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Comment Re:Audio (Score 1) 111

BLE doesn't use pairing and Bluetooth isn't a "network" that devices need to join.

With bluetooth you don't have to discover a network, join it, and provide one of several login credentials, none of which many bluetooth devices have an adequate UI to implement. Joining a WiFi network during setup of smaller devices is a horrendous, unacceptable process. The equivalent process with bluetooth is either nonexistent (BLE) or a joy in comparison. Often time, even when pairing is needed, the process is entirely automatic. That can NEVER happen with WiFi.

Zigbee is a far better competitor to Bluetooth than WiFi is.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Informative) 1368

"California is one of ONLY 3 states to give more to the US federal government than it receives."

Not even close.

California is one of 17 states, not just 3, that gives more than it receives. California ranks 8th among those 17. It is not one of only three, it's not even in the top three.

"You'd better do some research."

So should you.

Comment Re:Disheartening (Score 1) 164

"I understand your disgust, but keep in mind that an intelligent person who leaves is contributing as much to the demise of Slashdot as each troll who is added."

What is wrong with the demise of Slashdot though? No "intelligent person" should feel any duty to its preservation. Intelligent people should want to be free from garbage and trolling, not obligated to fight them. Tribalism is a fundamental problem, not a fundamental solution.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

"Incidentally, for those looking for someone to blame here, look no further than the DNC:"

Why would any thinking person blame the opposition for a policy of non-interference and not blame the nominating party itself? Of all the reasons to assign blame for the nomination of Trump, the DNC not interfering during the process is not one of them. The DNC opposed Trump when they were supposed to and had their candidate been different perhaps they would have succeeded.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

It's done much more than that. The two party system has corrupted the intention of our representative government. It has destroyed the electoral college, locked out competition, and gerrymandered itself into perpetual electoral security, then the two sides sell themselves to the same corporate interests leaving us with essentially fascism. We don't have a representative government at al, only the pretense of itl.

Most government organizations don't directly elect their chief executive. I think the US would be best served to do away with presidential elections entirely and instead focus on restoring the legislature to real representation and have them choose the "CEO" like every other government and business of consequence.

It has never been more clear that the population cannot be trusted to choose its president directly but the constitutional fix for this (the electoral college) itself is corrupt and useless. A properly functioning electoral college would never elect Trump and the knowledge of this fact would have prevented the party from nominating him in the first place.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Wow, you must be really proud of this comment. "...having a non-functional set of gonads being president..." Considering Trump is in his 70's it's likely that we would have this either way. Not that it matters as reproductive capability is not a qualification for the office, apparently nothing is.

It's not inherently sexist to vote for Trump unless the reason for the vote is that you didn't want a woman as president. It is equally sexist to vote for Hilary because you want a woman as president. Gender should not be the factor (though it very likely was).

Hilary carried minority voters with a significantly lower margin than Obama despite the fact that a vote for her was just as much in their interest, perhaps more. The reason for this must have had to do, perhaps entirely, with her being a woman. Had she carried minorities at Obama levels she would have won.

Comment Re:Apple and wIntel moving PROprietary hellenizati (Score 0) 212

DEC Alpha was an abject failure in the market and was technically threadbare. Sure it was 64 bit when little else was, but so what? No software would benefit at the time as opposed to, say, an integer divide instruction that the Alpha didn't even have!

Morons who name-drop Alpha are simply exposing their ignorance. No one had Alphas because no one sold any.

Comment Re:He misses the point (Score 1) 675

You don't "use it" with a 1TB SD Card either (if you use it for this purpose at all). Internal storage in notebooks can be made adequate for most uses without the relatively slow application of an SD card.

The 1TB SD card shown less than 6 weeks ago was a prototype. There is no such card on the market. Nice try.

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 1) 232

No, you are not. The idea that iPhones were "right-sized" was purely Jobs spin. Remember that Steve Jobs also said that people used email and no one wanted SMS (and certainly not MMS) when the fact was he simply didn't know how to text (and didn't even use a cell phone at the time). Jobs also said that no one wanted Apps on a cell phone and that they were a catastrophic security risk. This is the actual history of "right-sized".

Apple's string of success is as much to do with pure luck as it is excellence, as is generally the case. The circumstances that created that luck are gone now.

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 1) 232

The iPhone 6 was not a "spike above the trend", it was a catch-up design following a trend that had existed for years. The modern iPhone form factors were established by Apple's competitors first.

That's the root of the problem, of course. Apple once was at the forefront and now isn't. It's most popular upgrades have come from copying its competitors' offerings.

Comment Re: Nothing of significance (Score 2) 232

"Performant" is just the latest in a long history of made up words and phrases intended to differentiate. It doesn't mean anything new or special.

"Perform" and "Performance" don't literally mean "Fast" either, but a "performance car" would be assumed to be fast just as "performant code" would be. Should we now use the term "performant car"? Of course not; we don't need people in the auto industry to look smart doing the same old things. Coders need to be pretentious.

If "performant" is to mean "does it's function well" then all it really means is "doesn't suck". Personally, I have a higher bar.

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