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Comment Dig? (Score 1) 119

There are large areas of the country served by overhead power and telephone lines. Bringing fiber to these areas would be cheap compared to those with underground utilities. The poles are there. It's just a matter of hanging the fiber from them and paying a (regulated) per pole rental fee. And yet we don't see fiber going up in these areas any faster than in neighborhoods served by underground utilities.

Overhead fiber can be so cheap that a few power companies have gone ahead and put it up whenever they have a maintenance and/or upgrade project in the neighborhood. But often, due to non-compete agreements with telcos/cable companies, or restrictions on municipal broadband systems, this fiber is relegated to the power companies internal use for SCADA and metering systems.

When the government can get to the root of the economics that broadband providers use not to compete with each other, perhaps the installation of fiber will start to take off in this country. But that will also see some execs off to prison for antitrust violations, so don't hold your breath.

Comment Of course ... (Score 1) 68

... this means they'll need your phone number.

Phone numbers are the new SSN. Particularly since telcos have been given immunity for handing your metadata over to every TLA and creditor that asks for it. Just try doing business with anyone and, when they ask for your phone number, just tell them you don't have one. Watch them shit themselves.

Comment Re:Completely pointless (Score 1) 244

If the security in the named countries is so bad, what's to stop people from just sneaking their laptop in their carry on luggage? What's the US going to do at arrivals? Confiscate what turned out to be a harmless laptop? I mean if it made it all the way here from Jordan without blowing up, what's the point?

Comment Russians hacked Hillary's e-mail (Score 1) 516

Yes, that's wrong (if it's true). But it's like a cop opening your car trunk without a warrant. And finding a dead body. It's wrong and inadmissible as evidence. But the body was still there.

Elections aren't about selecting the first person that manages to escape a guilty verdict on a technicality. Had Hillary not used amazingly poor judgement in her handling of official communications, there would be no ammunition for Russia, Trump, or the GOP to embarrass her with and drive undecided voters to the other camp. The fact that it was Russia, with no right or jurisdiction to conduct an 'investigation' is also problematic. But from a point of view of ethics and justice rather than legality, the voters chose not to overlook the smell of a body in the trunk.

Comment Hotel Rooms? (Score 2) 151

Maybe in the old days, but not so much anymore.

I've watched porn from time to time. And one thing that struck me was; starting around 2008 when the real estate and mortgage markets collapsed, quite a bit of porn started to be made in rented, high end houses. I mean really high end*. I'm pretty sure some were on or near the Pacific Coast Highway in or near Malibu. Like maybe Streisand's neighbors. And there's still quite a bit of speculative property on the market, which only remains out of foreclosure due to rentals and Airbnb.

*More than a few times I've thought as I watched this stuff that they really should move their naked asses so I can get a better look at the architecture or ocean view.

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