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Comment Re: Consider (Score 1) 503

This very narrow POC on foreign policy is exactly why Trump does not belong in the white house.

The foreign military presence of the United states is a major part of what has ensured a peaceful world for the past 50 years. Under this umbrella of protection, the world economy has flourished and grown exponentially - and being the largest free market economy in the world, the US has been by far the biggest beneficiary. For every dollar spent on foreign lrotection, many more are earned by US companies that would likely not have been earned without that peace. And, we have not even gotten into the very tangible benefits of exporting your culture to the rest of the world via the military.

Comment Sounds like a giant pain in the ass (Score 5, Insightful) 43

I actually just went through this today. I have a trip I am going on for which my company forced me to go through a travel agency. This resulted in a 20 minute conversation with a travel agent to describe and book a flight plan that took me less than 30 seconds to do on Google Flights. All I wanted to do was click the "buy" button, but no, I had to engage in this mindless conversation.

Not all tasks need conversations. In fact, most tasks are much easier and simpler to do with a mouse or keyboard. The few tasks that do require conversations, are also the complicated requests typically require humans and no bot can handle them today.

Comment Re:Cupertinto better get busy! (Score 4, Informative) 457

The game does not need to be "upped". The only reason the encryption is so easily crackable is because it only had a 4 digit PIN. If the person had used a 16 character alphanumeric passcode, the encryption would be for all intents and purposes "uncrackable" as even with Apple's assistance, the FBI would never be able to brute-force the lock.

Comment Re: US Centric point of view (Score 1) 388

It is when you consider the generational gap. Millenials don't use cash at all. Most don't even carry cash. Cash use is pretty much isolated to people over 40, and vending machines. No one I know would even use cash to pay for their morning $1 coffee... mainly because they would not even have any cash on hand.

Comment US Centric point of view (Score 2) 388

This article is very US Centric and ignores many facts and counterpoints, one of which is Canada, which is already a cashless society for all intents and purposes (were down to only 44% of transactions using cash and it falls by roughly 10% a year). Furthermore it makes the assumption that a cashless society incurs costs on the poor, when that is only true in the USA where undertaking of the poor is an epidemic and Visa and Mastercard have a vice grip on the debit card industry, charging high fees for merchants and consumers. Thesent are US specific problems, not problems with cashless societies in general.

Submission + - Hackers Modify Water Treatment Parameters by Accident (

An anonymous reader writes: Verizon's RISK security team has revealed details about a data breach [PDF, page 38] they investigated where some hackers (previously tied to hacktivism campaigns) have breached a payments application from an unnamed water treatment and supply company, and escalated their access to reach SCADA equipment responsible for the water treatment process. The hackers modified water treatment chemical levels four different times.

The cause of this intrusion seems to be bad network design, since all equipment was interconnected with each other in a star network design, and the payments app contained a INI file with the administrative password for the central router, from where the hackers reached the water treatment SCADA equipment. Of course, the hackers had no clue what they were modifying. Nobody got poisoned or sick in the end.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 729

I am sorry buto you are wrong and the GP is right. I was just in San Francisco a few weeks ago for the RSA conference and it was my first time. The very first thing that stuck me driving I to down was the ASTOUNDING LACK OF DEVELOPMENT. For the population size of this city the lack of high-rise condos is very mind bending. Go to any other large metropolitan area in North America and it would have 10x the high rise condos as San Francisco. The residents of that his city are truly digging their own grave by disallowing development.

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