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Comment the spork (Score 3) 386

the spork is better in every way. it's a spoon. it's a fork. it takes up less space. it's not like you ever use a spoon and a fork at the same time.

still, no one wants a spork.
a screwdriver could have a hammer on the other end. it doesn't. you don't want it to.

it's not about better. sometimes, it's just about the abstract concept of knowing what your tool is, and what it does. I can have two different tools for different things.

the all-too-common swiss army knife is completely useless. Have you ever actually seen any human being even try to use a swiss army knife? It's hillarious.

software features are the same way. it's 2017. do you think anyone uses office suite programs for anything more than they did thirty years ago? maybe 0.1% do. Maybe a whole 1% use pivot tables. Everyone else can write business reports and book reports and essays in wordperfect with plastic keyboard overlays. But now we have drop down menus, excuse me, ribbon bars, excuse me, drop down menus inside of ribbon bars! Even clippy couldn't have predicted that one.

Better, is often much more useless. It's like more storage-space in your car or in your house. There's a point at which you need an index to find your stuff. And that point is way sooner than people think. So your SUV, and your storage locker, and your attic, and your space bedroom, become piles of junk. That's not better.

software functions are the same way. I need to convert video basically between four different formats in 2017. And almost always between only two, now that flash is dead. But it's been ten years, and I still can't figure out how to get VLC to convert a video into anything usable. So I'm using a shitty shareware program that's far less capable, but doesn't give me the option of producing a 10x10 pixel, 6GB video, from a simple cell phone video. Asking me to select the bitrate in an age where internet speeds vary as much as they do is the all-time dumbest option. Nobody cares about the bitrate. Ask me to choose the filesize, which means way more. Or the general quality. Do you think I care about the pixel dimensions when the compression is horrible? High-res compression artifacts, yummy.

More software features is like a new employee. If you can't work with what you have, a new employee ain't gonna make the old ones any better.

Comment Re:Big crock of bull (Score 4, Insightful) 168

What a concept. We've eighty-seven thousand versions of microsoft office later. Does anyone's book report need anything newer than wordperfect? And if you thought that was dating myself, wordstar? It's black text on white page. Textart became useless when tractor-feed paper was gone -- you can't do banners on pre-cut paper. Count the number of office workers who use anything more than bold, italics, underline, a bulleted list, and maybe a numbered list. Even pivot tables have been around for decades now.

You need the latest hardware to run the latest software. But you don't need the latest software to do the latest business -- because the latest business, most of the time, is nothing new.

Comment Big crock of bull (Score 1) 168

Sure, if we're talking about an office of programmers, this might all hold true, but most businesses in this world manufacture white tube socks. They manufacture white tube socks the same way today as they did thirty years ago. If my 486DX250 hadn't gone missing in 1998, it would still be adequate for the manufacturing of white tube socks.

There are many employees who feel demoralized because they manufacture white tube socks. And if you show them new, shiny, expensive things, then they'll feel better about themselves. . .for a few days. Life is like a mop; it gets full of dirt and crud and hairballs and stuff. Sometimes, people just want a new mop because they don't want to clean the old mop -- even though their job is to clean.

As for the lovely comment of spending 1% of a salary to improve 5% productivity, that presumes a whole lot of crap, like a) the 5% won't dwindle a week later; b) there's 5% more work that could be done; and c) that same employee won't ask for six more 1%'s because they really can't stick with a set of tools that work.

I have a car, a sportscar, it's 8 years old. Do I want a new car? Hell no! Does my car have a back-up camera, heated seats, gps, fantastic speakers, well-retractive seat belts? It has none of those. But none of those are a part of a car. Those are weird luxuries and dumb conveniences that may be nice but they aren't a part of a car. Instead, it has all of the wonders of a great sportscar. I'm not going to throw out the great car for a new car just because the new car has more gizmos. Because guess what. . .the new car doesn't have the limited slip differential. Those new gizmos are all nice, and they are nice added value, but you need to have something to add it to.

I do have/run/operate a small business. It's a web-programming business. My desk is a solid wood gorgeous desk, now 15 years old. My main workstation is 9 years old -- spec'd properly in the first place, it's faster than most reasonably-priced new machines. Abuse it, and it'll be garbage in ten minutes.

Take care of your tools, whatever they may be, and not only will they last, but you'll be so much happier with them than you ever would with a new replacement.

Comment $5 - $8 for a glass of juice? (Score 1) 356

Dang, $5 for a bag of fruit that I press into juice, with or without a device, is obscene.

