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Comment Re:I'm trusting Apple more each day. (Score 2) 33

Unfortunately the very nature of services like Cortana, Alexa, and Google Now *require* you to send them your data in order for them to work. How is Google Now supposed to advise me of my flight tomorrow being delayed if it doesn't know about the flight in the first place.

These services are incredibly useful and powerful and get more useful and powerful all the time, yet, Apple has none of them. This is what analysts are concerned about. People will willingly sacrifice a bit of their data if it makes their lives infinitely simpler - I know I have no problem with it because Google Now is *just that good*.

Comment Re:No thank you (Score 2) 29

You are not the only one, and also not the only millenial.

Videos are very popular with teens and tweens, but the older you get, the less time you have, and the more "information dense" you want your communications. Videos are basically the least information dense way to communicate anything. It takes an order of magnitude longer to consume a video about something than to read an article on the same subject communicating the exact same information.

Videos have their uses, don't get me wrong, but the idea of video comments is ridiculous.

Comment Chip & PIN (Score 1) 621

Just throwing it out there that this mechanism would never work in Canada or Europe or most anywhere else in the world as we all use Chip & PIN technology and have for a decade (or more depending on the country). A cop can't "scan my bank card" and take my money. They would need my PIN, which I will not give them, nor can they compel it from me at a traffic stop, or any other time for that matter.

Even though the US is finally starting to adopt EMV cards, you are doing it using this FOOLISH "chip and signature" method which gives you zero protection against fraud (or foolishness like this) - but apparently the banks think that having to remember a 4 digit number is too big a burden for Americans.

Comment Er, What? How about ALL OF THEM? (Score 3, Informative) 60

Is there a single use case where this ISN'T useful?

Talk to any sales person or executive who is on the road 4 days a week 52 days a year. Talk to any average person with a phone who has to work on a big spreadsheet once a year (tax time). Talk to anyone who has ever tried to do detailed photo manipulation on an iPad or phone.

This is the future. The idea that you are going to have BOTH a phone AND a PC is a dated concept... your phone IS A PC, it just has a tiny screen and no good input device. The ability to take a phone, dock it and get a full desktop experience will all of your files still available, is the nirvana pretty much anyone who is not a hardcore developer or gamer is waiting for.

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