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Comment Re:Simple under linux (Score 2) 203

By "modern disk" I mean "disk", not "disk emulator" (what an SSD essentially is), of course.

For an SSD, if you want an "eBay safe" erase, just do the zeroing. Some expensive data-recovery software may still recover buffers and the like. If you need more, do physical destruction. You cannot really trust that the ATA "Secure Erase" command does what it claims.

But the whole discussion here is not about disks with any really high-value data on them. For those, always do full zeroing, ATA Secure Erase (if an SSD) and then physical destruction. For those disks the small amount of money a sale can recover is not even worth the additional effort.

Comment Re:Simple under linux (Score 1) 203

That already qualifies as a number of hoops for the average user, and that is the problem. Apparently, even googeling "erase disk" is far too complicated for the average user. Of course, you and me will have that Linux boot CD/DVD/USB-key already laying around, but the average user is apparently so limited that companies like Blancco make good business on something that is easy to do with free tools.

DBAN is nice though. Had not heard of it before.

Comment Re:Simple under linux (Score 4, Interesting) 203

Was about to post that. For a nice progress indicator, use

dd_rescue -w /dev/zero /dev/target

Apparently, a single zero-overwrite is entirely enough for modern disks (say, newer than 15 years or so), as these are used close enough to the surface data density limit that even magnetic force microscopy can recover a few scattered bits at best after a zero-wipe.

I think the main problem here is that to do something like this under Windows, you have to jump through some hoops. And the other main problem is (of course) that people do not understand how disk storage works in the first place.

Comment Only problem: This is not a "camera" (Score 4, Insightful) 60

This is a lens-system at the end of an optical fiber. The actual camera is a the other end of that fiber. The paper-title gets it right: "Two-photon direct laser writing of ultracompact multi-lens objectives". There is nothing "injectable" here and no "surveillance concerns" either. This is a better endoscope, and that is it. As such it is very interesting, no doubt. But the add-on concerns and fear-mongering are complete bullshit.

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