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Comment My turn (Score 1) 282

self driving cars -- now you can work on the way to work twice as far away. I hope you didn't have a fun car that you enjoyed driving.

clean energy -- round eight of the same problem

VR -- stop going outside or enjoying other people.

drones and flying cars -- louder bigger insects, and bullshit on the flying cars

AI -- we're nowhere near computers making decisions. we still don't have voice recognition (voice analysis we have, but it can't handle the standard cocktail party effect)

pocket supercomputers -- again, stop enjoying other people

cryptocurrencies -- I've never had a problem with the money in my pocket, my mattress, nor my bank. have you?

online education -- again again, stop enjoying other people. learn from machines instead.

science food -- yeah, 'cause the farm-fresh stuff that grows in the ground is jus awful.

computer medicine -- happy to hear it. along with hearing aids and glasses, everything affects someone sometime. Look forward to living longer with machines and work, and never enjoying other people.

space -- there's plenty of space here. loads of places I haven't been. billions of people I haven't met. I'm not yet done here. I don't need to leave.

Comment I'll say it yet again (Score 1) 85

Cars were never built to be secure. Not one of these hackable technology issues is anywhere near as dangerous as all of the other dangers that have always existed for moving vehicles.

Some thought experiments for you:

imagine taking a handful of ball-berrings, and tossing them off of a bridge over a busy high-speed highway.

imagine, late at night, grabbing a paint brush and some yellow/white paint, and "adjusting" the lane markings on the empty-but-will-be-busy-come-morning-rush-hour road.

imagine, driving a remote-controlled toy car onto a busy road.

imagine, throwing a rock at high-speed traffic.

imagine, a paint-filled balloon sitting on the road.

imagine, a little bit of olive oil on the road.

car doors are easily opened with a hanger. windows are easily smashed with a rock. brake lines are easily cut with a knife. tires are easily punctured by just about anything. vision is easily blocked and even more easily blurred.

our system of vehicles and roadways has never been based on security. dammit, wi have 120kph traffic, separated by a yellow line of paint! Think about the 240kph collision. Think about the pile-up.

Comment play, record (Score 1) 393

It was 1985. I was 5. I got my first boombox -- i.e. ghetto-blaster. It ran either through mains or via 12 D-cell batteries. It had detachable speakers -- each the size of twenty iphones. It had dual-cassette players. It had am/fm radio.

It had a record button.

Push the record button, and it recorded whatever what playing -- cassette or radio.

It had high-speed dubbing.

DRM exists within the audio player, good for it. Your desktop speakers have no such intelligence. Between the two, is your sound card. Any decent $20 sound card, and just about every on-board sound device, has no trouble recording whatever it's putting out.

Play anything you like in Windows. Grab any recording software, and hit record. Choose the source as the "output mix" from your sound card.

This ain't new. Thirty years ago, I recorded live radio. Since then we've had napster, altervista, ftp, bbs, and torrents. You can take it all away with DRM if you like. Play anything you want off of youtube, and hit record. It's not difficult.

And it all comes down to the very same thing. It's not your music when you use my equipment to play it. It's that simple.

Comment Re:This just in (Score 1) 115

Good one. Let's crowdsource a list, shall we?

Coat Hanger
Slim Jim
Air Bag
a knife through the rag top convertible
just plain forcing down the window with a glass-transport suction cup
jumping into the open convertible on a nice day
ten guys picking up a small car and carrying it away
four guys picking up half a small car and dragging it away
loading a small car into a large truck
using any tow truck on any car
a crow bar
a window-breaker

Yeah, it's the wireless that's the problem. Sure.

Comment Re:This just in (Score 2) 115

You're right. It's just sitting in my pocket, on my desk, in a bowl, for anyone to take at any time without my knowledge. Pick any movie from the '90s. I'll start. The Thomas Crown Affair.

Keys aren't meant to keep people out. My house's front door is protected by a key -- only one key will fit the lock. And next to the door is a big glass window -- any key in the world will shatter that window..

Keys, like most security, are meant to require an attacker to escalate their attacks -- so the 7 year-old down the street won't accidentally enter my house, and so the expert burglar needs to actually do something that's always illegal. See, opening the door to my house is legal under so many circumstances. But picking the lock is legal under so very few.

The only security measure that's meant to keep people out is, and always has been, another person.

Comment This just in (Score 0) 115

keys can be copied. shocker. not new to electronic keys. not new to wireless keys. has there ever been a key that couldn't be copied?

what "can" be done has never mattered. what "is" done is all that matters.

if keys are copied and cars are stolen, it's not a problem for car makers -- just like if my pen gets stolen, it's not a problem for pen makers. That car makers include some kind of security feature in the form of a key is nice, but I don't think that key is even mentioned in the car's warranty.

if cars are stolen, it's the problem of law enforcement, law creators, or your educational/economic systems. You ain't gonna resolve theft with security -- no one ever has.

My old pens said: "This pen stolen from,,,". My new pens say: "If you don't shave your head, this isn't your pen."

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

You know, I'm not sure. My gut reaction is to say that we're heating our insulation!

Unlike you guys, we don't have a lot of places with large buildings. So most of our residential is detached housing, which is easily heated. Obviously we've got some big cities, and one or two huge cities. Only one of the huge cities gets cold, but we're talking a handful of days each year, and rarely contiguous.

