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Comment Interesting application (Score 1) 76

From TFA:

This team from Britain and Canada found that mutating a single gene to block the phosphodiesterase-4B (PDE4B) enzyme, which is found in many organs including the brain, made mice cleverer and at the same time less fearful.

So we have a pharmaceutical means of making people switch political parties. [I'm not saying which way. I'm not that stupid.]

Comment Re:Boeing (Score 1) 136

tie was left on a boeing aircraft

Except Boeing commercial aircraft don't use that much titanium. So the contamination level from that path would be vanishingly small. Titanium (and some of the other rare elements detected) are used primarily in military programs. Which Cooper might have picked up as an engineer visiting a related shop area.

The idea was put forth that Cooper might have been involved with the SST program, which was going to use a significant amount of titanium. But Boeing never got much further than plywood mockups. Given these constraints, there aren't really that many places even at Boeing where employees would encounter such metals, making the search space pretty small. So this is data that could very easily reduce the number of suspects.

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