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Comment Re:Standards (Score 1) 55

On the third hand, it's really freakin' annoying that I don't use any of the apps you've listed, and yet I've got three messenger apps open at all times (BBM, Hangouts, Slack), with Signal on there as well (although texts are rare for me).

At least I can run Hangouts and Slack on my laptop too, but man, I miss the days of being able to communicate with "everyone" using one app, even if it needed several connections.

Laptop's got Adium running for IRC and XMPP as well. At least those are the open standards, but it's still at least three messenger apps going.

Get off my lawn, etc. but I remember how irritating this was the first time around with MSN, GTalk, AIM, and all the others.

Comment Re:Goes to show you (Score 1) 141

This is exactly why I keep using the 'Desktop' version of Wunderlist, and why I bailed on Win 10's Mail app after a couple of hours.

Open my laptop, and suddenly part of the UI for the running UWP doesn't work anymore... just a white strip along the left-hand side. That never goes away.

Exactly the same symptom in both cases, so I'm thinking it's the UWP side-bar of useless icons part of the UI. Very irritating.

Comment Re:Can I download my files as a .zip archive yet? (Score 1) 45

Former Info-ZIP maintainer here!

Classic zip files are limited to ~2GB (or ~4GB if your implementation is using 32-bit unsigned int). I can't remember 100% but it might also be limited to ~65,000 files per archive, too.

If Dropbox attempts to build the entire .zip in memory before sending it over the wire, you could be hitting RAM limitations on the server. If Dropbox builds the .zip on disk before sending it, you might be running into a connection timeout.

A tarball would be a better solution in this use case, but Windows is the problem there; it can't cope with them by default. Be nice if they had a "No, really, I can deal with a tarball." setting.

GP's best option is probably just to install Dropbox (maybe in a VM if they don't have a supported OS handy) and let it download the files. Or attempt to mirror the download page with recursive wget or something.

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