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Comment Re:We need a new secure internet (Score 1) 203

Uh no. The internet is the network and the computers. It's an inter-net-work of computers. The shit that runs over it is likewise therefore also part of the internet. If the internet will happily carry shit traffic, then it's a shit internet.

I love it too, but let's not pretend that it's not grossly flawed.

No I'm talking about the architecture of the network itself and have made that quite clear. You can invent whatever definitions you want and ignore the clear context of parents remarks yet in doing so you are no longer communicating any useful information.

Asserting pipes are shit because you pumped them full of shit is itself worthless shit.

Comment Re:Wait a minute.. (Score 1) 203

No, it needs a technical solution. Making ISP's liable for outbound traffic that doesn't originate from within their address range would deal with this.

The technical solution is cleaning up millions of owned systems.

The rest can then be tackled by holding the source to blame - if you have an device that's spamming, well it's up to you to shut it down or pay up.

This isn't 1996. Nobody runs botnets where individual hosts overtly "spam" and expect to keep their network intact.

The issue at present is that source IP spoofing is far too easy because the ISP's are routing traffic that can't legitimately be coming from inside their network.

This just happens to be the low hanging fruit.

Comment Re:We need a new secure internet (Score 1) 203

There is no fucking reason for the internet to be this much of a clusterfuck.

There isn't much daylight between Internet we have today and the ideal version of it in my view. Shit that runs over it is an entirely different story.

Spoofed routing updates, IP spoofing, none of this should be possible by design.

If everyone got off their asses and implemented BCP 38 it would be more difficult yet I'm not so sure we would see a better outcome. Preventing reflection is helpful and having more confidence in source addresses important yet I find it hard to believe this is a solution to anything.

With a non retarded internet DDOS attacks could simply be blocked at the source by certified ISPs.

Problem isn't spoofed traffic it is desire and capability to flood others. If you own a botnet you don't need to spoof traffic to cause havoc.

Any ISP who abused that ability, or ISPs which repeatedly allowed spoofed traffic to originate from their network could simply be banned from the internet. Problem fucking solved.

We allowed countless millions of devices and PCs to become owned and now some of us get to pay the price for that. It isn't the Internet's fault we suck.

Comment Fuck insomanic games (Score 0) 626

What I don't understand half people voting in this country are voting for Trump regardless of what you or I think. What gives with companies making political stands like this? How is this professional behavior? How does this help Insomniac win customers and grow their business?

Seems like an exceedingly childish and stupid way to lose customers in an extremely constrained market to begin with.

Insomniac Games condemns all forms of hate speech. While everyone has a right to express his or her political opinion, the behavior and sentiments reported do not reflect the values of our company

This statement is an oxymoron.

a political climate as fragile and horrifying as this one, we cannot tacitly endorse these actions by supporting Luckey or his platform.

"horrifying" and "fragile" ... Good riddance douches. Your games are shit anyway.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 844

Pretty much a zero sum equation as far as I see it. Trump uses the same speech tactics that Hitler did.

Calling Trump a Nazi is equally absurd. I don't like the guy, and I am not voting for him, but comparing him to Hitler is just silly, and you lose your credibility by making that comparison. You need to read a history book.

I love how "uses the same speech tactics that Hitler did" morphs into "Trump is a Nazi".

Many lessons to be learned from Nazi Germany. Many human deficiencies contributed to and enabled it. Hitler was one person... a whole fucking country went along with his insanity. What enabled that to happen is much bigger than one cause, event or person. Godwin isn't invoked enough.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 524

You're assuming the US has a choice.

The question is what would they get out of no longer tolerating the devil they know and would it be worth it? I lack the imagination necessary to see how the answer is anything but nothing and no... beyond nationalistic political bullshit.

A lot of other countries don't particularly like the idea of the US being in charge of this global resources, and they are already preparing their own root DNS servers.

More the merrier.

It's not that hard, mirror the current root node and then start forking. Maybe do
a bit of censorship

They can censor whatever they want at their borders using an infinite number of methods all much more effective than operating a root server.

, maybe make sure nothing resolves to without a giant cheque.

The second they do this is the second their root servers are permanently delisted from every other operators root list.

International governance doesn't make the problem go away, censorship already exists to a degree, but it makes it politically easier to keep everyone on the same network.

I despise what ICANN has become and prefer IANA free itself as quickly as possible. Personally fully on board with multi-stakeholder assuming details are sound and not likely to be captured by government and industry any worse than under ICANN's reign.

In my view what we should be afraid of is not so much censorship as it is irrational policy that leads to chaos: (Domain tasting, VeriSign wildcards, domain extortion rackets, copyright/trademark regimes) The TLDs and especially ccTLDs wield all the real power to the extent DNS conveys any at all.

