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Three Retail Versions of Halo 3 79

Gamasutra reports on the three versions of Halo 3 you can now preorder from Gamestop and EB. Aside from the 'normal' edition ($5), you can also spring for the collector's edition ($10) with videos and such. For a down-payment of $25, you can pre-order the 'Legendary' edition. From the article: "The Legendary Edition will come on four discs and will include all the content of the Collector's Edition plus unspecified extras and a Master Chief helmet replica. The release date for all three versions of the game is listed as November 1st, 2007 - although no official announcement on a date has been made by Microsoft and the date is likely a placeholder by the stores."
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Three Retail Versions of Halo 3

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  • Four Disks, HA (Score:1, Insightful)

    by coop247 ( 974899 )
    Legendary Edition will come on four discs
    Where are all of you Blu-Ray bashers out there now.
    • The three other discs are DVD's aka videos, not bonus game material. So it doesn't need to be, and shouldn't be, one disc.

      I could maybe see 1 game dvd and 1 HD-DVD bonus material disc to boost the add-on drive sales, but again, this game is pointed the mass market and to appeal to all. Your arguement has absolutely nothing to do with game disc capacity since the game, on all versions, is being designed within the DVD-9 constraints.

      • An additional thought....

        Three extra discs worth of video means ~6 hours of content. Which still wouldn't fit on one Blu-Ray/HD-DVD disc if the material was optimized for the high-definition resolution. You'd still need 3 discs.

        Leave, troll...

        • So what you're saying is that if the material on the discs was coded in High Definition, which it isn't, you'd need 3 blu rays to hold it? Nice argument, but even if it were coded at high resolution you're still wrong. A 50 GB blu ray disc holds about 9 hours of high def video. Even the single layer holds 4.5 hours of video. In other words, all four of these discs could probably fit on one dual layer blu ray disc. So the "Troll" is actually correct. By the way who modded this guy up to 3?
    • Right here.

      Four discs is simpler because:

      1) They can make ONE disk that has the game on it. This disc can be pressed and made for each edition, and won't suffer any performance issues for cramming anything else on it.

      2) They can wait up until the last minute to actually press the documentary disks, having pressed disk 1 the whole time up until then.

      3) One of those disks is a soundtrack. I'd rather not have to go to my 360, take the Halo 3 disk out, put it in my computer/CD player and vice versa just to swit
  • Low prices? NO (Score:3, Informative)

    by Mini-Geek ( 915324 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @05:27PM (#16679953) Homepage
    Aside from the 'normal' edition ($5), you can also spring for the collector's edition ($10) with videos and such. For a down-payment of $25, you can pre-order the 'Legendary' edition.
    The $5, $10, and $25 prices shown here are the pre-order deposits. The real full prices are $59.99, $69.99, and $99.99 (respectively).
    • Re: (Score:1, Insightful)

      by adamlazz ( 975798 )
      Good move on Bungie's part. I can really see where they are coming with this. Trying to reach out to all of the fans, hardcore to complete newcomer. They tried this with Halo 2, also. Except that one came with 2 discs, and the bonus one was quite good. 4 discs should be just great.
  • by 88NoSoup4U88 ( 721233 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @05:27PM (#16679959)
    The summary is a bit confusing; 5 dollars for Halo 3 !!!!oneleven!!
    From the article:

    The basic edition of the game is priced at $59.99 with pre-orders requiring a $5 deposit.
  • Nov 1st? (Score:2, Interesting)

    Ok, I don't really want to go into a rant about the ridiculousness of 3 versions of a single game.

    However, I really don't think that Microsoft would be making a good move if they waited an entire year after PS3 and Wii's launches to release this next installment. If they can get Bungie to produce an A-Class game by the time Square releases XIII, it would be the ideal time to release.
    • Microsoft and Bungie are going to take as long as necessary to get Halo 3 finished. Halo is their trump card and they aren't going to play it haphazardly.

