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Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 231

I've got a ton of free stuff from Amazon because they keep using Dynamex.

I just call and complain and I get anything from $10 credit to a refund for everything I ordered + the OK to keep it when it arrives.

Literally, every single time Dynamex was used they screwed it up. Same day turning in to 3 or 4 days, saying they delivered the item at 8pm (and I'm on the phone with Amazon saying it wasn't delivered when they show up at 11pm delivering) to not delivering at all (I have a security cam and was able to prove no delivery attempt was made).

Comment Re:how is this still relevant? (Score 1) 382

"or why it would be applicable to a closed criminal investigation that resulted in no indictment and no charges. at this point its just a political fishing expedition to slander the character of a presidential candidate thats already generally reviled by Americans yet unaccountably still able to secure her parties candidate nomination. "

A closed criminal investigation != acquittal. There's no double-jeopardy involved. If it's found she really *DID* lie to investigators and she really *DID* actively try to keep state department emails from going in to the record then hey! The "closed" becomes "open" pretty quick.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 0) 382

"Clinton screwed up on email and arguably Benghazi"

I'm sorry -- but there is a very long history of her "screw ups and lies". Whitewater ring a bell? I don't want to list them all out as I dont want to type a "mile long" worth of dirt.

God damn it man! The FIRST inclination when she faints was to LIE about it until a video pops up showing her collapsing! There is ZERO trust in anything she does or says.

That said, the Democrats nominated someone who would lose to a rabid coyote. Not to be out done, The Republicans nominated someone who could lose to the Democrat's choice!. Literally ANYONE who can fog a mirror could beat the other.

Is it really a GOOD thing when the HONEST campaign pin on BOTH sides says "Vote for me! I'm not the other guy/gal!"

Comment Re:Kindergarten ? (Score 1) 228

I think you find the lion's share of the "working poor" are either single parents or parents who never finished high-school.

See my post regarding now to *NOT* be poor:

Finish shcool. Dont have kids before you finish school. Don't have kids before you are married.

Comment Re:My recollection of Kindergarten, circa 1986 (Score 1) 228

Your link is broken. ...but lets assume that number is valid and my guess is it's lumping in "everyone" who was poor as a kid and doesn't break out any other statistics. If you look at the 55% who lived their whole childhood poor as kids but not as adults and checked to see if *THEY* had kids while in school or before married I wonder what you would find...

Comment Re:My recollection of Kindergarten, circa 1986 (Score 5, Insightful) 228

"Wanna be rich? Be born to rich parents,,,,"

Wrong question.

"Wanna *NOT* be poor?" is the right question.

And the way to dramatically reduce the chance of that is to (A) Stay in school. (B) Don't have kids before you finish school. (C) Don't have kids before you are married.

Is it fool proof? No. Bad luck happens. But the chances of being habitually poor are pretty much negated.

Comment Re:Kindergarten ? (Score 2) 228

My children went to a charter school through middle school that had way too many applicants and too few seats. They had lotteries for new students. It had a requirement that parents "volunteer" a certain number of hours per child per year otherwise your kid would end up the next years "lottery". From pickup/dropoff monitors to stapling papers to assisting at school "events" -- countless ways to get hours.

It *FORCED* parents to be at least marginally involved and in turn, appeared to have a community of parents who were interested in the success of their children and *NOT* just drop them off and forget them.

It's what parents *SHOULD* do naturally but sadly that's not happening for the most part.

Bring back "shame" and "judging others". If a parent wont do "the right thing" by their child because it's what they should do then let them "do the right thing" because they don't want to be shunned or looked down upon. Shame has a very important role in society and yes -- it can be abused.

Comment Re:Or he could just use one of the free cell servi (Score 1) 337

"Not when I last dealt with these people."

Not sure when the last time you dealt with them but I'd say the ability to turn it off has been there for at least 2 years. Service would just stop after you were within 100 MB of your data limit (400MB-450MB or maybe a bit more). Also, if you DID get the $10 charge, it doesn't just "vanish". It gets used piecemeal until you've eaten through an additional 500 MB. Of OVERAGE. In other words, if you got the top up charge but never went over 500 MB, the $10 stays there and you don't get changed again the FOLLOWING month if you get close. And lets say you burn through 700 MB that month (200 over), you'll STILL have 6 or 8 bucks credit for the next month. Or three. Or whenever.

Comment Re:Or he could just use one of the free cell servi (Score 1) 337

They're actually "global sims" for service from Britain's 3 mobile (usable in most of Europe and the US). You need to set your phone to "roaming" in the US. It seems to favor AT&T but will connect on tmo as well.

I picked one up for $1.99. 200min (VOIP)/500txt/200MB data. You can bump up the data just linking to other freedompop users as (freedompop friends) and get an additional 500MB for a total of 700 MB. I turned off all the "$$$" services and went straight free and replaced my 200MB data for life TMO sim for this one. Other than higher latency than I would like (data goes through london -- latancy is around 200-380 on average), it's great. Added benefit is I can watch Britain only videos on BBC in the US.

Remember, "voice service" isn't really VOICE. It's VOIP. If you have a good connection on a tower thats not busy it works GREAT. Talking in a moving car *CAN* cause problems as you switch towers and "so-so" data connections are painfully bad. But it's FREE vs. $30 for a low cost "regular" cell phone solution with minimal data.

Comment Re:Or he could just use one of the free cell servi (Score 1) 337

o you can turn off automatic top-off (you wont get charged $10).
o if you ALLOW the $10, it will allow for overages (I think 500mb-1gb -- cant recall)
o you can BYOD. My son has an iphone 5c on it. With "freedompop friends", he gets an additional 500MB free. Thats (200min/500text/1gb data free)

For $7.99 you get 2g outgoing calls (uses cell service rather than VOIP), voice mail, data rollover and a few other services. I had that for about 2 years on my spare phone (hell of a lot cheaper than regular service). It's a good deal.

They also have their "global sim". 200min/500text/200MB free across most of europe and the US. "freedompop friends" can bump that up to 700MB. It cost me $1.99 for the sim -- I turned off all the "pay services" before I would get my first bill and dropped the sim in my tablet. More data than my 200mb for life tmobile sim. Plus it's service is in Great Britain -- (goes through a provider in London) I can access BBC videos in California reserved for GB only. Latency is high (low 200-mid-to-upper 300) but speed is very good. Latency also improves over a constant connection (telnet, for example).

That said, God help you if you ever need to call customer service.

Comment Re:Patch Hillary (Score 0) 133

" statistical likelihood of Trump dying of old age more than Clinton."

Only if Trump is a random anonymous male and Clinton is a random anonymous female.

They aren't. We have some information about both. I think Clinton is ready to run down the curtain and join the choir invisbule sooner rather than than later than Trump.

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