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Submission + - Physicists Turn a Single Atom Into a Mirror (

sciencehabit writes: Physicists have fashioned a mirror from a single atom. The advance might lead to an atom-sized transistor for light, and experts say it bodes well for broader efforts to shrink optical elements to the nanometer scale. Such an optical system could be faster and more efficient than current electronics

Submission + - Mapping the Price of Pot Across the Internet (

Julie188 writes: "You might not have known that you are paying $526 to get buzzed when that same high, same pot, costs $97 in different areas; but this and other important information can now be found, thanks to a site called FloatingSheep and the mashups it posts. FloatingSheep analyzes geocoded data provided by web users to discover stuff that would normally go unseen, like the maps of the price of pot, of business and sex, of religion, bowling alleys, guns, and strip clubs — yes, all in one map. One of the project's founders, Dr. Matthew Zook, says that FloatingSheep is interested in fighting censorship in all its forms, not just the state-sponsored kind but also "soft censorship or citizen censorship. I'm thinking of things such as the editing wars that can break out in Wikipedia (or rating websites like Trip Advisor) in which less prevalent opinions/viewpoints have a tougher time being heard.""

Submission + - Meet the designer of China's deep-sea sub (

An anonymous reader writes: You may have heard that China sent a manned research sub down to the ocean deep this summer, marking a personal depth record of 5000 meters (next year it will aim for a world record of 7000 meters). Here's a story about the sub based on an interview with its designer in Wuxi, China. It's got some interesting new details: The designer had never actually seen a submersible before he set out to build the deepest diving research sub in the world; all the stuff he's built before has ended up in warehouses because the Chinese government only funded technological development, not use.

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