      If Halo 3 is anything less that pure awesome Microsoft's going to get a lot of flak. Fans were mad enough about Halo 2 which was an excellent game. If for any reason Halo 3 is not a self-evident reason to get a 360 Sony will hold a party where they burn Blu-ray diodes and smash Cell chips with a mallet.
    • by Grizpin ( 899482 )
      I'm with you on the 3 versions thing.... I have a hard enough time paying 60 bucks for one game let alone 70 or 100 packed with worthless cr@p. I bought one collector edition in my life. That was Battle for Middle Earth 2 because it had additional unit art and animations in game. It will probably be the last CE I buy. I'm picking up Neverwinter Nights 2 today. Who needs a CE that has a cloth map, 2 rings and a glowing aura around your in game character for 10 bucks more? *shrug* To each their own I suppose.
    • by iainl ( 136759 )
      Yes, you're right, 3 versions is silly. Since they're making the extras anyway, we'll scrap the idea of letting you buy just the game itself and force EVERYONE to hand over a hundred dollars for the version with the documentary, soundtrack CD and plastic model. That's got to be better than releasing three different ones, yes?
      • Wow, so angry.

        3 just seemed like overkill to me. I understand the business sense in releasing a "Collectors Edition." Software companies have been really smart in catering to gamers' need for a bigger cyber-penis. If they release a slightly more expensive version with some shinies they can increase margin, good for them. But 3 versions? Come on now, you don't see that as just a little excessive? Halo 3 Mach Turbo Pwnzor Extreme!! Now with 9 blades!!

        • by iainl ( 136759 )
          I suppose so. But after seeing each Lord Of The Rings film come in a basic version, one with loads of extras and one with the extras and also a figure, I just didn't see this as any different.

          Unlike the Lord Of The Rings films, you don't even get a different version of the game here. I'm not entirely impressed with these new, insanely expensive 'deluxe' versions of games coming out either, but at least they aren't doing what EA have done with theirs and put extra items in the more expensive version to give
    • by JordanL ( 886154 )
      Yeah, because everyone who likes Final Fantasy is just drooling over Halo...

      People who like FPS on console are probably already sold on the 360. It's the one genre that the 360 has hands down, (and thats assuming Killzone and Resistance don't completely rock). Halo probably won't sell new consumers, just save the old ones.
    • I'm highly amused by the fact that you seem to think FFXIII will actually be out by November of next year.
  • A Master Chief helmet... its what I've always wanted!
  • In recent years, many companies have started distributing "Collector's Edition" versions of their games. These versions are generally $10-30 more than their regular version counterpart. Is a pewter figurine and a cheaply printed map really worth the extra cash? Are the sales figures for these price-inflated special editions really that good? I admit that I have little insight into the economics of the game industry, yet I can't help but wonder about their pricing. If the movie industry can spend 100 milli
    • by Mursk ( 928595 )
      I think you answered your own question to some degree. Since the games are ~$50 to begin with, an extra $10 isn't all that much (compared to the same increase for a $15-$20 DVD). If the bonus material is something I'm actually interested in, well... it's just another $10, after all. Would you really miss it?

      That being said, I agree that in a lot of cases it seems like companies are producing collector's editions just for the sake of having a collector's edition. If you're going to release a CE, at least pu

    • If the value of the US Dollar was constant, then you would have a valid complaint. However, economists estimate the inflation rate to be upwards of 8% year. Just look at the money supply and the now-defunct M3. As hundreds of billions of US Dollars are created, the value of each dollar goes down. Your complaint can also be seen in all other areas a well: food, energy, medical, housing, etc. It's not the "greedy game/food/oil/medical/home-builder corporations," but rather our government officials burnin
    • by elrous0 ( 869638 ) *
      Is a pewter figurine and a cheaply printed map really worth the extra cash?

      No, but, I'd gladly pay and extra $5-$10 for an extra DVD with a "making-of" documentary and other bonus material, especially if it's a game I'm really psyched about or from a franchise that I'm a big fan of.


    • by donaldm ( 919619 )
      Some consumers do like to buy the collectors edition be it a game, music or movie, although to me three variants for Halo 3 is getting ridiculous however we are talking Microsoft that has six variants of their new Vista OS (sorry could not resit that).

      In Australia the premium games for the Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube are between AU$90 (US$69.70) and AU$100 (US$77.44). Normally after three to six months these games (except for Nintendo games) drop by 50% to 80% so if you don't mind the wait prices are not that ba
      • So US gamers are not being ripped off as badly as Australians and our standard of living is the same as the US.

