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Comment Re:Sponsors? (Score 1) 223

This is an unavoidable consequence that I have never seen addressed by anyone suggesting such a mechanism exists.

If insulin was released in response to diet soda, then dieters (and fasters) drinking diet sodas would know it immediately (and it could be dangerous).

While I can accept that some sweeteners may have unknown effects, the way it is presented wrt insulin is consistently BS.

Comment Re:Sponsors? (Score 1) 223

"Basically, the part of your digestive tract that identifies incoming sugar and triggers an insulin release can't tell the difference between sugar and sweeteners."

Funny how "it" can't but but everyone else can when it comes to taste. ;)

Incidentally, that article offers no proof that there IS a "part of your digestive tract that identifies sugar and triggers an insulin release", it merely suggests that such a mechanism may exist and it may possibly affect hormone levels, including insulin. It also acknowledges that other testing has produced different results.

"That's not a shocker:"

Why is it that people who so quickly leap to conclusions are so condescending about it? This would, in fact, be a shocker. Taste is a sensation that serves a specific purpose, there is absolutely no reason to believe that other organs need "taste buds" as well in order to serve entirely different functions. To suggest that this is obvious, as you have done, is idiotic.

"if our taste buds can be tricked, it's not crazy to imagine that our sugar-detecting circuits are also fallible."

It is not proven that we have such "sugar-detecting circuits" but if we did, it would be explained why they may not be tricked in the same way.

"When your body is continually flooded with elevated insulin, it becomes resistant to it. Another term for insulin resistance is type 2 (adult onset) diabetes."

It is very far from being concluded, however, that artificial sweeteners are related to this.

Comment Re:Oops (Score 1) 223

"No connection was found between those health risks and other sugary beverages, such as sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit juice and fruit drinks."

"Fat people", as you lovingly refer to diet soda drinkers, also drink beverages for which no connection was found. Sorry, but your comments aren't so insightful.

Comment Re:Burger King did WHAT??! (Score 1) 448

"You're missing the point. Because BK will likely not suffer any legal action against them for this stunt, they are in fact legitimizing the activity of triggering digital assistants. A lack of legal action or punishment can easily set a precedent."

I haven't missed the point, the point is simply wrong. BK isn't "legitimizing" it because it is already legitimate. Digital assistants get triggered because they are designed to be triggered without regard to who or what triggers them. All BK has done is use the product in the manner intended.

As for your claim that no one cares, your posts indicate otherwise. It may be true that nothing will change but that doesn't alter the underlying facts.

Do you have any insight that might be remotely correct?

Comment Re:Burger King did WHAT??! (Score 5, Informative) 448

Just as it should be. BK isn't "legitimizing triggering digital assistants", they are exposing serious flaws in poorly thought out technology. BK is not to be blamed but thanked; the people who would allow themselves to be exposed to such triggering and the companies that makes the shoddy products are the problem.

Comment Re:Quick: Contact CEO. Tell him Apple is computer (Score 2) 76

For some well-crafted definition of "neglect" that may be true, but for any reasonable definition they certainly are. The product line has had gaping holes for a decade, products are cancelled and not replaced, products go many years without update, software gets buggier and buggier. It's not different than Microsoft neglecting their Win95/98 codebase with Millennium and likely equally by design. The Mac Pro is neglect at its finest.

Comment Re:I think they don't understand (Score 1) 478

How is this modded insightful? Social justice is no more about power than anything is generally, this is just how people are. Furthermore, social justice IS about making the world a better place, the observation here is that it is often corrupted by people's flaws just as everything else is. The OP couldn't be more wrong.

Social justice doesn't oppose alternative lifestyles, in fact it desires "justice" for them. If the "alternative lifestyle" is one that creates injustice then that's the problem. Not saying that's the case here, just that the OP is a moron.

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