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Comment Toolset (Score 1) 47

A great comment under the story says that LittleBigPlanet would have been more interesting if it was just shipped as a toolset with no pre-built levels. I'm inclined to agree!

You go right ahead. I buy video games because I want to play them, not because I want to make them and then play them. If I wanted to do that, I'd still be collecting Lego sets.

Comment Re:Properly Pricing Digital Downloads (Score 1) 55

I noticed they released Patapon 2 at $20 as a test case for digital distribution, and they have games in the UMD Legacy section of the Playstation Store in the $6-$23 range. If that's how they're thinking of pricing new games going forward, then it's absolutely the right way to go. At those kinds of prices the Playstation Store will compete hard with Gamestop's used PSP market and win head-to-head on titles that are hard to find or otherwise sold out in stores. Sure, Gamestop beats the Playstation Store on Wipeout Pure now, but what about in a year or two if Sony commits fully to making the digital model work at prices like this? I dunno...

Personally if I didn't already have a perfectly-working PSP-2000 I'd be keeping the PSP Go in mind.

Comment Re:Community college? (Score 4, Informative) 648

They are much less selective than 4-year schools and the programs tend to be more vocational in nature.

That said, taking some things like composition or entry-level mathematics tends to be the same regardless of whether you take it at a community college for $40/hour or at a university for $200/hour. Some of the stuff the kid took won't be worth anything anywhere, but he'll have a good chunk of his general education requirements knocked out at whatever university he gets into.

Comment University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Score 1) 699

The day you move in, they have you download a program that as far as I can see just checks your security status in Windows to verify that everything is green. After that you're granted access and you can throw the program away. This persists through OS reloads and moving between dorms (I did both last year) so I guess you're authenticated by your MAC address.

Having a Windows-only policy on campus is an insanely shortsighted thing to do, given the number of students using Macbooks and the presence of UNIX-type environments in computer science departments. I'd wager if you just told them you run Linux you'd get a pass.

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