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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 130

It seems the key field is real-world ID.

You're going to create a new one of those for each transaction also, right? And if they can discern the real-world ID once, they can do it again, so IP address, any of various 'fingerprints', etc will need to be randomized or incremented.

Iterate, and you're safe, until you find our you're not.

Comment Yes, they can (Score 1) 409

Microsoft did this to Novell very well. And Lotus 1-2-3. They didn't have to do it to LANtastic, that died around Windows 7 days from neglect.

Admittedly, they may be out of practice, though I'm pretty sure there was some work done 'to' Quickbooks until Microsoft realized they could both never compete, and more importantly never make money in that industry...

Comment It's taken a while for me to grok this (Score 1) 230

But isn't the government's stand that this is, essentially, discovery, which can be compelled in civil cases...?

So is there criminal discovery in states or federally that would compel a defendant or suspect to surrender incriminating evidence, and how does that not run afoul of the Fifth Amendment?

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

Eliminate the Department of Education. I don't believe there is a constitutional basis for it. If for training the workforce, Labor can advocate and try to guide the states.

And Commerce. Trade and treaties could be dealt with at State and Customs, part of DHS.

Then reduce regulation and thereby the size of other agencies.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 2) 1140

"ensure everyone in society is getting the benefits of productive assets, not just the owners of the productive assets."

Productive assets DO benefit everyone. Even without taxation. In the US we've chosen this form of taxation, mostly because it's the only one that can fund our excessive federal government.

Cut government.

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 3, Insightful) 1140

All I did to collect rent and interest was take the risk of a mortgage, empty units, damage, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and fees.

In exchange for that, I get to collect rent most of the time, deal with tenants that destroy my property, answer to the police when tenants do stupid things, and assure my lenders that I'm not in need of their 'homeowner retention experts' when THEY withdraw my payment late.

Other than that, and the occasional midnight call, I just sit on my fast ass and collect rent. And work my day job.

Stupid gits. You have no idea do you?

Comment Re:Candidates (Score 1) 174

"It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it"

I don't actually agree with this, but it's virtually impossible to distinguish between those who crave power for their own purposes and those who would seek a position of power to achieve good things.

It's always too late when you find it's the former.

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