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Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1, Troll) 268

Many on the left love protectionism...except when they don't.

The FDA is no prize -- by being so tightfisted, they prevent politicians from having to explain why a drug hurt people, but this ends up delaying new drugs (and generics, as TFA shows) that trivially causes a lot more harm than they save being overly cautious.

But you know, a death or two in front of the camera is a tragedy the likes of which 10,000 offscreen because of delayed drugs is not.

Comment Re: But of course (Score 2) 442

I agree that it isn't the governments job but, in many ways they have made it so. Since they have made it so, they have done it incompetently. You still have zoning and the areas near the river can simply be zoned for farmland. Yes, there is personal responsibility and while I feel bad when people lose their stuff due to a flood, I can only think that if I were moving into a flood zone I'd check to see how high the water has gotten in the past. Then I'd make sure I had a two level house and kept my valuables upstairs or built my house on a dirt hill that I constructed. Of course in Hawaii where I used to live, one house I lived in was up on stilts with the carport underneath. Smart. Even so, it still isn't smart for the Army Corps of Engineers to wall the Mississippi in so it has nowhere to expand to when the rains come. Btw: The Mississippi Delta is losing (as I recall) one football field worth of land daily due to erosion and settling caused by the mismanagement of the Mississippi.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 679

It is because we burned all that that we sit here with 2016 technology not dying of different diseases and injuries and infections and feeding many multiples of people per acre than they did.

I have no desire to slow this progress. We would literally, and I mean literally, be better off in the year 2100 or 2300 with risen seas and 2100 or 2300 tech than lower seas and 2050 or 2200 tech.

People in the mid 1800s slamming on the brakes, leaving us with year 1890 or 1930 tech would be no friend to humanity.

And no, you can't have your cake and it too. Business doesn't care why it is hobbled. Hundreds of century long economic experiments showed that over the same time period.

Comment Re:But of course (Score 5, Insightful) 442

Absolutely correct. What people forget is that the Mississippi used to have flood plains all along its path. When there was heavy rain anywhere along its course, the waters would raise and it would overflow its banks depositing rich soil and silt all along the way. Now, we've replaced the flood plains with housing developments and mini-malls. The rich soil deposited by the Mississippi is under asphalt. (Well, not all of it.) Additionally walls, dams, and other barriers have been constructed by various municipalities and the US Army Corps of Engineers to keep the Mississippi from overflowing its banks. This creates a situation where additional water has no where to go other than to cause the water level to raise and for the river to run faster (such as water flowing through a pipe.) When it gets down to coastal LA, it is traveling much faster than it would naturally and is causing massive erosion. Additionally, it causes major floods as the pent up water finally has a place to go. Government planning at it's best. (Thanks US Army Corps of Engineers!)

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 10

Seriously. Slashdot news?

New services in the 2nd largest economy, an economy that is increasing its technical sophistication and know-how? Tech news are not limited to gadgets and virtual pr0n, just so you know.

Not to mention that Didi's reservation service via mobile apps, though not necessarily revolutionary in technical terms, it is quite so in its end-to-end service Reserving a car rental to be delivered at home, no one does that. This poses logistic challenges - repairs, insurance, delivery, recovery, maintenance, claims - those which will be met with technological means, and, if lucky, would provide case studies applicable to other areas in any sufficiently industrialized country.

If that's not tech, I question the technical nature of these \. posters.

Comment Re:All the data means all the data (Score 1) 301

I trust Wikileaks a whole lot more than the average Associated Press news story full of random bullshit attributed to "sources speaking anonymously because they were not authorized." We're not dumb, we don't want a filter and "think of the children" is how dictators often climb to power.

I fail to see how this justifies releasing the name of someone accused of being gay in a country where homosexuality is punishable by death.

It is very easy to be a fucking asshole that spouts dogmatic slogans (and putting inocent people at risk) when they have nothing to lose. That's not love of freedom or speech or transparency. That's just good old fucking moral hazard.

Comment Type 50 wpm or 200 scenarios mashed per minute (Score 1) 123

Screw this shit. 99% of PC games are already console games, ported. Stupid button-mashing idiocy.

Who the hell is sitting in design rooms slamming their fists on the table demanding people switch buttons to mash every second, half-second, quarter second? Faster faster faster! Mash, switch, mash!

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 82

They do. you just dont buy them direct from samsung. you can always buy refurbs from carriers. And any warranty return for a new phone is always replaced with a used refurb.

My favorite part of buying a $600 phone is getting a used one that is all scratched up

Spot on. People miss such such an obvious thing, I have to wonder about their reading comprehension skills.

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