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Comment Re:bluetooth promotes government surveillance (Score 1) 205

Um, because none of my incoming calls do?

Because none of the people I call know what VOIP is, much less encrypted VOIP...?

Because SNOW 3G and UEA2 are sufficient to keep out all but state-level actors, they can break what they want at either end.

There is no absolute security.

Comment Re:minidisc is where its happening! (Score 2) 562

Totally, but Minidisc did get a bad rap, claims that ATRAC was inferior to MP3 which is lie.

I love my MD player/recorder, it rand on batteries as well as the portable CD player I had, better than the cassettes I had.

SCMS was a problem. Since cassettes have none of that, let's see how that goes. But copy protection for cassettes was actually inherent. Each generational copy got worse and worse, so digital media actually CAUSED the DRM revolution... Sort of.

Comment Re:bluetooth promotes government surveillance (Score 1) 205

You can have your keystrokes monitored by a variety of methods, none of which require that your keyboard be wireless. Your fingerprint can be grabbed from a distance. Data from your PC can even be transmitted via audio to another and hopscotched to the one that is fully compromised and has access to its remote master.

Bluetooth is not the only vector. Hell, a Stingray is your real threat.

Comment Re:I'll be buying my first non-HTC smartphone (Score 2) 205

No, I want a smartphone that lets me SSH into my servers, gives me GPS and maps to drive with, enough storage I don't have to move my pictures every week to the cloud, flexible apps to do things with, supports my work email and workflow apps, and has a removable battery so I'm not on the 2 year/1000 charge cycle treadmill for a new phone due to battery life, when the CPU and screen are still more than enough for me to be satisfied with.

It would be nice to have a dialer that doesn't take 18 seconds to initiate a call, audio quality that at least meets old landline standards, and yeah, a music player that lets me use an equalizer.

Thanks for the advice, young grasshopper. You've already gone back to posting pics of your wasabi noodle bowl to your constellation of equally bored and impatient underemployed graduates, so I'll stop~~~~~~NOCARRIER

Comment I'll be buying my first non-HTC smartphone (Score 1) 205

I'm just not convinced. No compelling new feature.

I wanted a removable battery, and that will be hard to find. If I cannot, then HTC is back on my plate.

The second display looks like their answer to the Galaxy Edge. Feh. It's up top, so I have to stretch a finger or thumb to touch it. Smart move there.

Multipoint audio? Yeah, I was dreaming of that. Actually, no.

Water resistance? Well, actually that is interesting. But I bet it doesn't save my phone from being laundered. A dip in the pool yes. Cold water cycle for 18 minutes?

I don't even think a 5.7" phone is a winner for me, my M8 is big enough.

Oh, and the M8 isn't easy to grip, kinda like an iPhone 7. SO the U will be more slippery? Case? Thin is gone. What, did I just lose a feature (thickness) to appearance? Oh, dear, I sound crotchety.

I may by a midrange phone to get buy and wait for foldable phones, which I really do want.

Comment Frozen in place (Score 1) 132

Yes, I would like to touch one of these before I buy a replacement. So I am frozen for ANOTHER month or so...

My HTC ONE M8 is dying, battery fatigue. And having never used any Android phone other than an HTC, I'm taking a small leap. A replaceable battery is a key feature, and the G6 probably won't have one, but this feature is hard to find.

Other than that, I'm hoping to leap to the latest CPU and more RAM, but then the Snapdragon 8305 seems to be the high water mark for a while.

So I'm again frozen. feh.

Comment Re:ServePeople (Score 1) 177

It may not be clearly biased, but the majority of articles hew to a common theme.

Liberal left memes.

I've been trying to read Medium for about a year or so. It's difficult. No, it's painful. Medium essentially plugs itself as a forum for writers who just want to write. Wow, that's revolutionary. And the result is a forum for navel-gazing, self-absorbed Millennials, the constantly offended, and whiners of every stripe - except conservative, alt--right, or middle of the road.

Every time I go to read there, or open my daily update, the first three or four articles make me want to delete my account. Some are merely infantile, some are juvenile, but many are exactly what the mainstream is enamored of; railing against outrage, calling out imagined racism/sexism/misogyny/*phobias. Or decrying their disadvantages, their injuries and failures due to forces aligned against them and all their colleagues, and of course the evil forces running the world.

It's pretty much not worth my time. And it appeals to a market I am unaware of the value offered. No wonder they are not generating revenue.

To be fair, the content isn't much different than a lot (a LOT) of ad supported sites.That's perhaps the problem. No value to me, and I may be a sliver of their target market. But it's awful on a regular basis. It can shrink until the dross is scraped off and content improves, no harm done.

Comment Re:Not surprised... there isn't anything capping i (Score 1) 146

With this description in mind, BTC seems to be more like gold than dollars.

Like gold, it seems to have an intrinsic value, in the eye of the beholder. And gold is assumed to be a finite resource, which we discover and deliver with variable effort and cost. BTC seems to have an increasingly higher cost to discover and deliver new BTC, though technology (as happens sometimes with gold) may make this relatively easier from time to time, possibly affecting perceived value.

Unlike gold, which has a broad, virtually universal appeal. BTC is less universally appealing, but still it is a perceived value.

Comment Re:because they won't be resetting the tv. (Score 1) 295

And that would be the locally available service center. And a fee.

One of the big lies about modern electronics is that they are repairable. Sort of, often. TVs are particularly difficult, with the lack of data the biggest problem. And service data is too precious to be let out of the system, so we no longer can even hope to repair a modern TV ourselves. Even for this issue, a reset.

Not good.

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