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Comment Re:Good article, shame about the readers (Score 2) 39

the nerd population of Slashdot likes news like this, but does not have much of anything to post about it.

It's interesting news. And it's pretty advanced stuff, such that a number of Slashdot readers might understand it. But few are in a position to ask questions or discuss it without further study.

The Wayland/systemd/Windows flame wars exist because quite a few people on Slashdot are not only familiar with the subject matter, they have a level of expertise (in some cases greater then the developers) allowing them to remark 'WTF were they thinking?'

Comment Illegal? (Score 1) 400

"It is not permitted,"

Oh really? A pickup truck with a bunch of gas cans in the bed might not be wise. But even for pickups, there are approved fueling setups.

Petrol sales is sort of a cartel. You have a market, based on your service station location. And you are given a retail price. Violate any of these agreements and your station will suddenly cease to receive deliveries. If people start buying fuel in bulk and hauling it into other market areas, established dealers will be upset. I can see where the fire departments might have a concern. Distributors violating the cartel terms might start mysteriously bursting into flames.

Comment A Book (Score 5, Interesting) 115

I traveled overseas a few years back. On my trip, I bought a book. On the copyright notice page it states that this book is only authorized for sale in the country I was visiting. I then flew back to the USA (where this particular edition is not available) with my book. Have I broken a law or violated a copyright?

As I see it, Australian citizens are simply purchasing material at a point of sale within the USA (the VPN's point of presence) and then they are using private means to move the material to their home. I flew. They used a VPN.

Comment Re:Out of State plates (Score 1) 109

qualify for residency

If your fleet management unit is operated as a subsidiary (even wholly owned), they could be home based in whatever state they want and license their vehicles there. I know of a couple of construction services companies that license vehicles in either Florida or Texas. They shuffle them around enough so they can claim that the vehicles don't spend a majority of their time in Washington state and ???? Profit!

Comment Correlation != Causation (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Has anyone done a careful study to determine if high CEO compensation results in better company performance? The issue of correlation will have to account for the desire of greedy candidates for a CEO job to get on board with a company that is or will generate a lot of cash and profit so as to make a multi-million dollar pay package look justified.

Anecdote: Many years ago*, I read a story about a small California oil company that had been driven into bankruptcy. The CEO had walked (or been canned) and a bankruptcy court judge assigned. As is customary, the judge appointed an interim manager to oversee the company through what was probably going to be a dissolution. But the company was such a basket case (and the potential pay so low), the only person he could find was a friend of his who was a janitor. The janitor proceeded to go through company records, find underperforming assets to sell, reorganize the core organization and bring the company out of the bankruptcy process as a profitable business. All for what was no more than a few times his janitor's salary.

*This predates the birth of the Internet by some years, so I'm having trouble searching for a story on-line. IIRC, it was written up in the WSJ.

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