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Comment Budget (Score 1) 133

A group of geologists believe it is time to name a new continent.

And seek funds to study it. It's not like they wouldn't look at it had in only been some interesting structures on the ocean floor. But now they can request a separate package of funding under it's own name.

Comment Re:What? WHAT? (Score 3, Informative) 133

Ocean Floor.

Nope. Different composition entirely. Continental plates ate lighter and 'float' on top of the mantle (exact details will better be explained by a real geologist). But the composition of continents and ocean floor is different.

There are bits of ocean floor that just happen to be above sea level and are dry land. Zeelandia, on the other hand, is a continental plate that is largely submerged.

Comment Re:I work in a grocery store, laugh all you want.. (Score 1) 364

For one, old people hate this kind of thing in large swaths.

I'm an old people and I'd much rather use the self check than have to stand in line, waiting while the clerk pops her gum and makes small talk with everyone. The older I get, the less time I have to waste on this bullshit.

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