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Comment Re:no control (Score 1) 125

It's even more useless than that. The overall difference is about 4% absolute (8.3 vs 7.86 on a 10-point scale) between the two groups in the actual study, or you could say that one group is 5.5% more satisfied than the other based on the numbers. I have no idea how a .4 difference in satisfaction translates to anything in the real world. Is it the difference between winning an Olympic medal or being set on fire, or is it the difference between only getting chocolate ice cream instead of strawberry ice cream?

The only thing I can tell is that you apparently need to spend about $200 ($361 on average vs. $137 on average) more to get .4 satisfaction.

Comment Re:DNA testing is inherently racist (Score 1) 227

It hardly matters if we get to the point where we're editing our own genes and creating designer babies. No reason we can't have a nice blue-eyed, red-headed child with Asian facial features and a deep mahogany skin color with the fast twitch muscles and a mental disposition towards a strong work ethnic in order to make them a sports sensation.

Comment Re:pixel (Score 3, Insightful) 212

I think a lot of people assume it's a Samsung ecosystem they're switching out of, not Android.

That wouldn't surprise me. My mother doesn't really know or care to understand what Android is, but when she needs a new phone she's pretty insistent on getting another Motorola phone, so it's just a matter of finding one that they make that suits her needs. I recall seeing this a lot back in the early days of PC's where people would insist they needed another Compaq or $brand without really understanding that it didn't matter as the operating system was still the same and they could transfer their files and programs over. Even after explaining this to some people they're just overly hesitant to make a switch, even if they could be getting something more suited to their needs.

I also think a lot of people, myself included, assume analysts are full of hot air.

That goes without saying. Anyone who really understood how the market would behave wouldn't be blabbing about it for free on the internet. Instead they'd be keeping their mouth shut and buying and selling stocks and getting progressively more wealthy.

Comment Re:Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 194

Socialized medicine doesn't somehow equate to free and unlimited health care. We could spend 100% of GDP on health care and people would still eventually get to a point where there's nothing that can be done. I won't outright object to a single-payer tax supported medical system, but it's pretty obvious that we'd need to put some rules into place as it's not financially viable to provide the unlimited care that people are capable of consuming.

The most obvious are that taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize the consequences if your unhealthy lifestyle. If you smoke and get lung cancer, tough shit. Drink and ruin your liver, same deal. Obesity related medical issues are your own responsibility as well. Also, mandatory requirement that if you want to use the system, you're automatically an organ donor. Throw in some tax deductions (or alternatively just higher taxes for anyone who wouldn't get the "deduction") for people who generally try to stay in reasonable health and it's a reasonable system.

Comment Re:Is this a deal? (Score 5, Informative) 123

I think you're misunderstanding this. You already get a full refund no matter what you do, but if you get a different Samsung device, Samsung will give you $100 (well actually $75 since they were already offering $25 previously) credit. It's a smart move because as much as $100 costs for the ~2 million Note 7 customers out there, they stand to lose a lot more if people start avoiding their brand due to this. Doing right by your customers is an important part of retaining them.

Comment Re:This could have been a simple battery recall (Score 4, Insightful) 88

That may not be the case though. There's been a lot of speculation that it wasn't a battery issue (at least not entirely) but also something related to the overall device design, which is further supported since they've stopped production entirely. Given that there were multiple replacement units that had problems within a week of them going out to customers, it's difficult to accept the idea that it was just a battery issue unless Samsung completed screwed the pooch on exchanging devices.

Removable batteries don't matter if the device itself is somehow leading to the problem for whatever (I've heard some ideas that its the CPU getting too hot, the case expanding/contracting and deforming the battery) reason. Perhaps Samsung could eventually engineer a battery that wouldn't be susceptible to whatever the underlying cause was, but how many months would that take to engineer and properly test and then how many more to produce enough to provide them to every customer. Most customers probably couldn't go without their device for that long, they probably couldn't travel with it even if they were still using it, and without really knowing the whole story or the scope of the problem, six months might by asking a non-trivial amount of people to play Russian roulette with their phone, which is a massive liability issue.

Yes, consumers really like having removable batteries, but if the device itself ensures a greatly reduced lifespan that results in a violent destruction of the battery, does it really matter if it's removable?

Comment Re:How dows this make sense? (Score 1) 149

It's pretty unlikely that the amount of melanin a person possess has anything to do with their ability to repay loans. Rather it is the current economic situation, family status, job, etc. that determine the ability to repay a loan. It's just that those factors also have a strong correlation with ethnicity so people make a lazy and incorrect assumption.

It's similar to crime statistics. If you look at the raw figures you see something like a 300% disparity based on ethnicity for certain crimes, but once you control for socioeconomic status, family structure during upbringing, and a host of other factors it turns out that almost all of that difference is explained away. It's the same as the supposed gender wage gap. Account for overtime, vocation, experience, etc. and the gap disappears almost entirely.

We as humans often don't look at all of the small underlying conditions that contribute to those outcomes and instead see a big picture result and then go off on some kind of idiotic screed that simply isn't true.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 149

Any good AI or anyone with a good business sense is going to look at those particular cases and figure out what additional data allows them to discriminate further. If you can learn that while men under 30 typically have higher accidents, but those who, for example, had a 3.75 GPA or higher in college have accident rates that are on par or lower than the average you can offer those individuals a lower rate than competitors which means you're more likely to get their business. The same goes for any other category where there's some discrimination. Figure out how to discriminate even further and you'll have a competitive advantage.

Comment Re:How difficult can it be (Score 4, Informative) 96

Why the f*ck would you allow actual 3rd party code to run inside your own software, to display an advert?

Most savvy users wouldn't which is why they use some kind of ad blocker or no script plugin. Even if asa weren't vectors for malware infection, video ads and trackers tend to chew through bandwidth and batteries as well.

If websites limited themselves to static images without the massive number of trackers, I'd be far more likely to turn off the blocker. But for whatever reason, advertisers pay websites more if they use the world's most annoying shit.

Comment Issue with batteries or with phone design? (Score 4, Interesting) 110

I'm beginning to wonder if it's an issue with something other than just the battery. Otherwise Samsung would be incredibly idiotic to send out replacement parts that suffer from the same problem. The alternatives are that a massive mistake led to sending out defective units as replacements without fixing them first, or that Samsung's battery supplier (I think I read that the source all or most of them from third parties) wasn't fully aware of the extend of their problems and have shipped more bad batteries.

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