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Comment Accountability... (Score 1) 29

If we were a little more like the Chinese in dealing with our companies, you'd see less of this. Throwing an executive in general lock up has a certain pour encourager les autres effect that fining a company and letting them debate a sock party for the people responsible does not have. It's like I said after Deepwater Horizon. You really think if we left BP alone but brought the death penalty for felony murder against the executive(s) responsible for 11 oilmen dying and that much environment damage that the oil industry wouldn't stand up, sphincters puckered and be good Boy Scouts on worker safety and the environment?

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 212

No, the correct person to blame is ourselves for continuing to vote for people who spend massively on our behalf, in exchange for our votes.

Well, they have to borrow for this habit of ours, and that means renting this money. Be happy Apple is doing this rather than more foreign powers.

Comment Yawn (Score 1) 101

Yet more garbage, released in a race to the bottom.

Samsung, you'll never see another dime from me or those like me until you stop gluing batteries into your phones. It's not okay.

BTW. You're not Apple. You do not have a mesmerized, captive audience. Removing the headphone jack will cost you a noticeable number of sales. Grow up.

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 1) 306

Well, when the blue glow of Luke's saber lit up Rey's face in the nighttime woods after she snagged it, you just lose something on the small screen. It is not the same, even allowing for the communal experience.

I prefer to sit in the 4th thru 6th row, where the screen is huge but not so close it is hard to focus, or where you must crane your neck. I just don't get people who rush right up the stairs so the screen is little more than a large TV.

Comment Re:How many suicides will it create? (Score 1) 320

We'll see about all that in a year. We'll also see how blue states are likely getting these 50,000 jobs.

All of these jobs are related to venture capital. So it is very likely all of them will be in blue, metropolitan areas (sorry Rust Belt, no soup for you.)

Comment Nuance is the key (Score 0) 560

Global warming is basically a misnomer. The concept of global temperatures rising in the past hundred years or so has been debunked many times now. However, climate change - other than that caused naturally - is a fact, especially with global weather patterns becoming more and more erratic and local weather patterns becoming more and more extreme as a result of that.

Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 331

If Samsung had not followed Apple into the race for thinner phones they could have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble with exploding batteries if they just left them removable removable. I wonder how Samsung will fuck this up.

Phone thinness is stupid -- I already double it with a new Otter case every time.

Comment Too many flaws on Android smartwatches (Score 3, Interesting) 110

I bought the Huawei watch the day it came out. I was hoping to use it in bars/restaurants to allow me to keep my phone in my pocket, but still get a buzz if an important message (or pagerduty alert) comes in.

It does do this, more or less. But over the past year and a bit, I really hoped some of the shortcomings would be addressed, and they haven't.

The reality is it's laggy, "ok google" doesn't work more than 10-15% of the time, and even when it does, half the time it ignores the query. The speaker isn't used as it should be. It constantly loses bluetooth connection to my device. Wifi handoff is sloppy. There is no brightness control when in ambient mode. No on-watch app control; I do not want every single phone app with a watch counterpart installed!

My dad as the iWatch, and it just works. It's great. It's how it should be.

I've been an Android dev and user since Cupcake, and have no love for Apple, but I have to hand this one to them. They did it correctly, and everyone else failed (either due to hardware issues or Android Wear itself).

If Google doesn't abandon AndroidWear before releasing 2.0, let's hope things get better.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 278

Now, we need a push so that kids the math, writing and science skills they'll need because the schools are failing horribly at those - especially science. What good is them learning to code when they still come out of school thinking Evolution is "just a theory" and not a fact?

Or coming out of school without the basic math skills to succeed in a STEM field.

And this focus on STEM is horribly musguided. Everything builds on one another. Music and art education is just as important and helps with other subjects. Why while everyone in my data structures class were struggling, I learned it instantaneously by making analogies to music.

And also keep in mind that compared to the general population, more Noble winners play instruments. Interesting correlation between musicality and scientific creativity.

But is about creating a pool of low cost labor and not our economic future.

And soon, computers won't need to be programmed, they'll be trained.

Someone has to build the computers and laid the underlying software to make them trainable. Oh, you think they can build and set themselves up to get trained, recursively, ad infinitum? Say hi to the Halting Problem.

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