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Comment Re:Like what? (Score 1) 239

According to the NHTSAM, deaths per traffic mile in the US have not increased appreciably in the past 10 years. All that texting is either not deadly, or suppressing further decreases in fatalities, which is unsupportable with the current data.

But year-to-year variability is so great it's hard to judge short-term trends, which is what so many try to use to blame smartphone use for deaths.

And try to get a clear picture of trends on non-fatal accidents. That data is not well broken out for the casual investigator.

It's been my experience that lack of readily available data often means the data isn't it isn't useful for propaganda.

Comment So the maths (Score 1, Insightful) 306

seem to indicate that Louisiana is losing 3300 acres a year to the Gulf. about 5 square miles.

Plaquemines Parish is about 780 square miles, so if all loss were in Plaquemines, it would be losing about 0.6% per year land mass. Of course the loss is spread amongst 9 or more parishes, probably 10x the area total, the loss then becoming more like 0.06% per year.

This, my friends, is a Democrat emergency.

Mind you, this is an emergency to any family who used to live on land claimed by the Gulf, but not many do, as they are wise to the ways of water, and build differently there than elsewhere. I've played nine-ball in the Bayou. It's different there, mostly in good ways. But the Governor is certainly working this for all it is worth.

Comment I don't link my apps to Facebook (Score 1) 38

And I won't. Not that I don't trust them, because I don't, nor that I don't think their security is sufficient, because it doesn't matter.

I use Google passwords by default some, and not for many things. Some social sites and such I consider noncritical, and those I'll let a password manager/login helper work for, but some I cannot trust to any system.

And Facebook is proving to be untrustworthy in many areas - 'fact checking' is anything but, censorship is becoming common and biased, which it always is, and the management of my feed proves they cannot be trusted to do what I expect them to do. No surprise there.

They can't even show me what I want to see.

So no thank you, but Facebook is not trustworthy to me. And it is less and less important to me every day.

Comment Re: permissions (Score 1) 313

When I owned a Saab, a splendid care save for the complexity and unfortunate influence of General Motors, my dealer technician was quite proud of the fact that he was trained and proficient in all repairs and maintenance, even transmission service and body work. Many auto techs are proficient in diagnosis, most engine repair, blah blah, but not in body work nor transmission repair. I was impressed.

Then I had a problem he couldn't figure out - it would stall at a stop, just die, restart fine. After weeks of thinking, diagnosis, blaming fuel, my Google searches found a candidate - and he actually had a used part to swap in and try. Bingo!

It took me a day to ask two questions:

1. How was it I found the solution?
2. How was it he had a spare part laying around to try?

Answer: He did know the problem, but could not recall it.

And my coders, bless them, are so damned good they need not test. Right.

Comment Re: permissions (Score 1) 313

Every activity you pay for is a cost center. Everything that brings in revenue is a profit center.

A business is profitable when the profit centers deliver more value than the cost centers, and are able to do so sufficiently to meet the expectations of investors (if any) and sustain either growth or continuity.

None of this is new, but we do see efforts (not new either) to redefine success in business.


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