Not only does $5 of fruit amount to WAY more than a single glass of juice around here, but $5 of fruit has WAY more than just juice in it. I can eat the fruit, which quite frankly is WAY better than juice alone.

And if I want just juice, well then I don't need lovely fruit. I can get unripenned (often better for raw juice) or over-ripe (often better for sweetened juice) even cheaper.

And if I really just want juice, $5 buys me a beautiful tropicana carton of WAY more than just one glass of juice.

Comment welcome to democracy (Score 0) 480

welcome to democracy. The majority can choose to agree on anything -- it doesn't need to be true. In this case, the majority decided the movie was bad, and the majority decided that they didn't need to see it to judge it.

welcome to democracy. if everyone's vote counts the same, and everyone isn't intelligent, then the vote is equally not intelligent.

still democracy -- actually, even moreso, since the vote is specifically for what people want, independent of truth.

so, until you say that democracy should weigh votes based on value -- in this case, geolocation, or having seen the move, and in presidential elections by some degree of education, investment, or at least understanding of candidate platforms -- then you get crap opinions from crap people.

Stop listening.

Why would you base your actions on the opinions of random strangers?

Perhaps a more concise example: move oscars. They've never voted a shitty movie for the best picture award. Some crappy action movie, like starship troopers, or some crappy animated movie, like bubble guppies clearly aren't impressive, innovative, or special in any way. Except that they usually deliver precisely what they promissed to deliver. So if you watch it, based on the trailer, and you expect what you saw in the trailer, and it delivers what you expected, then isn't it the perfect movie for you at that time? Just 'cause Shmikel and Jeeburt don't think it's worth seeing, doesn't mean it isn't the perfect movie for your evening.

In this case, maybe the majority vote this movie as crap because they feel it's crap based on the subject matter alone. Isn't that valid? You might think a movie is crap because the title is mis-spelled, or because you hate a particular actor, or because they abused the canine actors off-camera.

The point is, it's a valid opinion to state, whatever the source of the opinion, and it's a stupid opinion to read, unless you know and agree with the context of that opinion.

Comment Uhuh, I've heard this one before (Score 1) 198

colonies on the moon? travelling to other planets? flying cars? jetpacks? biodomes?

It'll take way more than 2075 for a colony on mars. It takes a decade to build a highway 100km long.

It took thirty years for cellphones to get a touchscreen.

People have been diagnosing themselves at home for millenia. The advancement was the doctor, not the diagnosis.

Doctor-free prescriptions are called illicit drugs.

Civilization doesn't move that fast, nor that way. Makes for a nice book though.

Comment I don't want multiple of the same, think different (Score 1) 104

I never wanted a dozen browser tabs grouped into one window.
I don't want a dozen file explorer tabs grouped into one window either.
I certainly don't want a dozen photoshop tabs grouped into one window!

Think harder. Remember the reason that I opened multiple photoshop instances to begin with? I'm working on multiple different projects.

I want one window for each project. I want one window with three browser tabs, two file explorer tabs, and a photoshop tab. I'm working on a poster in photoshop, and I've opened two website tutorials, one local tutorial, and some documentation to support my photoshop design. When the phone rings, and it's my other client, I want to minimize it all. When I open my taxes, I want it obviously separate from my poster work.

And no, workspaces and virtual desktops are way too far for that. I'm one person, with one workflow. I need to see everything that I'm not working on too.

I'm actually a web developer (big surprise here, I'm sure). I can't do anything without: UE for typing code, two browsers for testing code, FTP-something for pulling and pushing code, SSH for configuring code, something mysql for data-play, and the client's e-mail open to figure out what I should be doing. And something note-pad so I can remember what to say back to the client days later. I'd love to tab the two different browsers together. I'd love to tab SSH and FTP together. I'd love to tab a query browser and the e-mail together. I'd love communication with client data together in one window, browser testing together in another window, server communication together in a third window, and my text creation together in a fourth window.

Instead, I get ten windows to juggle. And then a second client calls. One minute, let me open your ten windows.

Comment 0.008%, and they need security? (Score 1) 575

If it's such a small percentage, you'd think they could have auctioned off the seat before calling security. There aren't many cases, in my life, where I wouldn't have taken $2'000 for a 1-day delay. It's an airline. Just stand there and raise the award until someone says yes.

I'm sure the time-delay to call security cost the airline more than $2K.

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