I'm not sure what calgary and winnipeg apartments do. But judging from my own Toronto house, it's R12 insulation in the walls, wood framing, brick and vinyl siding, shingles, attic. But every house has a furnace, and inside every furnace is a fire. So I'd guess colder cities have bigger fires. Mine's got 5 natural gas burners. And when the power goes out at -20C, it took 6 hours for the house to drop from 23C to 13C, then one natural gas fireplace brought it back to 19C in under an hour.

Interesting. I've no idea.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

Clearly english just isn't your forte. Reading through your wording...
Land lines have nothing to do with a first-responder's radio.
You can't step outside when you're trapped by the fire.
There aren't residencial areas of canada without telephone service of some kind. No one's talking about the middle of a mountain.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

Again, a rock isn't chair jsut because you can sit on it. Intentional design counts for a lot.

Every piece of matter COULD be a transmitted, if it's designed and built and used intentionally as one. Ok, I'll accept that. But until you do exactly that, it's not one.

Just like a rock isn't a lethal weapon, until I wield it as one. Then it most certainly is. A car isn't a lethal weapon until I play carmeggedon.

Accidents aren't intent and aren't design.

"I built my restaurant, and the rebal in the concrete walls seem to block cell signals" is not an issue.
"I bulit my restaurant, and installed a faraday cage within the walls, purchased from faradays'r'us, in order to block cell signals" is an issue.

"A rock fell off of my roof, and hurt someone" isn't murder.
"I carried a rock up to the roof, aimed at someone, and threw it hard" is.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

"By design" That's the important part moron. Anything can be used as a chair if you sit on it. But a rock isn't a chair until you design it to be one.

If you intentionally build a building to block signals, you'll find very quickly that you've violated some other building code. If you stack vehicles in your front yard to block signals, then you'll find that illegal for other reasons too.

Stop being vague "exhibit the same properties". Describe an actual scenario where a vehicle blocks cellular signals, and is intended to do so by design, and you'll easily find the law that makes it illegal. Cars, for example, go through rigorous FCC, CSA, CE, and IC blocking tests to ensure that they do not cross a threshold -- even that the motor's vibrational frequency doesn't accidentally block signals too much.

Read more.

And get a name. If you aren't willing to put your name to your arguments, then your arguments and your name have zero value.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

Excuse me, presented as fact? You might want to lookup the definition of the word "fact". You'll be surprised. So let's assume, for the moment, that you meant "truth" or "valid-for-all-time". Ehem, no I didn't.

I swore no oath. I made no warranty. You paid no dollar. This is a forum of opinion. I stated what I learned. And by the way, that's a truth. This is what I learned. Whether or not it applies to you is irelevant. I didn't advise you to do anything.

Get a name. Without a name to your arguments, they have zero value.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 2) 537

A few reasons, made all the more obvious during U.S. elections:

1. far fewer people. with a tenth of the population, there are fewer people to regulate and far fewer to enforce

2. far more land. with double, triple, and in some areas ten times the land, the population density is far lower. with more space fewer concerns collide with other people's concerns.

3. we've prioritized communications long ago -- our providers have been required to cover coast-to-coast, even where there is one human in a thousand square miles!

4. we aren't deeply divided on major issues -- we don't have half of us fighting strongly for guns, and the other half fighting strongly against guns. Maybe we have 5% strongly for, and 5% strongly against. The point is that it's not enough to make gun laws come up for non-gun-related issues.

5. provinces. provinces are geographical distinctions mainly because climates and lifestyles differ across the country. So a province is responsible for divvying budgets, adjusting rules of the road, things like that. But murder in one province is the same as murder in another province you don't have provinces. you have states: "I don't like your laws. I'm drawing this line in the sand, on this side, I enforce my own laws. get off my lawn". So each state has totally different laws, and totally different government. In the "USA", the "o" is the most significant part. It's not a country, it's a union of independent states. It doesn't even have a name! We've seen the union of europe (the european union), the union under the king (the united kingdom) and the union of states within america (the united states of america). Still, no name. Can't agree on a name. Can't agree on major laws. Case in point: civil war.

6. health care.

7. revolutionary war. Within my life-time, Canada brought home our constitution. Until then, we were still a british colony under british rule. I think it was the '80s. You had the revolutionary war to earn your independence. You killed lots of people, and got lots of your own people killed. We just waited 100 years, and asked politely. Here's the thing. Yes we were under british rule in the '80s. But that simply meant that if we elected a prime minister stupidly, through lots of corruption, the british queen could say no. In reality, it never happened. Of course, we don't have hanging chads, and we don't have a guy named trump.

8. melting pot. the USA has always been a melting pot -- where people of all cultures can come live the american dream as americans. For example, you have "african americans". Canada isn't a melting pot. Here, people of all cultures can come live their own culture in Canada. That's the Canadian dream. We don't have "african canadians". We simply have black people. You can easily tell the difference between african and jamaican by the language used on the street-name signs in the neighbourhood.

In the USA, you are certainly free to be american. In Canada, you are free to be whatever you are, and encouraged similarly. For the most part, laws and regulations govern conflict, but not behaviour.

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