Comment Re:"Security" (Score 1) 180

Sarcasm aside, there is a lot of security-related motivation in attempts to lock down the BIOS, UEFI, etc. The problem is that much of this also has consequences, and we clearly can't rely on companies to simply keep our best interests at heart on their own - but that should come as a surprise to no one here.

In this case I don't believe there is any relationship either asserted or implied between taking affirmative action to deliberately disable AHCI and security.

People were still able to boot from live USB sticks and Lenovo spouted some incoherent PR nonsense "it's not our fault Linux doesn't support proprietary single disk RAID" .. yet they didn't say anything about security as near as I can tell.

Comment I've been sayin it for ten damn years (Score 4, Insightful) 467

Good God.. I've been sayin it. I've been sayin it for ten damn years. Ain't I been sayin it? Miguel.. Yeah, I've been sayin it.

Who releases a computer that won't run AHCI? From accounts of people who have looked into the BIOS .. AHCI is there but *intentionally* restricted from being enabled by customers. The people who did this knew exactly what this meant when they did it and what consequences of doing it would be yet they went ahead with it anyway.

Comment Amazon? What is that? (Score 1) 110

I gave up on Amazon after minimum purchases and refusal to sell star wars to non-prime members.

When companies start spending that much time and money on ways to maximize profits like this seems better to cut your losses and take your business elsewhere.

Bad enough the "search" function has always been worthless. No matter what you type into the search box even smashing the keys randomly brings up search results. I don't want to wade thru crap in the off chance intentionally not having a rational relevancy cutoff pays off for them. If you want to screw with me that's your right just don't expect me to do business with you.

Comment Re:My recollection of Kindergarten, circa 1986 (Score 1) 227

And in 1986 an average american could get by just fine with nothing more than a high-school education. Give it another 10/15 years and those that don't get a higher education will be living in poverty.

Whether we like it or not. this thing we know as life has become a race. You get to choose if you want to race to the top or to the bottom. Those that sit idol are racing to the bottom even if they don't realize it.

Meanwhile the value of what one knows grows increasingly worthless with each passing year. Enjoy your sinking ship.

Comment Re:Why is this bad? (Score 1) 227

Also, having recess is almost optional in my mind. Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese and other countries' students spend way more time in school than our students do. Education is valued in those societies and they make sure
they turn out well-educated students. Look at some of the university entrance exams from countries on this list and compare it to high school curriculum in the US. Compared to these countries, we're doing nothing near that level of work with students. Visiting faculty from other countries send their kids to
private tutors to ensure they receive a level of education on par with their country's system so the kid won't be behind when they return home. I think the school day should be longer and the school year should be year-round. Only 2% of the population works in agriculture anymore, so there's no excuse for students to be out the whole summer anymore

This is just opinions without any merit based justification. I will dismiss it as such.

Comment For godsakes don't take the bait (Score 1) 536

There have been a steady stream of articles asking questions along these lines trying to get people to reveal what they are working on. Don't do it. It will only be used against you.

If you have something with potential of being even mildly disruptive and your end goal isn't cashing out then for god sakes keep your mouth shut until your shit is ready.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 87

We've already lost that fight in terms of a truly decentralized Internet. The various governments and large corporations already are fighting to stake out various levels of control. The companies that operate the core infrastructure also have an outsized level of control.

It has never been easier for peers to communicate amongst themselves and never easier for people to host whatever content they want from their own fat pipes. What a single broadband customer has today in bandwidth entire corporations and universities wished they had 20 years ago.

Comment Re:Unreasonable (Score 1) 218

Except when you're in traffic with a bunch of fuckheads and your life is being threatened every few minutes (or seconds, as is more likely around say the Bay Area... or any big city in Texas, or lots of other places) driving is already well below that threshold for anyone who has any actual business driving. Hence the need for more automated driving features...

The idea that driving is too dangerous so machines should do it instead is a nice philosophical concept.

In the real world details matter, implementation quality matters, technological capabilities matter and philosophy is in fact worthless.

Technologies like AEB have a proven track record of significantly improving safety. Others such as LDW/LKS have yet to make the case or shown to be a liability in terms of safety in the aggregate.

The question at hand does feature 'x' provide a benefit or is it in fact a liability? This isn't about some future date where fully autonomous driving is an easy problem nor is it about advancing dreams and wishes. It is about the real world as it actually exists. There is currently NO statistically significant information available to suggest self driving mode of Tesla improve safety regardless of any PR nonsense spewed by Musk et al.

There is human factor research on complacency induced by automation mostly in the context of aircraft. What we know is the issue is real yet to the extent it hurts or helps with regards to Tesla requires real world detailed information and analysis not wishful thinking and philosophy.

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