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Comment Re:No we can keep working instead (Score 2) 895

"Just pass laws that ban progress and you are done."

Close. Pass laws that allow people to work for "free". And by "free" I mean to get your UBI check. Example, why pay the cost of an restaurant's "order taking robot" and all its upkeep' when a business can get 2 or 3 "free" workers? Maybe two levels of UBI - UBI employeed (get an extra 10% or 20% over UBI unemployed).

There's a bunch of holes in my suggestion that I can see easily -- probably a bunch I haven't considered, too. But it's at least worth being part of the conversation.

Comment Re:What about forest management practices (Score 1) 191

"Actually, modern policies are to let it burn as much as possible"

You forgot to add in "recently updated" between that comma and "modern". You also forgot to mention that a lot of this is regional (for state controlled land vs. federally controlled land -- rules aren't necessarily the same).

There's still a HUGE build up of old growth that needs to either be cleared manually (not going to happen) or burn off in a blaze of glory.

Comment Re:Not entirely true (Score 1) 314

"And they will be subject to node congestion, interference, power loss and a host of other problems that do not affect a POTS line."

How many people REALLY have antique phones that require no external power any more? Most cellular gizmos I've seen come with a battery backup -- and unless you want to spend extra on a decent cordless phone (and most people dont), they don't come with one. So the "power loss" issue is at best a very edge case.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 500

I honestly believe this is one of the most insightful things I've ever read about this election. I was ready to vote based on VP choice thinking either Clinton would stroke out or get killed by crazy Clinton haters leaving us with Kaine and Trump would either die of what ever health issues he's hiding or get killed by crazy Trump haters leaving us with Pence.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 239

I've got a ton of free stuff from Amazon because they keep using Dynamex.

I just call and complain and I get anything from $10 credit to a refund for everything I ordered + the OK to keep it when it arrives.

Literally, every single time Dynamex was used they screwed it up. Same day turning in to 3 or 4 days, saying they delivered the item at 8pm (and I'm on the phone with Amazon saying it wasn't delivered when they show up at 11pm delivering) to not delivering at all (I have a security cam and was able to prove no delivery attempt was made).

Comment Re:how is this still relevant? (Score 1) 382

"or why it would be applicable to a closed criminal investigation that resulted in no indictment and no charges. at this point its just a political fishing expedition to slander the character of a presidential candidate thats already generally reviled by Americans yet unaccountably still able to secure her parties candidate nomination. "

A closed criminal investigation != acquittal. There's no double-jeopardy involved. If it's found she really *DID* lie to investigators and she really *DID* actively try to keep state department emails from going in to the record then hey! The "closed" becomes "open" pretty quick.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 0) 382

"Clinton screwed up on email and arguably Benghazi"

I'm sorry -- but there is a very long history of her "screw ups and lies". Whitewater ring a bell? I don't want to list them all out as I dont want to type a "mile long" worth of dirt.

God damn it man! The FIRST inclination when she faints was to LIE about it until a video pops up showing her collapsing! There is ZERO trust in anything she does or says.

That said, the Democrats nominated someone who would lose to a rabid coyote. Not to be out done, The Republicans nominated someone who could lose to the Democrat's choice!. Literally ANYONE who can fog a mirror could beat the other.

Is it really a GOOD thing when the HONEST campaign pin on BOTH sides says "Vote for me! I'm not the other guy/gal!"

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