        Oh, stop it. Maybe if we in the US had kangaroos wandering through our houses at all hours, THEN we could compare standards of living.
    • by pjmburg ( 923138 )
      It's not so much about what it costs to make it, but the perceived value by the customer. A good game has a lot more entertainment value that a movie, IMO. It can be replayed more without getting old, thus consumers are willing to pay more for it, and Microsoft knows this. It's still defiantly more than I'm really willing to spend though.
    • Ultima Online came with a pewter UO pin and a NICE silk-screened cloth map.

      That is, uh, if you bought the game back in 1998.

      I miss these kind of add-ins...
    • What's disturbing about capitalism? Let's see here ...

      1) Companies make regular edition of game
      2) Company realizes they can throw in a few extra items ("making of" videos, figurines, posters, etc.), and bump the price a bit higher
      3) Hordes of gamers buy the collector's version
      4) ...
      5) PROFIT!

      If #3 didn't happen, then I can guarantee you that the company will think much less about doing #2. The fact is, there are a lot of gamers (myself included) which DO like the extra items and polish of the collector's an
  • I think I'd prefer a Master Chef helmet. I'm hungry.
  • by jbrader ( 697703 ) <> on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @06:24PM (#16680987)
    Why do they keep stratifying their products? Different versions of the 360, different versions of live accounts, like 6 different versions of Vista and now 3 different Halos. I find the whole thing very annoying.
    • People like choices - at least many of us do.

      Personally, I'm getting the regular version because I'd never watch the extra movies and all that jazz; but I have several friends who will most definitely be buying the "most premium" edition available. They enjoy that stuff a lot more, might as well offer it to them.

      Options are good, IMO... at least to a degree.
      • I'll be buying the Legendary Edition mostly because I'm materialistic. I probably won't watch the extra DVD's, but I want a nice case and hopefully a Spartan helmet I can wear while I bike to work.
    • by Kuvter ( 882697 )
      I heard for Halo 4 they'll have 4 different versions.
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      To make more money. It's called market segmentation: you make different (possibly artificial) levels of your product, in order that you can sell cheap ones to poor people and expensive ones to the rich, thus making more total money than if you just sold at one price.
    • They do it to reach consumers at every economic level and make a great profit at the same time. If they released one version of Halo 3, it would probably sell for some outrageously high price and do poorly in terms of sales. This way everyone interested can get the game for a somewhat reasonable price and all the bells and whistles they want along with it (like a Spartan Helmet). It's too bad other companies like Sony don't adopt this model with their products (like offering more than one $600 Playstatio
    • by brkello ( 642429 )
      This has nothing to do with Microsoft. Many games that are popular (or movies even) have multiple releases. It is the same game, it is just about the extras. It gives something more for the fans to drool over. I see no problem with this. If you don't want the extra junk, don't buy it.
  • by Jtheletter ( 686279 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @06:37PM (#16681247)
    Does anyone know of links that show the replica helmet, especially its actual dimensions? I looked at and they have yet to provide any images or dimensions for the helmet. Although either would be a nice addition to a Halo fanatic's collection; there's a big difference between a wearable replica and an e.g. 2/3 scale. ;)
  • Yes, I'm sure this seems a bit silly. However, Halo 2 sold many millions of copies. I'm sure that die-hard fans would shell out more money for a "legendary" edition, and I'm sure they've been asking for more. The way I see it, Bungie is just responding to what people want.
  • by immerohnegott ( 949338 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @08:30PM (#16682659)
    that the "Legendary Edition" also includes a lifetime supply of celibacy.
  • Mmm...taste that sweet, sweet milk gained by milking the cash-cow to its last drop.

    • by rav66 ( 967863 )
      I'm sure there's more milking to be done, don't forget another MS console invention MicroTransaction(TM)
  • Who let the Vista marketing group into the Halo meetings?!
    • Halo 3 Business
    • Halo 3 Enterprise
    • Halo 3 Home Premium
    • Halo 3 Home Basic
    • Halo 3 Ultimate

    Maybe they'll offer a streaming Halo 3 Live! Basic for people who just want to deathmatch and don't care about the "story" or "plot".

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