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Submission + - More details about Mars mystery rock (ctvnews.ca)

GPS Pilot writes: Previous reports said the rock that suddenly appeared out of nowhere was merely 'the size of a jelly doughnut.' Now, a color image shows additional reasons for this metaphor: 'It's white around the outside, in the middle there's kind of a low spot that's dark red,' said lead scientist Steve Squyres. In the image, the object does stick out like a sore thumb amidst the surrounding orange rocks and soil. Its composition is 'like nothing we've ever seen before. It's very high in sulfur, it's very high in magnesium, it's got twice as much manganese as we've ever seen in anything on Mars.' If it's just a random rock that had been kicked into position by one of the rover's wheels, chances are it would not be 'like nothing we've ever seen before.'

Submission + - Greenpeace founder promotes nuclear energy, again

GPS Pilot writes: Patrick Moore is promoting nuclear energy again.

The only viable solution is to build hundreds of nuclear power plants over the next century, Moore told the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. There isn't enough potential for wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal or other renewable energy sources, he said.

Submission + - Roll your own pivoting display?

GPS Pilot writes: A monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for watching DVDs, but perfectly wrong for word processing and coding. What's the best way to get the best of both worlds: should I pay a premium for a display that has a 90 degree pivoting feature built-in (such as the HP LP2465), or is there a good aftermarket VESA mount desktop stand that can turn any LCD into a pivoting display? And how well do various OSes support pivoting displays? (I'm most interested in OS X.)

Submission + - Fifth fundamental force of nature: antigravity? (blacklightpower.com) 5

GPS Pilot writes: Dr. Randell Mills has just posted a paper in which 'We report the experimental confirmation of 15 predicted hyperbolic-electron states that are observed forced away from the Earth with an acceleration that is over twelve orders of magnitude greater than that of gravity, as predicted.'

In other words, a fifth fundamental force of nature, which amounts to a very powerful form of antigravity.

He performed the experiment with an off-the-shelf electron gun.

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