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Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 530

No, Hitler merely repeated Napoleon's error, and ultimately met the same fate.

The Americans etc.destroyed much German war capability, driving them back to Berlin. The Russians sapped the Nazis' eastern front and with just a little material help from the Americans counterattacked and pincered the Nazis. Had the Americans slowed we would have seen the Soviet empire established with a western border on France and maybe Belgium. whether that would have been better or not I would leave to your imagination.

We could debate the potential success of the Allies if Russia had not counterattacked, but I'm thinking that Hitler's greatest weakness was believing he was a military strategist. Killing Nazi generals was the best Allied strategy, leaving him with successively junior and weaker staff, less likely to speak up and challenge his worst ideas. But any significant delay in defeating Nazi Germany could have resulted in a nuclear weapon being detonated either on the Continent or on Britain, and we would have a very, very different world than we do now. Japan was so isolated that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were considered events 'somewhere else' by most of the world, and underappreciated for the gravity and potential except for the US and Russian leadership, who entirely understood that any singular advantage in nuclear weapons could result in worldwide destruction or hegemony, with no middle ground.

Thank your luck stars that the US held the early advantage. The Soviet Empire would not have hesitated to use such leverage to brutal effect, and that would be a different world also. The US had very different aspirations for world influence, and that made a difference to the relative benefit of the world.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 530

Unlike PAL, we let users fiddle with knobs back then, so they could get bright colors instead of pastels. Yes, this could give you green people on game shows.

SECAM seemed to have found a way to include the lesser of the other standards, mostly it seems to improve reception. And still pastels. Mostly just to be different.

ATSC and DVB don't need to give you color control, but most sets do as a user feature. We love controls, even if they are unnecessary.

Comment We already know this (Score 1) 381

Virtually all mainstream media is in collusion with the hegemony that is the Democratic Party, the Republican party leadership, the federal bureaucracy, popular media, banking, and the capital markets worldwide. Only those not paying attention or those relying only on the most popular and most loyal media for their information. You wonder why I include the Republican Party leadership? Do not. They are only interested in preserving their positions of power. They collude with their traditional opposition to do so, and have for more 30 years or more.

This is indisputable.

The actions of Facebook and others, especially Twitter (which is the worst), in deleting or censoring right-wing and conservative thought are undeniable. This occurs regularly without explanation or acknowledgement, and has been happening since before this election cycle. Even the last cycle. The state of affairs is such that they, the hegemony, are becoming brazen and overt. This is unfortunate for them, for there are fewer secrets than ever.

I appreciate the advice to avoid commenting for fear that I will burn karma, but the truth is always an offense to the guilty and the ignorant. I plead with the ignorant to look carefully and make up their minds.

The guilty are beyond redemption at this point.

Comment Re:Twitter Down (Score 3, Interesting) 264

"But if Google+ went down would anybody notice :D"

Some, who value more enlightened discussions, or resent the FB data grabs, and the FB way of ignoring your preference to see what has happened in your sphere most recently and instead try to force feed you what THEY think is most relevant.

Relevance being defined by THEM, to THEIR purposes.

G+ isn't big. That's not even the best thing about it. You, however, I doubt have even actually used it beyond a single visit and thinking 'wow, there's no one here'. You were not missed.

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