the generation from coal and gas, while the addition of an EV results in a marginal increase in the generation from coal and gas. So the EV's power is coming from coal and gas. This is the case even if the electricity from your solar panels are going straight to your EV. If in the absence of your EV the electricity from your solar panels would've instead gone onto the grid, then by putting it into your EV you are depriving the grid of those kWh, and a coal/gas plant elsewhere needs to generate those kWh.

Tesla understands this, which is why they're trying to link home solar installation with EV car purchases. If you can link the two, then the purchase of the EV results in the installation of PV solar generation which would not have existed without the EV. And then you can truthfully say the EV is being powered by electricity from solar.

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