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Comment Re:If you think Twitter is bad... (Score 1) 115

Most jobs

People have passwords for things other than their job. Hopefully, they don't use the same one for their DoD job and Slashdot.

I have 110 uid/passwords for various accounts (everything from banking to Netflix) stored safely (encrypted, pass-phrase protected) on a portable device.

Comment Re:the CO2 improvements are minor at best (Score 1) 64

Why put up with extra NOx

Why indeed. NOx limits were crafted to kill off high performance engines (high efficiency, high power output per liter of fuel, less HC, CO2) by the car haters. Why worry at all about NOx when the automobile sources are down in the noise level compared to background NOx levels?

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 106

I take it you have never worked in tech for any branch or part of the government.

I have. And it's OK until consultants and private contractors smell a profit opportunity. They undermine the gov't agency until it can neither do the work itself or properly oversee the contractors. Look at NASA (to a certain degree) and the FAA (completely pwned by industry).

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